Thanksgiving touchdown return earns Kene Nwangwu NFC special teams player of the week

New England Patriots v Minnesota Vikings
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Vikings return man Kene Nwangwu turned in a spectacular performance in prime time on Thanksgiving, and he’s being recognized for it.

Nwangwu was named the NFC special teams player of the week today.

In the Thanksgiving night game against the Patriots, Nwangwu returned a kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown, the winning margin in a 33-26 victory.

At a time when kickoff returns are being largely phased out of the NFL, Nwangwu is one of the few players still making an impact: As a rookie last season he had two kickoff return touchdowns, and this season he’s leading the NFL with 24 kickoff returns, 620 yards and a 25.8-yard average.

10 responses to “Thanksgiving touchdown return earns Kene Nwangwu NFC special teams player of the week

  1. The refs did him a kindness by not calling the holding.Only a Vikings fan wouldn’t agree

  2. Nearly every play can be picked over ad nauseum until you find someone somewhere on the field doing something wrong, and then you have a reason to whine. If that foul gets flagged, his fans whine about it. If it doesn’t get called, the other team’s fans whine.

  3. Kene needs to be given the green light at all times. And probably should be backing up Cook as well.

  4. Like clockwork, we all knew the Pats fans would be on here whining about a block that occurs on 90% of every offensive play and kickoff return. In the immortal words of their hero BB, you gotta fight through those blocks.

  5. It’s too bad the football “expert” free disappeared. Last year he said that Kene is irrelevant and will never do anything. Too bad his parents must have cut off his internet access.

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