Nathaniel Hackett appreciates Mike Purcell’s passion and understands it

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers
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Broncos coach Nathaniel Hackett professed ignorance immediately after Sunday’s game when asked about defensive lineman Mike Purcell yelling in the face of quarterback Russell Wilson. After seeing replays of the exchange, Hackett defended Purcell’s passion.

“You want every one of your football players to want to do anything to win, and you want them to hold each other accountable, and you want them to fire each other up,” Hackett said, via Kyle Newman of The Denver Post. “Whenever that comes from a player [to another player], that means a lot to him. So I appreciate [Purcell’s] passion and understand it. I just don’t want him to get the personal foul in that situation.”

Officials flagged Purcell for a personal foul on a Panthers’ field goal immediately before he yelled at Wilson. Wilson said Purcell told him “let’s f—ing go,” and Purcell explained that he was trying to provide a spark.

Newman, though, also admitted to “frustration.”

The Broncos are last in the NFL in scoring at 14.3 points per game but third in fewest points allowed per game at 17.6.

Hackett, who called it “an emotional game,” said he has talked to both players.

“I talked with Mike after, talked with Russell,” Hackett said. “Everybody’s good.”

4 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett appreciates Mike Purcell’s passion and understands it

  1. I really can’t wait until this season is over and I don’t need to root against Russ any longer. It was kinda fun at first but now it just feels bad. Look forward to being back in his corner after we get the draft pick position sorted.

  2. Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin owe Mike Purcell a steak dinner. Wilson has earned his teammates anger, just like he did in Seattle. In Seattle he enjoyed almost untouchable status after the SB win. But the “shine in his smile” disappeared the last few years as it became obvious that he was trying for a bigger role than starting quarterback. His vain and pretentious wearing of large sunglasses at a nighttime tennis match “Look at me being anonymous” was hilariously tone-deaf. The toxic-positivity that Wilson greets every microphone and camera with grew old. He wasn’t shy with his passive-aggressiveness.

    One thing that doesn’t get talked about enough is the improvement in the Seahawk’s offensive line, even with 2 rookies. Every year the Seahawks have re-shuffled their o-line because no one could hold their blocks. Now, with Geno Smith the o-line looks pretty good, with a lot of potential. The system hasn’t changed but the QB has.

    Wilson has always wanted the big plays. Those days as a running threat are over for him and there’s not much left in his toolbox.

  3. Fun story, would love to hear Nagy and Reid’s side of the story…I am sure it would be hilarious 😂

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