Brian Daboll: We had a good dinner with Odell Beckham Jr.

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A reunion between Odell Beckham Jr. and the Giants could still be in the works.

Beckham is slated to continue his late-season, free-agency tour. But last night he had dinner with New York brass, including head coach Brian Daboll.

Daboll addressed the meeting at the beginning of his Friday press conference, but didn’t say much about it.

“We had dinner with him last night, had a good visit,” Daboll said, via SNY. “Really, other than that, I have nothing else to add. My focus is on Washington.”

To a follow-up question, Daboll said, “I’d just say we had a good dinner,” adding that he enjoyed a “great steak.”

The 7-4 Giants are set to host the 7-5 Commanders on Sunday — a matchup that should have plenty of postseason implications.

But even if New York was to add Beckham at this point, it’s hard to know how much he’d be able to contribute in 2022, coming off a second reconstructive knee surgery.

Beckham is also set to meet with the Cowboys — who appear to be the favorites to land him — and the Bills.

33 responses to “Brian Daboll: We had a good dinner with Odell Beckham Jr.

  1. Giants are the only team listed with a real need here. If they go for it, it’s a good look for coach showing they are playing for real and not fading away.

  2. Beckham has really played this well. He has teams begging for him, yet he has not really been an elite receiver since 2016. The narrative is that he was great with the Rams, but his yards per game were actually lower with the Rams than they were with the Browns. He did have more TDs and a couple nice playoff games, but these teams are going after him like he is a top 5 WR. I’m not sure what you can expect from him, coming off 2nd ACL surgery, not 100% yet, and learning a new offense and QB after being away for a year.

  3. Everyone, including Brian Daboll, knows that Beckham is going to the Cowboys. Most players schedule their preferred team last in the interview process. That way they can use the offers from the other teams to get more from the preferred team….Dallis, in this case.

    IT’s also likely why they had dinner and not much more.

  4. Giants are going nowhere this year. Fun team. Fun story. They play really hard. But OBJ coming off a torn ACL will not bring them anywhere this year.

  5. I can’t see OBJ going back to the Giants this year. They are at best a long shot even with OBJ to make the Super Bowl.

  6. I just can’t see him going to Dallas after being so publicly vocal about injuries suffered on turf. He will use Dallas as leverage then sign with the Ravens.

  7. Daboll apparently sealed the deal by busting off a loud and terrible fart after the meal, then looked at OBJ and said “There’s a lil kiss for ya!”
    To which OBJ replied “big fella you know just how to woo me!”

  8. After the beat down in bean town last night by the Bills OBJ’s left eyebrow just raised.

  9. Way overrated and probably not worth what that steak dinner costed. He had not been relevant since 2016. Why all this hype over a WR that isn’t nearly as good as many that are on practice squads right now.

  10. Notice that Daboll is not talking about the breakfast and the bacon – seems like OBJ and the Giants are not in bed.

  11. While OBJs stats aren’t great, teams want him because he plays best in big games. It’s a rare quality that few players have. Joe Montana was like that, as was Jerry Rice.

  12. Its week 13. Dude hasnt played since SB and hes coming off a second ACL. Realistically, when will he play? Week 16? Week 17? No one has seen this man work out even. This whole thing is a play for next year or for a 3yr contract, and lord knows, the only team of these three that would give a 3yr contract will be….JJ and the ‘boys because they cant stand to not sign someone, and are willing to overpay.

  13. It’s funny that if the giants sign him, it’s unclear how much he’ll be able to help this year (which is the proper take) but if Dallas signs him, it’s the missing link.

  14. You’re telling me he’s going to meet with the Cowboys and Bills yet pick the Giants?

  15. Way past his prime,2 ACL rehabs, and can’t get on a commercial flight without causing problems for the rest of the passengers. What team wants this?

  16. He will only go to a team with solid established WRs ahead of him, so he doesn’t have to actually be relied upon.

  17. The Giants are like 1-4 against teams that currently have a winning record. They’re not a good team. Your record is not always who you are, but who you’ve played.

  18. No good WR wants to go to the Ravens. Lamar hurts their numbers and legacy. Add to that they might actually pay him the money he wants (a huge mistake) and they can’t pay their other FA’s and give OBJ decent money.

  19. If these three are his only 3 teams he’s willing to sign with… I’d be willing to bet a kidney he’s going to Buffalo. He’d be a 2a to Diggs and 2b Davis with Josh Allen throwing to him. Ceedee lamb is good.. But he’s no Diggs and Dak is no Josh. Daniel Jones is not enticing and neither is that receiving room. Only thing Buffalo can’t offer him is an insane contract.

  20. After a second ACL, a team that is seriously considering signing him would have the due diligence to work him out instead of having dinner with him.

  21. OBJ, Daboll, and the kicking net all went to dinner to hash out differences between OBJ and the kicking net….

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