Russell Wilson tuning out the noise: I’ve got great relationships in that locker room

Denver Broncos v Carolina Panthers
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Russell Wilson defended his relationship with his teammates Wednesday. It came three days after teammate Mike Purcell was seen yelling at the Broncos quarterback on the sideline and one day after a report that Wilson “has lost some people in that locker room.”

“I mean, I’ve got great relationships in that locker room, so whoever was trying to tear it down, you can’t,” Wilson said, via Zac Stevens of DNVR_Broncos.

Coach Nathaniel Hackett dismissed NFL Network reporter Tom Pelissero’s contention that not all of Wilson’s teammates are on board with him, calling it “gossip.” Some teammates also publicly threw support behind Wilson on Wednesday.

Purcell previously admitted frustration in getting in Wilson’s grill in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s loss but downplayed it as wanting to provide a “spark.”

Nonetheless, no one in Denver expected Wilson and the Broncos to be in this position.

The Broncos are 3-8 and rank last in the NFL in scoring at 14.3 points per game. They have allowed the third-fewest points per game at 17.6. The offense’s ineptitude and the team’s record has turned Wilson’s “let’s ride” mantra into a punchline.

It also has led to many questions for Wilson, who insisted Wednesday his “confidence never wavers.”

“This is a great team. We’ve got great players. I’m honored to be here. I’m honored to play with this team and these guys,” Wilson said, via Mike Klis of 9News. “There’s always noise, especially when things aren’t going the way you want it to all the time. The thing is that you don’t bad mouth. My biggest goal every day is to continue to try to lead at the highest level and to be consistent every day with my approach, to never change and not let the highs of life change you and not let the lows [change you]. Just be consistent with your approach, knowing that I love these guys every day, man, of who they are and what they’re about. . . . It’s a blessing to be on this team, and I’m honored.”

34 responses to “Russell Wilson tuning out the noise: I’ve got great relationships in that locker room

  1. Perhaps the locker room is tight. But it’s just distraction. The Chiefs-Broncos wasn’t flexed off national TV next week because of Mahomes after all…

  2. That locker room should be apologizing to the lock first ballot HOF QB Russel Wilson.

    They are not doing their part and not giving the effort RW gives.

    There is also an obvious lack of supporting staff talent.

  3. The only noise he cares about now is when he deposits those bloated checks into his bank account.

  4. How could his teammates not get tired of his Mr. Happy routine? Their defense has played so hard and done their part. Russ is playing worse than Drew Lock, and possibly as bad as Paxton Lynch. If he really is a hall of fame QB, he should have won most of these close games.

  5. What exposed Wilson the most was losing to Seattle in the opener. That gave Pete Carrol and ex-Seahawk Star players a chance to unload on Wilson. And they did. If he was so respected in Seattle, why would that happen? Carrol went out of his way to dig at Wilson. And the fact that Geno Smith is far outperforming Wilson as the new Seattle starter – especially when everyone thought Seattle was going to tank – makes it hurt Wilson’s image even more. The Super Star Qb doesn’t look so super right now.

  6. Said it at the time of the trade this was a huge payout of draft assets for a player beyond his prime on a team that needed more toys not less. Wilson has regressed a full click further and this is going to just smack right against the ground with a thud like a plane with one wing crashing. IMO

  7. Same thing happened in Seattle early on in his career, and never in his entire tenure was a guy that everyone got behind (I think he is as awkward in realife as he in the commercials he has put out this year) but the support system and team mentality that Carrol fostered, covered thst off.

    Seattle removed a lot more of the noise from Wilson having to deal with week in and week out, then he realizes…nevermind a well put together game plan to help him succeed.

  8. When you factor in the new contract, the Wilson trade is far far far worse when compared to the Ryan Leaf trade.

    Ryan Leaf was able to admit his mistakes, time will tell if Russ can too.

  9. Who is surprised at their record? Here in Denver everyone spouting delusions of grandeur are but not me! I KNEW they didn’t have a run game or the line they needed. 8-9 and in last was my prediction after correctly getting their record exact last year too.

    Just don’t drink the coolaid folks! Russ was never a Rogers/ brady guy without a D and a run game.

  10. I think tv should have kept the game as scheduled. Mahomes is one of the most important figures in the NFL and currently a MVP candidate. Watching him destroy the Broncos, say 56-3, has a train wreck quality and would have drawn prime time ratings.

  11. In other 100% factual news, I have more money than Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Elon Musk combined.

  12. How ridiculous. Russell has made it clear to all of his teammates that his Office Door is always open….

  13. I’d rather have a team full of winners than a team full of guys with “great relationships”. He’s got his own office? For what? “Broncos Country, Let’s Hide!”

  14. Although Russ is obvious well connected with his Teammates, his years of success have given him the right to have his own office, nothing more….

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