Damar Hamlin ejected for illegal hit on Jakobi Meyers

NFL: OCT 02 Bills at Ravens
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Bills safety Damar Hamlin was ejected for a nasty hit on Patriots receiver Jakobi Meyers late in the fourth quarter.

On third-and-14 from the Buffalo 15, Mac Jones threw a pass to Meyers, who looked like he was going to make the catch in the end zone with Jordan Poyer covering him. But Hamlin came flying in to put his shoulder into the head and neck area of Meyers, while managing to knock the ball out with his hand.

Officials immediately threw a flag for a hit on a defenseless receiver.

Referee Shawn Hochuli then announced Hamlin’s ejection with 2:54 left.

Hamlin had four tackles and a pass breakup.

22 responses to “Damar Hamlin ejected for illegal hit on Jakobi Meyers

  1. Damar Hamlin should be suspended for at least a game. How can anyone justify the force of that hit? It was completely unnecessary. One could even argue it was an attempt to injure. There’s no need for that behaviour in the league. NFL do your job and set an example.

  2. So let’s play touch football? If that hit deserved an ejection I expect to see lany more ejections rest of season.

  3. Bad disqualification. Clearly wasn’t intentional H2H. It was a bang bang play. Glad they wear helmets.

  4. I watch today’s game and wonder…how much more frightening Calvin Johnson would have been without the threat of “defenseless blows” to deal with.

  5. Justification for force
    Trying to separate the ball from the receiver.
    A+ job Damar.
    What’s the guy supposed to do?
    Just sit there and let him catch the TD?

  6. The ejection was a joke. The hit happened a millisecond after the ball arrived. That one was for the memory of Tom Brady and the don’t touch a Patriot rule….

  7. Let’s see if anything happens…it sure didn’t with the Steelers Wide Receiver Pickens. And now the league’s disparity and favoritism will be on full display.

  8. Any type of hit to the head on a defenseless receiver will draw a flag in today’s league, but that ejections was garbage. Was obviously not intentional, Meyers lowered his head

  9. I’m not a fan of either team so dont care either way and I totally get the safety stuff….but……the db led with his shoulder, head to the side, and appeared to aim for a chest shot but the receiver dropped his head and it ended up taking the shoulder to the head. So What’s the defender supposed to do in this situation. Maybe a flag, maybe, but I don’t agree with the ejection. At some point the receivers actions need to be accounted for when making these decisions. Its a contact sport after all

  10. I don’t like the flags for hard hits but Hamlin clearly violated the letter (don’t slam into head/neck area) and spirit (any hit that looks “too hard” = flag) of the rules so the flag was justified.

    The ejection was not. As noted, Hamlin was clearly making a play on the ball in order to prevent a TD. He wasn’t head hunting. Ejecting Hamlin for that play inevitably leads to flagging Judon for flinging Allen to the ground while (successfully) trying to make Allen fumble.

  11. It looked like Hamlin was trying to pull up at the end of the play. Overzealous refs quick to toss the flag.

  12. WR kinda lowered his head into the DB shoulder. It didn’t look intentional, just unfortunate.

  13. It was a fine hit, he did his job perfectly, tried to put his shoulder into the ball and receiver ducked his head. Not much he can do about that.


    yes, it’s football but I don’t think it was intent to injure and it was worthy of the ejection – the ejection is up to the officials lets leave it at that

    based on intent – no suspension necessary but the league will have to fine him

  15. So what happens if all the DB’s point of attack is the lower leg area to avoid penalties and ejections? Turf is going to the last thing that WR’s are worried about!

  16. well for all you guys that think an ejection was NOT merited – Darryl Stingley would disagree with you and if you don’t know who he is you really should look it up – I love football – I love clean hard hits buy I do not want to see what happened to him ever happen to anyone else again

  17. For the guy that doesn’t want to see any more possible injuries due to big hits…
    Football just isn’t your thing.. and that’s okay.

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