Raheem Mostert clarifies he was not disparaging Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers’ talent level

NFL: SEP 13 Cardinals at 49ers
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Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert clarified his remarks about his former team, which sparked a social media squabble this week.

In an interview with Tyler Dunne of GoLongTD.com, Mostert said “we have way more talent here” and that the Dolphins “have a quarterback that can actually sling it.” It was perceived as a slap at the 49ers, where he spent five-plus seasons, and former teammate Jimmy Garoppolo.

That’s not what he intended in his comments, Mostert said on KNBR.

“I can see how that can get misconstrued, to take snippets out of what one person said and alter it in a way that just seems like it’s relevant in that I’m on a different team,” Mostert said, via Jerry McDonald of The Mercury News. “That’s not what I meant.”

Deebo Samuel responded on Twitter to Mostert’s original comments, saying, “Raheem, be real with yourself.”

Mostert, who signed with the Dolphins in March, said he knows first-hand how talented the 49ers are.

“In regards to ‘we have more talent here,’ I was speaking in terms of, we have more talent here, at this moment, than what has been here in the past,” Mostert said on the radio. “C’mon, I was with the Niners for several years. I know what their talent is. There’s unbelievable talent on both sides of the ball and on special teams. I wasn’t trying to take shots on anyone. ”

Mostert said he has a strong relationship with Garoppolo and “would never, ever in a million years talk down on a player specifically.”

In Mostert’s original comments, he said the 49ers pressured him to return from injury in 2021 rather than have season-ending need surgery. Mostert instead had surgery.

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan responded Monday, saying “there are always different opinions on those things.”

Mostert followed coaches Mike McDaniel, Wes Welker and Jon Embree from San Francisco to Miami. Running back Jeff Wilson Jr. and wide receivers Trent Sherfield and River Cracraft also are with the Dolphins now after spending time with the 49ers.

The teams play this weekend.

18 responses to “Raheem Mostert clarifies he was not disparaging Jimmy Garoppolo, 49ers’ talent level

  1. When you have to say you didn’t mean something, you really did mean something. I hope his former teammates give him some extra attention.

  2. It would have been better to not say anything until after the game. Then you can choose your words wisley orsay nothing at all if you lose.

  3. I never care too much about this kind of chatter, but if it motivates the 49ers locker room in any way, I’ll take it. I feel like the Dolphins are tough matchup for them but they can play to any talent level (sometimes bad).

  4. Deebo said it best –
    Mostert cut the bull and be honest . You know what you said and what you meant . Prepare to be destroyed by the “less talented team”

  5. Once the ball is in the air nobody’s going to remember this or that they will be to busy playing the game this is just fluff for fans to argue about…..

  6. Mostert is walking back his comments (sort of). Both he and Wilson should be a lot more gracious given how many opportunities they were given by Lynch and Shanahan. They kept giving Mostert opportunities even after injury. Even if you are salty – take the high road. What did Wilson expect after CMC showed up? They weren’t going to trade Mitchell or cut Davis-Price.
    BTW, Jordan Mason has looked just as good (in limited carries)

    I think Dolphins are dangerous and the niners need to do better in the red zone. Have to see how they perform.

  7. Clara will be playing from behind and JG and Shanahan will choke with the game on the line….again.
    Dolphins 23 – Clara 16

  8. Tua has a noodle arm but plays he has a big arm. Jimmy G has an average but plays like he has a noodle arm. Both QBs have great teams surrounding them though.

  9. I need to hear more of the question and the response. If he is comparing the two teams or discussing matchups, then yes, mostert there was no misunderstanding.

  10. wearitclara says:
    November 29, 2022 at 8:07 pm
    Clara will be playing from behind and JG and Shanahan will choke with the game on the line….again.
    Dolphins 23 – Clara 16
    I guess you have to feel better some way. I don’t blame you. Rams suck and will suck for a long time to come. Lol!!

  11. It’s ok Raheem you’re right. Jimmy Garoppolo is the Derek Zoolander of NFL qb’s. He can only throw one route, the dig. Look at San Fran’s passing offense they are all dig concepts, like every route runner runs a dig on almost every play at some point in the play, it’s pretty funny.

  12. When you are going on the road to play a solid team like the 9ers without your left tackle,that’s not the time to give them bulletin board material. Tua is already facing getting drilled by their defense,jacking them up isn’t helpful at all!

  13. I think it’s very unfair for the NFL to make the Niners face a fourth team with a winning record.

  14. IMO Mostert was trying to fire up Phin fans and give them some hope against the highly-publicized 9ers All-World defense. None if this ‘bulletin board’ banter means much to the players on the field.

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