Aidan Hutchinson ready to face the team that passed on him on Sunday

NFL: NOV 24 Bills at Lions
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For much of the run-up to the 2022 NFL draft, Aidan Hutchinson was expected to go first overall to the Jaguars. But Jacksonville decided to take Travon Walker first overall instead, leaving Hutchinson to the Lions with the second pick.

Now Hutchinson is looking forward to showing the Jaguars what they missed out on.

The Lions and Jaguars face off on Sunday, and Hutchinson said today that he’ll be thinking about it. Hutchinson expected to be the first overall pick and was surprised when he learned the Jaguars were taking Walker instead.

Hutchinson told Kyle Meinke of that he heard the talk that the Jaguars liked Walker better because Walker’s arms measured three inches longer at the Combine.

“Guess my arms were not quite long enough,” Hutchinson said. “We’ll see if that inch or couple of inches was the difference.”

9 responses to “Aidan Hutchinson ready to face the team that passed on him on Sunday

  1. The Lions had better start worrying about that Jaguar LB from Yale. (That’s “Yale”, not “Jail”).

  2. How’s the “Yeah, but this is a more athletic Aidan Hutchinson” excuse working out Jags fans?

  3. Actually both teams have a rather bright future if they can keep the positive momentum going into next year.

    Lions have already hit a home run with the Rams pick. Jaguars have made some good moves in the last year that has things looking up for the Jags as well. Love the Ridley trade for next year, that’s high end value for a third round pick.

    If I could buy stock in both of these franchises, I would. Along with the Bears who I think will make a meteoric rise after they spend that massive cash stash.

    Broncos, Rams and Saints are on the opposite end of the spectrum with the bleakest long term outlook.

    Falcons might be close to joining that trio of despair as they just lack so much talent and a top pick to get a new QB.

  4. Walker has similar stats: 37 tackles to 31, 19 assists to 11, 2.5 sacks to 5.5 and he has longer arms and bigger hands.

  5. He flat out told them not to draft him. Jacksonville didnt want any more embarrassment after the Urban experiment, and decided to take the clear #2 prospect accordingly so that Aiden could get his (demand) wish and play for his hometown team in the state where he went to college. FACT

  6. Hutchinson has been proving doubters wrong all year. All that talk about being good not great and already hitting his ceiling at Michigan sure was a lot of hot air.

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