Kyler Murray, Patrick Peterson exchange pleasantries

Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals
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Unfortunately, the Cardinals and Vikings have already played this year.

In the newest episode of the All Things Covered podcast, former Cardinals and current Vikings cornerback Patrick Peterson, who played with Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray for two years, offered a blunt assessment of his former teammate.

Kyler Murray don’t care about nobody but Kyler Murray,” Peterson said. “That’s just a matter of fact.”

The comment bubbled up from a conversation regarding the possibility that coach Kliff Kingsbury will be the scapegoat for the struggles of the team in 2022.

“Ain’t no maybe, he will,” Peterson said. “He will be. He will be. And the crazy thing about it, the guy who hired him will still have a job.”

The discussion pivoted to whether Murray would stick up for Kingsbury. And then Peterson said what he said.

Murray responded on social media: “This isn’t true…you on some weird shit [Peterson], you got my number, if you really felt like this as a ‘big bro’ or ‘mentor’ you supposed to call me and tell me, not drag me so your podcast can grow…”

Regardless of where Peterson has said it, it’s not a new thing. There’s a clear belief in league circles that Peterson wasn’t a fan of the way Murray handled his business.

Some also believe that future Hall of Fame receiver Larry Fitzgerald retired when he did specifically because of Murray. While Fitzgerald has never said that publicly (and probably wouldn’t), he heaped praise on Colt McCoy before the recent Monday night game between the 49ers and Cardinals in Mexico City for his leadership and attention to detail.

The implication seemed obvious; Colt McCoy does things that Kyler Murray doesn’t.

What Murray does moving forward will be very compelling, to say the least. A cold war between Peterson and Murray has turned hot. Who else will chime in?

71 responses to “Kyler Murray, Patrick Peterson exchange pleasantries

  1. Peterson would know selfishness when he sees it,he did the same thing taking PEDs and getting suspended for 6 games when he was on the Cards.He wasn’t thinking about his team and only himself doing that.

  2. Patrick Peterson is coming off as a unprofessional petulant child. He is tarnishing his own image while the countdown on his career accelerates word by word…

  3. If you built something as a Professional Football Player over the years with other men, you would be very upset for a tiny “baseball player” to have come and taken credit for all you guys’ hard work.

  4. It’s why you don’t don’t give 24 year olds a guaranteed multi-year deal before they have accomplished anything. No one in his right mind would do that. Not collusion, common sense.

  5. Kyler is Right. If Peterson was truly concerned he would have reached out privately first. Not only that regardless of how you feel about Murray Kingsbury is clearly the worse coaching hire ever. I don’t even understand the rationale behind. The knock on Patrick Mahomes entering the draft the draft is that he wasn’t coached properly. So the Cardinals hired the guy who didn’t know how to coach the most talented QB we have ever seen.

  6. Forget the arm talent, I can’t remember a season with so many crappy human beings behind center… Makes you realize what an absolute gem Tua is. Same goes for the likes of Jalen Hurts, Josh Allen, Mahomes, Jacoby, Geno… guys that are not only leaders and role models but active in the community more than social media and massage parlors.


  7. I think we’ve all been saying this for awhile. Murray seems to act like he’s better than he really is. The off-season contract issues this year were a foretelling of a bad season and it has been. Colt may not have the gifts but he brings professionalism and leadership to the huddle, Murray doesn’t. He peaked too soon. Being a QB never stops. You always have to study and be one step ahead. His gifts are only going to get him so far, see Russell Wilson.

  8. Knowing very little about what these two guys are actually like in real life, fans just decide which guy they think is wrong based on who sucks more right now.

    So the occasional anti Peterson comments get thumbs downed and any comments crushing Murray get thumbsUpped.

    But they’re both behaving pretty badly here.

  9. Love love love the clear Kyler Murray fanboi posts that are getting destroyed with massive amounts of thumbs down.

    Murray has always been about himself and does not put in the work necessary to be successful. Don’t forget he also isn’t tall enough to see over his offensive line. Peterson is speaking truth. Murray is not.

  10. I watched Kyler play every game @ Oklahoma and was always amazed by his athleticism. Then he started doing pre draft interviews and I would cringe at what came out of his mouth. Zero accountability, always someone else’s fault when things went wrong. This guy should stay away from the microphone, not a good place for him. Neither is the football field, lately.

  11. Murray’s selfishness is on full display every time something goes wrong with their offense. He immediately looks for someone to blame. He is a top 15 QB who is vastly overpaid. They will never consistently win with him as QB.

  12. I’m a Vikings fan and it’s great to see P2 back in All-Pro/Pro Bowl form, albeit now as a zone corner.

    But I wish he’d move on from Arizona. The Vikings have played the Cards twice now, and he was pretty vocal in the game earlier this year, which was surprising to be honest. Time to move on. There’s more important things to do than keep airing grievances that aren’t going to change anything.

  13. Rodgers, Wilson, Murray, and Watson are the top 4 paid qb’s in average annual salary. All are likely to miss playoffs this year. Chiefs and Bills are laughing.

  14. Crazy talent is not enough to make you a successful QB in the NFL. You need to be a leader, an example for others, and always working to get better. You can’t coast on natural abilities, you need to work on all aspects of your game all the time. Murray feels like he coasts by on his natural talent. I’ve NEVER heard of him as a team-first, first guy in the building, leader type.

  15. Don’t believe that. I think Kingsbury and Murray are on one side, and everybody else is on the other. So he’s wrong about that.

  16. Honest opinion

    Peterson has been in league for over a decade. Nobody last in any pro sport especially the NFL that long without taking care his body, taking his craft seriously, and being a good locker room teammate

    As for Murray he’s right too. Calling out people publicly and salting up Murray instead of confronting him personally is wrong

    Obviously the truth lies somewhere in the middle and only they both know why

  17. Between him and Lamar not sure which one is more sensitive. NFL is for big boys and being a franchise qb comes w pressure they haven’t been able to demonstrate the ability to handle.

  18. Peterson accusing someone else of only caring about themselves is rich. The guy had all the talent in the world but was all about business decisions after his rookie year.

  19. somebody once said Kyler Murray runs like a toddler that stole a cookie from the candy jar and i haven’t been able to watch him with a straight face since.

  20. Kyler Muuray and Russell Wilson both seems to be birds that flock together both are short on being professional quarterbacks, running around hoping someone gets open. Instead of going through the progression and throwing the football from the pocket with accuracy and being a leader of men. It appears both have lost the locker room of their respective teams.

  21. Peterson is right about one thing…Kliff is done. The Cards realize Kliff cannot get Kyler to be a franchise qb. Who knows if Murray can be one, but when you pay a qb 230 million, you have to do everything you can to elevate his play. That includes getting Kyler with a new OC/HC

  22. I’m on Kyler Murray side folks because I’m totally against players calling out other players while they’re still playing especially when the player used to play for that team..if I’m Patrick Peterson’s teammate or coach I’m wondering why is your focus on Arizona or Kyler instead of a big game against the Jets this Sunday??? Peterson created distractions for two teams…

  23. Leaders set the tone. Murray seems grumpy and mopey almost all the time. Who wants to follow that?

  24. I’m surprised Murray came out of the Cardinals film room long enough to engage PP. What a dumpster fire in Arizona.

  25. Kyler Murray is an overgrown, overrated child. He has done nothing but whine and lose since coming into the NFL and will never be an elite QB.

  26. carpenterphx says:
    November 30, 2022 at 8:42 pm
    Patrick Peterson is coming off as a unprofessional petulant child. He is tarnishing his own image while the countdown on his career accelerates word by word…


    How long have you known/Worked for Kyler? Peterson has earned and put his skins on the wall. Kyler has earned and accomplished nothing in the NFL as of yet. Everything he does comes off as being an immature spoiled and selfish child. At least Peterson reached the level to be considered successful. What has Kyler done so far?

  27. Kyler is a spoiled brat. For his entire life he has been the best player on the field. In High school he was the big man on campus, in college he was the big man on campus. Now he enters the NFL where is is just another great athlete and not the best of the best or even the best at his position or even the best on his team (I would argue DeAndre Hopkins is) and Kyler doesnt know how to handle it.

  28. NFL (Niners Football League) says:
    November 30, 2022 at 8:31 pm
    Kyler Murray is clearly not a leader.

    Not every QB is a leader and many SB winning QBs were not. For some reason, people think QBs need every boxed checked, that’s not the case. Nor do you have to get along personally with your teammates and coaches. It’s nice, but not a necessity.

  29. Don’t matter now, they already gave him the bag. 189.5 million in guarantees straight down the toilet. You’d think they would have seen the red flags the rest of us did.

  30. It says all you need to know about Murray that the Cardinals were so concerned about his work ethic they actually wrote it into his contract he had to put in so much time. Of course an attitude like that is going to turn teammates against you.

  31. firat of all, dont be shocked when a player calls out another player on social media, this is the world we live in, i dont like it but i’ve gotten used to it. 2nd, i would bet a pay check kyle is a huge reason why fitz decided to retire, he was a pro’s pro, classy and intelligent. the polar opposite of kyler. the cards have to be behind closed doors second guessing the big contract before they had to, seems too mnay teams hand out these huge contracts before they player actuallly earns them, the cards should have known better there was no team looking for a moderately accurate undersized running qb out there so they should not have extended himt till this season was over. if you watched hard knocks the past 2 weeks you can see the difference between kyler and colt, you can see kyler in the background just wandering around, yo can also see colt in the film room alone preparing, you never saw kyler in the film room alone in earlier episodes. i think hopkins will be looking to get traded or retire soon and the other thing i noticed was you never saw kyler really engaging with the players or talking to the vets. too bad it is easier and cheaper to get rid of the hc

  32. Murray is not the first player to be selfish and won’t be the last. On one hand, I don’t like a cheap shot on a podcast. On the other hand, we do like honesty from athletes instead of the same canned responses.

  33. Lots of people hate Murray and always will…

    But Patrick Peterson is coming off like a complete JERK in all of this… especially the part where he is labeling Murray as Selfish.

    Peterson is MASSIVELY selfish

  34. So the owner of AZ gives his GM,COACH,QB all big raises. How’s that working out for you? That was one of the most stupidest things that was done in the off season. Murray certainly did not deserve that kind of money. It shows. The head coach is toast after this season as well as the GM. Wow!

  35. It bothers me to see Murray get so much hate when many of you probably haven’t bothered to see how well he’s doing in his Call of Duty league. Spoiler alert: Murray’s Call of Duty clan is one of the top clans in the country.

    Granted, he’s not very good at the whole quarterback thing but doesn’t COD success count for anything with you mean people?

  36. I am not surprised by the comments from Peterson. If anyone has watched any of the Hard Knocks in season you can see that Colt Mccoy is the better leader in that QB room. Kyler Murray doesn’t seem to care about anything or anyone but himself.

  37. Larry Fitzgerald never wanted to leave Arizona or football until Murray came along. I’m pretty sure that one of the best wide receivers ever knows a bad quarterback when he sees one.

  38. Peterson is MASSIVELY selfish

    And one of the most overrated players of memory.

  39. Everything Peterson said is the truth. We criticize players for being boring and answering in cliches and then critique them again when they say something truthful and interesting. Maybe Peterson was a selfish guy in AZ, but in MN he’s been a good leader and mentor while playing at a high level. no complaints from this Vikings fan.

  40. Even if Peterson’s right, it’s not cool to say. Nothing wrong with how Kyler responded. Weird that he’s getting so much hate over this.

  41. Peterson is having a tantrum. A real man would have confronted Kyler in private, but instead, is acting like a child tweeting insults.

    I agree that Kyler is all about Kyler, but you still don’t do that in public, especially when you have so many skeletons in your own closet.

  42. Whether Peterson is Right or Wrong, I agree with Murrays response. Peterson ramped up his podcast ratings selfishly by throwing Murray under the proverbial bus. He could have handled the situation more professionally.

  43. People missed the stray at Keim and in turn the organization. This basically boils down to when he got suspended and went on the rant for them to take care of him despite his mistake. He still wishes he was there, and they didn’t oblige but did with Murray. Murray and Kingsbury are intertwined though. He’s the reason he got drafted there and probably one of the only reasons he played football instead of baseball. Go back and look at that press conference after he signed his deal. No one was happier than Cliff. He’s worshipped this kid since high school. So all of you are wrong about that, and the Cardinals are in between a rock and a hard place since you have no idea if he can even fit in anyone else offense.

  44. Murray’s out of his mind moment in that Rams playoff game last year is looking more and more like what he’ll be remembered for if he doesn’t screw his head on straight. Game over game he is reckless and undisciplined and it’s a main contributor to the Cards losing games.

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