Deshaun Watson won’t meet with reporters on Wednesday

Cleveland Browns Practice
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For Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, things are back to normal. But things remain not normal.

Case in point, Watson won’t meet with reporters on Wednesday, four days before his return to action.

Via Kimberley A. Martin of, coach Kevin Stefanski was asked why Watson isn’t talking to reporters today. Said Stefanski, “That’s not my department.”

Not every quarterback speaks on Wednesday in advance of a Sunday game. Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, for example, speaks on Thursday. Still, most quarterbacks talk to reporters on Wednesday.

The rules require all players to be available once during the week and after each game. Frankly, the sooner Watson gets it over with, the better. If he comes off as trying to avoid reporters, some may decide to be more aggressive and pointed in their questioning.

When reporters last heard from Watson, he had agreed to an 11-game suspension and a seven-figure fine, but he reiterated his innocence. Whenever he speaks again, he’ll undoubtedly be asked whether he still does.

26 responses to “Deshaun Watson won’t meet with reporters on Wednesday

  1. In the immortal words of Marshawn Lynch, “I am just here so I don’t get fined”
    of course with a quarter billion coming in and limits on the size of the fines, 18*25K may be worth it to him.

  2. He can’t duck the questions forever. Stand up there like a man and take it.
    Hiding only makes him look worse. Get it over with.

  3. Gutless franchise that deserves the misery it so often suffers. The fans, however, deserve better.

  4. Had a post on him every hour the entire summer – who can’t wait for that to start up again……

  5. keithmillardloveshardees says:
    November 30, 2022 at 2:21 pm
    Passes aren’t the only thing getting deflected in Cleveland.
    They already got rid of Baker Mayfield.

  6. Isnt talking to the media mandated by the NFL? Covering up for its poster boy hoping it will go away i thnk.

  7. It won’t be a press conference, the media will try to turn it into a prosecution. They should stick to their own job.

  8. “On the advice of my attorney I will not be answering any questions unrelated to football”

    Can he simply say that and them walk away if the “non-football” questions persist?

  9. I don’t think any of the players should talk to the media. They never say anything of substance anyway and many reporters just have stupid questions.

  10. You know who is the happiest about Watson returning this week ?
    Lamar Jackson, his despicable, anti-gay comments on Twitter in response
    to a relatively routine fan comment will all but be forgotten about while
    the circus around Watson swirls. Jackson should sent him a Christmas card.

  11. He has skated with almost no accountability or punishment for his perverted behavior. He should get grilled by the media and hammered by the fans.

  12. What Watson is skipping out on today is nothing compared to what he’ll be facing on Sunday in Houston. He should bring some ear plugs.

  13. Cleveland used to be my 2nd favorite AFC team. Now, all they do is disgust me. Dis-gust-ing. Gross. Yucky. Icky. Creepy. Booo!Booo!

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