Bills lead Patriots 24-7 in fourth quarter

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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The Bills padded their lead with a 1-yard touchdown run by Devin Singletary. Buffalo leads the Patriots 24-7 with 14:31 left.

The Bills went 94 yards in 15 plays for their latest touchdown.

The Patriots punted on their only drive of the second half and now trail by three scores.

Josh Allen is 20-of-31 for 213 yards and two touchdowns, with Stefon Diggs catching six passes for 82 yards and a touchdown.

Singletary has nine carries for 35 yards and James Cook has run for 64 yards on 14 totes.

19 responses to “Bills lead Patriots 24-7 in fourth quarter

  1. Is there any debate left about the Brady/ Belichick question anymore? Because there shouldn’t be.

  2. Patriots Bills rivalry has flipped. Pats not even competitive. Trade for Zach Wilson Bill would turn him into Allen. 2 #1 straight up please.

  3. OK, I was skeptical in the preseason when everyone was ready to put a gold jacket on him – but, now I’m convinced he is the chosen one. I hope Mac Jones and this offensive coordinating committee spend many, many years together.

  4. Few observations. The Pats o-line is as bad as the bills—only they don’t have JA, so it looks worse. Also, no one talked about how Mac Jones 382 came in a dome. He had a bad December last year and didn’t look very good in cold weather tonight. Stevenson is the lone bright spot. No other weapons to worry about.

  5. 3 Punts. Things are clearly trending in the right direction. Congrats Bills fans. Too many mistakes against a good team. Beat the Jets. Beat the Dolphins. Maybe the Pats O line will show up by the end of the year.

  6. Is there any debate left about the Brady/ Belichick question anymore? Because there shouldn’t be.


    Belichick is screwed by himself and his fans.

  7. NE looks even worse than their 2-14 years. Time to clean house, sell the team to a legit owner and get comfy for the next 40 years to build a contender. Ya’ know… just like before Brady.

  8. Come on touchback, hit us with it!! Holding? Pushing off? Incomplete passes? Injuries? Late hits? Didn’t have two feet down? The turf? The weather?

  9. The last place New England Patriots? Circle of life. I’m starting to think it wasn’t Brady or Bellichek . Where was either without Gronk? Every time Tom was in trouble #87 was there. Mike Evans, Godwin , Julio, AB, without Gronk forget it. Second Giant SB Gronk injured, pats superior to Giants no chance. Gronk was a decoy and almost snagged game ending Hail Mary.

  10. The Patriots have always been a big part of my life. Always loved watching them. Most games these days are almost unwatchable. Jones and Patricia need to go. We need Dante Scarnecchia back and as much as I hate to say it, we probably need BB to leave if he’s not willing to stop being the GM.

  11. Not Brady. Only Billy B draws up a one pass game plan to beat Bills on their own field. The two , along with Gronk and great D in a weak division led to a lot of 1-2 seeds and all goes thru Foxboro. The mystique got into other teams heads sans Rex Jets and Ravens. Having bad Miami, Jets , and Bills teams helped tremendously as all you had to do was win two at home.

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