Josh McDaniels: Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow are “getting closer, no doubt”

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The Raiders have won each of their last two games and appear to be finding their groove as they continue head coach Josh McDaniels’ first season with the franchise.

Offensive help could be on the way soon, too, in tight end Darren Waller and receiver Hunter Renfrow.

Both players are eligible to come off injured reserve next week. But with the Raiders heading to Los Angeles to play the Rams on Thursday night, Waller and Renfrow may not quite be ready to go.

“I’d say timing and the fact that that week is what it is, we’ll have to make a decision here that’s — I’d say we have to factor in a lot of things here,” McDaniels said in his Wednesday press conference. “Sometimes, it’s hard to play guys that haven’t had any chance to practice. It’s the same thing we did with [cornerback Nate] Hobbs last week. It’s hard to say he’s going to play and hasn’t practiced in a month and a half. So, you don’t want to do a disservice to the player.

“So yeah, they’re getting closer, no doubt. They’re working really hard to get back as soon as they can. We’re aware of the clock, and we’ll have to make a smart decision when that time comes.”

Waller has been dealing with a hamstring injury that’s kept him out essentially since Week Four. He played eight snaps in the Week Five loss to Kansas City. He has 16 catches for 175 yards with a touchdown in 2022.

Renfrow has an oblique injury and hasn’t played since Week Nine. He also missed a couple of games with a concussion this year. He’s caught 21 passes for 192 yards in 2022.

Next week’s Thursday matchup between the Raiders and Rams could get a little more juice if either or both of Waller and Renfrow are able to play.

11 responses to “Josh McDaniels: Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow are “getting closer, no doubt”

  1. They didn’t do anything when they were active so who cares??

    McDaniels is such a clown.

  2. Hurry up and get back for the last 3-4 games of the season when the Raiders have 4 wins into December.

    What a disaster this team continues to be…

  3. Getting close to what exactly? New contracts with teams that aren’t complete and utter perennial failures?

  4. It’s not like they were contributing much when they were on the field, to be honest. Waller has been such a disappointment lately. He seems to be hurt all the time now.

  5. Raiders got a gift with the win on Sunday from the refs, let’s not be overly greedy. Only one miracle at a time for the rudderless Raiders.

  6. Waller was one of the best tight ends in football not that long ago. Unfortunately injuries have become an issue and I wonder if he’ll ever be the player he was again. For his sake I hope he makes a complete recovery and can play at an elite level again but history shows that’s typically not the case.

  7. I think the problem with Waller is the drops more so than the injuries. This his first time really being dinged up but when he was playing he had a ton of easy drops. Renfrows been hurt by the offense, theres a severe lack of creativity in Mcdaniels scheme, theres no place for triple move routes and other ways of abusing zone coverage. All the timing and muscle memory Carr and Renfrow built went completely out the window.

  8. Why even bother at this point? Put them both on season ending IR and push reset next season. Both received huge new contracts before the season and then come into camp out of shape, unproductive and quickly injured. $30M spent on them this season and no return on investment. Classic example of some players getting paid and then getting fat and happy.

  9. love Renfrow but he’s cost the Raiders 2 wins this year. should have beat AZ and KC

  10. I love reading Raiders threads. The Raiders fan that constantly changes his name and makes encouraging remarks and in some cases (like this one) excuses to point blame for the Raiders being a bottom 10 team in the NFL.

    “They have a top 10 offense”

    No sane person thinks because their team almost won a game a handful of times justifies their pipe dream opinions. You’re and were wrong, stop pretending and accept reality.

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