“About half the team” attended Russell Wilson’s birthday party

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Eat your heart out, Bo Callahan.

The fictional first overall pick in Draft Day raised red flags for the Cleveland Browns because he had no teammates at his 21st birthday party. The very real quarterback of the Denver Broncos did slightly better, for his 34th.

Via Mike Klis of 9News.com, Ciara threw a birthday party for Russell Wilson. “It looked like about half the team was there,” tweets Klis.

Klis provides a “glass-half-full” take as to the party being half full, as it relates to Wilson’s teammates. But the simple reality is that about half of the team wasn’t there.

That, frankly, seems to be a bit more significant.

Think about it. Ciara is throwing the party. It was surely swanky, with plenty of great food and drink and entertainment and whatever. Unless only half the team was invited (which would be a separate issue), why wouldn’t everyone go?

It’s no secret that Wilson’s new teammates don’t quite know what to make of him. He’s rich and famous. He’s got his own office at the facility. He’s not “one of us,” no matter how hard he tries to be.

There has always been a question of Wilson’s authenticity. It’s one of the reasons players like Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman (to name a few) didn’t completely warm up to him in Seattle.

Now, Russ is the king of Colorado. He got a monstrous contract without playing in a single game for the team. And he has done very little to earn it.

So, yeah, if roughly half of the team didn’t go to the Party of the Year, that seems odd. Chances are that there are some fascinating group texts among multiple Broncos players about the party — and that plenty of them likely are lurking inside defensive lineman Mike Purcell‘s phone.

19 responses to ““About half the team” attended Russell Wilson’s birthday party

  1. You ever given a house party? Cause the normal reaction is

    “Good” More for the ones that DID show up.

  2. Russ is not the King of Colorado. If you have ever set foot in that state, about the first thing you notice after the Rockies is that you can’t walk 5 feet without seeing a John Elway used car billboard.

  3. I’m a loyal yet dissatisfied Broncos fan and this sentence stopped me in my tracks. “ He’s got his own office at the facility.” What does a QB need with an office? This could be one reason why his teammates don’t know what to make of him. He’s not one of them. He’s part of administration. I sure hope the new owners right this ship.

  4. What is the norm when this happens? Not sure everyone is going to anyone’s party so this sounds like much to do about nothing.

  5. I’d say in the middle of football season, half the team showing up to a party is a lot. Russell Wilson is a first ballot HOF QB. Players that prioritize winning live great QBs. Jealous people hate great anything. .

  6. Although I am sure that there are some players that go out and party every single night maybe about half of the team is embarrassed by the 3-8 record and just decided to lay low for a while.

  7. So it’s devolved into counting how many kids went to his birthday party. Sounds a lot like teenage girls.

  8. I got rid of few Russell’s collections before he getting bad QB. Collections is not worth it and he won’t make it to HOF.

  9. Russ is done; everyone knows it. Take your money and go home. Wherever that is. It sure isn’t Denver.

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