Aaron Rodgers returns to practice

Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles
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After sitting out Wednesday’s practice, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was back for Thursday’s session.

According to multiple reporters on the scene, Rodgers was on the field participating during individual drills in the portion of practice open to media.

Rodgers is officially listed with both right thumb and rib injuries on Green Bay’s practice report. But head coach Matt LaFleur and Rodgers have both expressed optimism that the quarterback will play in the Week 13 matchup against the Bears.

Offensive linemen David Bakhtiari and (knee) and Elgton Jenkins (knee) were also back at practice after missing Wednesday.

The Packers’ full Thursday injury report will be released later in the day.

15 responses to “Aaron Rodgers returns to practice

  1. Tony Awesome says:
    December 1, 2022 at 2:14 pm

    He owns Da Bears,…. he has to play.


    Better hope he wins.

    The Bears are down Herbert, Jackson and others plus Fields is hurt.

    Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn are gone. The Bears are a shell of team.

  2. Rodgers wants to be the guy that wins the All-Time NFL record for most wins. This is the game that breaks the tie. He owns the Bears. I’ll bet we see Love after the Bye, however.

  3. Crappy Team Denier says:
    The Bears are down Herbert, Jackson and others plus Fields is hurt.
    If you think the Packers are 100% healthy,.. you’re dreaming.
    Especially on defense. Best LB, and Pass Rusher out,.. 2nd best corner out, 2 O Linemen playing on 1 leg. Both teams look like MASH Hospital rehab centers. It is what it is sir. Late season NFL Football. Every team is banged up to some extent.

  4. I hope da bears flatten him and do the other ribs. Fields may have his best game of his life working the not in exestance pass d and doing it without a pass rush.

  5. The Packers screwed up with the Rogers contract, let him heal up so you can trade him off before or after 1 June for a haul. They will take a $40M hit or split it, but you have to let him go Green Bay. That option will be the tell. Option yes, you are stuck with him until princess decides to retire with no return. Option no, you can redeem yourself for that really bad contract for a haul.

  6. qAs an impartial observer it seems when the Packers win Rodger’s fans are quick to credit him for the wins but when they lose, it’s not his fault. Instead they make excuses for him eg. his receivers dropped passes, special teams messed up a play, the defense played poorly, etc. Shouldn’t it be, when they win, it’s because the team played well and when they lose the team didn’t play well enough?

  7. I’d like to ask Aaron how his domination of the NFC North is going. Below the Lions, and the Vikings are so far ahead he can’t even see them. Take a seat Aaron, you’re done.

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