Nick Bosa relieved he didn’t jump offside on perfectly timed game-clinching sack

New Orleans Saints v San Francisco 49ers
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Nick Bosa sealed the 49ers’ win on Sunday when he sacked Saints quarterback Andy Dalton on a fourth-down play that turned out to be the Saints’ last offensive play of the game. Bosa timed the snap perfectly on that play, but he was worried he had jumped offside.

“I didn’t think it counted, but once I realized it did, I was pretty happy. I thought I jumped but I looked at it and I think it was just a good jump,” Bosa said.

Bosa said that as soon as he got off the field he checked the play and saw that he and Saints left tackle James Hurst got out of their stances simultaneously.

“I think the tackle got off at basically the same time,” Bosa said.

Bosa said that when the 49ers’ loud fans are forcing the opposing quarterback to go into a silent count, he studies the movements of the quarterback and center to try to figure out precisely when the ball will be snapped.

“The whole game I was trying to get a feel for the head bob,” Bosa said. “Our fans are awesome, so it makes it tough at home, they have to go silent cadence with the head bob, but I definitely was trying to get a good jump there and I ended up getting it.”

It was a great play that wrapped up a great defensive effort in the 49ers’ 13-0 win.

7 responses to “Nick Bosa relieved he didn’t jump offside on perfectly timed game-clinching sack

  1. Nope he jumped flag should have been thrown.

    Just because he had a brief pause after jumping don’t make him not offsides.

    But then again that crew didn’t know what a catch is either.

  2. If it’s against my Saints it was never be a penalty.. even at our worst the NFL still hates us.

  3. Most people are relieved when they do something wrong but don’t get caught or made accountable. Like NFL Officiating or the NFL commissioner.

  4. Should have said that he was relieved that the refs didn’t call him off sides. Because he was!

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