Jimmy Garoppolo says Dolphins were in the mix to trade for him


If 49ers quarterback Jim Garoppolo hadn’t needed offseason shoulder surgery, he likely would have been traded. And one of the potential destinations apparently was the Miami Dolphins.

“They were in the conversation,” Garoppolo told reporters on Thursday, regarding the Dolphins. “Not much came from it, but they were definitely one of the teams in the conversation. It seemed like a good spot. As an offense, that’s tremendous skillplayers, everything they got going over there. Mike {McDaniel] being a great coach, I had been with him in the past here and it was discussed, but I’m glad the way things worked out.”

It’s unclear whether Garoppolo would have gone to Miami as the starter, the backup, or as part of an open competition. McDaniel made a FaceTime call to Tua Tagovailoa upon getting the job, creating the clear impression that Tua was the guy.

Given what the 49ers presumably wanted for Garoppolo, it’s hard to imagine that the Dolphins would have made that investment in a backup.

Still, Garoppolo said what he said. The Dolphins were at least “in the conversation.” As the Dolphins come to Santa Clara for a Sunday game against the 49ers, it’s an interesting addition to the overall conversation.

21 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo says Dolphins were in the mix to trade for him

  1. This is nothing more the ln SF trying to stir up some drama to try to effect Tua. Such nonsense, if Miami was in the mix why wait until week 12 to say something? Come on man… weak…

  2. Not calling Jimmy a liar but this doesn’t make much sense to me. Grier and Ross wanted a coach that wanted Tua, they got him. I think the only way they wanted JG is for a backup position with an opportunity to start if Tua failed.

  3. Yeah this is a reach. It could’ve been stated many weeks ago. Just trying to get in Tua’s head before the game is all. And if the trade would’ve happened it definitely would’ve been an upgrade at the backup position.

  4. I mean it would’ve made sense that they at least explored it early on.

    Jimmy G had a lot success.

    But it didn’t make sense and Miami moved on. The more McDaniel saw Tua the more confident he became.

    Sooooooooo many of us Dolphins knew we weren’t wrong.

    Brian Flores was THAT wrong though.

  5. Yeah, I am sure the conversation went like this

    SF: Do you want Jimmy Garoppolo?
    Miami: No *CLICK*

  6. Jimmy G, while competent, would be an awful match for Hill. Jimmy can’t go deep down field. Look at the numbers. Miami lucked out with hanging with Tua. Guy is balling.

  7. If Miami GM Grier had taken Garappolo in a trade before this season started which he’s notorious for doing the Fish may very well be undefeated to this point – the games they lost were with a less than average QB2 & raw rookie QB3 subbing for an injured Tua.
    Jimmy G has proven he can win games he just unfortunately makes a bad decision at the worst possible time & is still highly valuable to a few teams – New Orleans, Indianapolis, Carolina & don’t rule out New England.

  8. touchback6 says:
    December 1, 2022 at 9:25 pm

    Tua Fever!
    Hilarious that you are commenting on this while your team is getting smoked. Priorities or you just can’t bear the Pat’s collapse?

  9. I’m guessing they weren’t stupid enough to give up three first round picks and a 3 like Clara did for Lance?

  10. Miami was in the mix for a backup QB. Everyone knew the 9ers were desperate to unload his salary before it became guaranteed by week 1. Just imagine the lowball offers. Neither Miami or the 9 era have any regrets.

  11. Dude, Jimmy was asked about it and he answered supposedly truthfully. Don’t see any reason to think otherwise. Dolphins made the right choice.

  12. Of course they were. I said this all offseason. Tua deserves better, his own team didn’t believe in him but he is proving them wrong. Good for him.

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