Trent Dilfer is expected to become the next head coach at UAB


The pipeline of former NFL players to high-profile head-coaching jobs without much high-level experience continues to grow.

Former quarterback Trent Dilfer reportedly is expected to become the next head coach at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, according to Pete Thamel of

Dilfer, who worked for ESPN after his playing career ended, has served as a high-school coach in Tennessee for the past four years. His team at Lipscomb Academy currently is 12-0. It will play in a state championship game on Thursday.

Dilfer was the sixth overall pick in the 1994 draft, by the Buccaneers. He made it to the Pro Bowl in 1997, and he won a Super Bowl with the defense-heavy Ravens in 2000. He also played for the Seahawks, Browns, and 49ers.

Dilfer created a stir in August 2021 after video surfaced of Dilfer putting hands on a player and physically moving him backward on the sidelines of a game. It sparked a spirited debate as to whether Dilfer was in the right, or in the wrong.

It clearly didn’t deter the folks at UAB from hiring the former NFL quarterback who has no coaching experience beyond his four years of coaching high-school football.

11 responses to “Trent Dilfer is expected to become the next head coach at UAB

  1. I think the key here is not so much ex-players but they are or were on-air pundits and getting exposure that way.If they get coaching jobs all the better for the viewing public.They make those shows difficult to watch.

  2. You’re really reaching with your conspiracies or whatever is on your mind. UAB is far from high profile. Sounds like a perfect opportunity for someone like Dilfer to get in the door. Schools like UAB or any non power 5 school may as well be division II schools. If he succeeds THEN he can move to a high profile job.

  3. To be honest, a highly successful coach at a top level high school program in the south is not an unreasonable candidate to take over a program at the level of UAB.

    This certainly is not the same as a TV analyst taking over an NFL team.

  4. It’s natural to progress from high school to college coaching. He’s already been doing it for four years. How many years does he have to coach high school for it to be ok to take a college coaching job?

  5. These NFL names help in recruiting. It really doesn’t matter if he can coach or not. He can sit in a kid’s living room with his Superbowl ring on and make that family believe that he can get them to the next level. The coordinators can run practice.

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