Nathaniel Hackett: “Gossip” that Russell Wilson has lost people in locker room

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers
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Quarterback Russell Wilson‘s relationship with his Broncos teammates came up during last Sunday’s loss to the Panthers when defensive lineman Mike Purcell was seen yelling in Wilson’s face during a change in possession.

Purcell didn’t appear to be saying anything too friendly to Wilson, but both players said the defensive lineman was trying to provide a spark during another losing effort. That was followed by a pair of reports that also address how well Wilson is getting along with others in the locker room.

One indicated that about half the team attended a birthday party for Wilson this week and Tom Pelissero of NFL media reported that the quarterback has “lost some people in the locker room.” The latter report led to a question for head coach Nathaniel Hackett at Wednesday’s press conference and Hackett dismissed it.

“To me, it’s all gossip,” Hackett said, via Nick Kosminder of “We have a fantastic locker room. I’ve never seen somebody work that hard and try to embrace a team like he has.”

Wilson’s work doesn’t mean that the team is going to embrace him back, especially during a lost season that has seen Wilson, Hackett and the team at large become the butt of jokes around the league. How all of that impacts the team’s path for 2023 will be a leading storyline of the offseason.

48 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett: “Gossip” that Russell Wilson has lost people in locker room

  1. At this point, what we hear about Wilson and the locker room is gossip.

    BUt the fans are getting tired of losing in Denver. THey see Wilson failing and they are stuck with him for years

  2. What a joke! Hackett and.Mr. Ulimate are circling the wagons as they know the Walton Gang is coming!

  3. Considering he’s an obvious first ballot HOF QB I suppose there’s a lot of jealousy among inferior players.

  4. Although I am sure that there are some players that go out and party every single night maybe about half of the team is embarrassed by the 3-8 record and just decided to lay low for a while.

  5. I don’t know if Hackett and Wilson have lost the locker room, but I can say for certain that they have lost the fan base here in Denver.

  6. With the first pick of the 2026 NFL draft the Denver Broncos, the worst team in the NFL over the past several season, select Arch Manning.

  7. This is the worst debacle I can think of in over 50 years of being a fan of the NFL. The new owners HAVE to blow this up and start over again. GM. Coach, QB, and go ahead and fire Elway too just because.

  8. How often do defensive players yell at their QB during games? That’s an indication right there. Sure, guys get into it at times but very rarely with players on the other side of the ball.

  9. This team has a defense ready to win consistently and an offense that sucks. I would expect this time of the season that half the team doesnt like your play on your side the ball.

  10. “Considering he’s an obvious first ballot HOF QB” No, he isn’t. That’s an absurd statement.

  11. winninaintsinnin says:
    November 30, 2022 at 3:38 pm
    Considering he’s an obvious first ballot HOF QB I suppose there’s a lot of jealousy among inferior players.


    You aren’t a first ballot Hall of Famer, let’s get that straight mister, Mister, MISTER UNLIMITED

  12. You can’t lose what you never had. Russ probably one of those guys that you love or hate— no in between. At the end of the day, guys would love him if he performed and the broncos won.

  13. Is it gossip though? Ex-Seahawks players are saying he lost their locker room even after they had won a Super Bowl. You can’t be and do Mr. Unlimited when you’re Mr. Irrelevant. How would you be if you had a team that had Super Bowl talent and expectations and the only thing missing is the QB. You trade for Russell and he comes in wearing his own jersey and flexing, gets $250M extension before ever playing and then plays at a level way below the guy you traded away in Drew Lock.

  14. At least Russ can fall back on doing more Subway commercials if the whole NFL thing stops working for him. He can be the new Jared.

  15. The new owners are stuck with the smurf. They can’t afford to cut him..and they gave up all of their draft picks to get him.

    The Waltons got taken for a ride.

  16. Boy if any of those people he lost are able to play football at the NFL level, he should make amends as soon as possible. But let’s face it… what are the odds of that being the case?

  17. Only Russ could ruin another Patrick Mahomes record: most consecutive times being flexed in/NOT flexed out-of Sunday Night football. Thanks a lot Denver

  18. I promise you everyone in the locker room didn’t love John Elway. Not everyone loved Peyton Manning. Life goes on.

  19. I dont care if he Lost people the locker room. I care that he looks lost on the field. I dont know why they have not sat him at this point. He is looking horrible.

  20. Always some truth to the rumor.

    Meanwhile, Kyler gets back to his Call of Duty study session.

  21. You don’t need your teammates to love you, but you do need them to respect you. When you come off as a fake, me-first guy, you lose teammates’ respect.

    There’s another diva QB in AZ dealing with the same stuff.

  22. The post-Manning Denver Broncos soap opera continues. Russ looks like he’s done. So they spent $250M to learn that Brett Rypien is just about as good. Woo hoo.

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