Nathaniel Hackett tried to walk back comments about a potential quarterback change


The Broncos do a great job, as plenty of teams (but not all of them) do when it comes to sending out transcripts of the press conferences that happen throughout the week. The most recent wave of transcripts from the Broncos included a significant comment from coach Nathaniel Hackett about the quarterback position.

Asked whether he’d consider making a change at quarterback if he thought it would give the team a better chance to win, Hackett said, “Right now, no.”

That’s what made it to the transcript, which was distributed by the team at 9:04 p.m. ET on Wednesday night — hours after the press conference ended.

What didn’t make it to the transcript is the fact that Hackett instantly realized the potential import of what he said. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Hackett reached out to Mike Klis of to clarify the situation.

“He initially said ‘Right now, no’ to question whether he would consider making QB chang[e],” Klis tweeted. “Hackett strongly clarified he’s not changing QBs: ‘Not even a thought. Not even a question. Russ is our quarterback.’ He said he F’d up.'”

So here’s the question. Should Hackett have just let the comment stand instead of trying to preemptively conduct a cleanup on aisle five? The Klis tweet wasn’t noticed as widely as the comment in the transcript of the press conference.

To their credit, the Broncos didn’t scrub the remark from the press conference. They also didn’t add a P.S. with the Klis tweet.

Still, the question becomes whether Hackett should have mobilized to try to put the toothpaste back in the tube, or whether he should have just owned his words.

Who would fault him for not guaranteeing that Wilson will start every game for the rest of the year? It’s a reasonable position, given the manner in which Wilson has performed.

Here’s the most important question. Did Hackett accidentally say something he didn’t mean, or did he accidentally tell the truth? If I were betting on one or there other, I’d take the latter.

14 responses to “Nathaniel Hackett tried to walk back comments about a potential quarterback change

  1. It honestly shows how weak Hackett is. Belichick, Peyton, Carroll and other solid coaches would have let that stand on principle – and even a shot across Wilson’s bow.

  2. The corporate infotainment media loves a good implosion… especially when they get to fan the flames.

  3. Hackett has become a glorified figurehead.

    He has no authority left other than to serve as the team’s Press Secretary and the team is just keeping him around at this point to take all the bullets for Russell Wilson.

  4. Hackett needs to learn how to answer questions like that. He should respond quickly and unequivocally, as if his wife asked him:

    Dose my butt look fat?

    Unfortunately, Hackett took a second to look at his wife’s butt before answering. A rookie move.

  5. Maybe they won’t let him make a change. He’s got to know there aren’t many weeks left to his head coaching career so you’d think he’d have nothing to lose.

  6. One of the lamest things, among many, of the football mindset is the idea of how you have to protect/massage the QB’s ego. These are full grown a** men. Or at least are supposed to be. IF they cannot deal with justified (or even unjustified) criticism of their performance or lack of performance then that is on them, not the coach/media/team mates/ or anyone else that they want to blame for their lack of success or bad performance.

  7. denbronx says:
    December 1, 2022 at 12:30 pm
    That’s like saying, Do you plan on cheating on your wife? Right now no.

    Made me laugh. Thanks.

  8. However, in their defense that is kind of a Millennial / Gen Z mindset in all of society that most, if not all of their problems, are caused by someone or something else and it is not their fault.

  9. I can’t believe this is a discussion.

    Total TDs over 16 years Elway 300
    Total TDs over 18 years Manning 539
    Total TDs over 10.5 years Wilson 308

    Ints over 16 years Elway 226
    Ints over 18 years Manning 251
    Ints over 10.5 years Wilson 92

    Completion % Elway 56.9%
    Completion % Manning 65.3%
    Completion % Wilson 64.6%

    QB rating career Elway 79.9
    QB rating career Manning 96.5
    QB rating career Wilson 100.5

    Rushing yards career Elway 3407 4.4 y/c 33 TDs
    Rushing yards career Manning 667 1 y/c 3 TDs
    Rushing yards career Wilson 4826 5.5 y/c 25 TDs

    Who isn’t a first ballot HOF QB?

    I get it, you might have non football reasons for disrespecting Wilson but the numbers are the numbers and the facts are the facts.

  10. Russell has always made it clear to his Coach/partner that his Office Door is always open….smh…

  11. The Wilson trade may go down as the worst trade and sign in NFL history. I do not think I am over exaggerating. Hackett doesn’t help but the root of the problem is Wilson isn’t very good. They could fire Hackett (and they should) but who wants to be stuck with Wilson for the next several years? Wilson’s numbers have been headed down for years but (this year) this is combined with a lousy coach. The Broncos might try to entice Wilson to retire for a ridiculous payout and Wilson wants to protect his legacy. But Wilson has tons of guaranteed money for years so this is the epic in terms of bad contracts. I only hope the Brown’s Watson contract is worse.

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