Claiming no “beef,” Patrick Peterson has tried to contact Kyler Murray

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Former Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson made some waves earlier this week, with public criticism of a former Arizona teammate.

Kyler Murray don’t care about nobody but Kyler Murray,” Peterson said. “That’s just a matter of fact.”

On Thursday, Peterson elaborated on his sentiments.

I don’t have any beef with Kyler Murray,” Peterson said, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “What I meant by my comment was, when you’re a franchise quarterback you have to carry yourself a certain way. So, when you have bad body language, pouting and moping on the sideline, what type of energy do you think that feeds to your teammates?

“That’s what I meant by, ‘Kyler cares about himself.’ He’s not putting the team first. . . . I see a ton of talent in him. Those mannerisms are alarming. I’m just saying something most people may be afraid to tell him. It’s no secret. Everybody sees it.”

That’s fine, but Peterson made the remark in the context of whether Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury will be the scapegoat for the current debacle that is the team’s 2022 season, and whether Murray would defend Kingsbury, if needed. It wasn’t about sideline demeanor. It was about whether he cared enough about Kingsbury to speak up for him.

Murray’s point in response was that, if Peterson was his “mentor” (they spent two years together with the Cardinals), Peterson should have raised the concerns with him directly.

Peterson says he tried.

“I don’t have his number,’’ Peterson said. “I did reach out. I did get his number from an ex-teammate and texted him. He didn’t reply to the text. I don’t know if that is his number.”

We won’t know whether Murray got the text, because the Cardinals don’t play this week. The issue likely will be addressed at his next press conference, after the bye.

16 responses to “Claiming no “beef,” Patrick Peterson has tried to contact Kyler Murray

  1. Kyler Murray is an immature selfish human and a terrible qb. You will never ever win with him.

  2. Cardinals screwwwed up big time signing him to that expensive long term contracts. Might not see the Cards in the playoffs till the year 2026.

  3. He just made it worse but dont say sorry if its the truth. Murray is a little punk and he needs to grow up. Just like saying ” No disrespect” but here it comes.

  4. Athletes are required by the NFL to participate in at least one media session per week. They are not required to participate in podcasts that expose their narcissism. Kyler is the leader of his team, while Peterson in merely a mercenary who is expected to be a FA after 2022.

  5. A good reminder of the fact that these players are 19 + yrs old and their ability to see their world in a rational, you-&-I way, hasn’t developed yet for the most part. The cerebral cortex isn’t fully formed (for the most part, again) until about 27 or so. The older we fans get, the harder it is for us to squelch (don’t you love that word?) those expectations.

  6. Peterson should have had a more thorough explanation originally. Of course everyone is going to run with your comments. If players are gonna try and set themselves up for an analyst role post career with these podcasts, they need to act professionally while they are still playing.

  7. Absolutely nothing against Oklahoma U sports, but the last three Qbs taken from OU in the first round were Murray, Mayfield and Sam Bradford. Does this mean anything? probably not… but alas…IDK

  8. Cardinals don’t regret letting PEDerson walk after his contract ended. Their mistake was not trading him the day his suspension ended.

  9. Everyone knows Murray is not good, likely never will be and suckered the Cardinals. But why in the hell would Peterson need to weigh in on this? His comments reflect more about himself than Murray.

  10. I am not sure if anybody would watch any Cards games (except maybe their home fans) if it weren’t for Kyler Murray. The kid is an exciting player and a lot of fun to watch.

  11. The only question I have in all of this is WHY he is making waves against his former teammate when they’re not scheduled to play again this season? What does Peterson have to gain here? He should be focusing on his own team’s issues? Distractions like this cause teams to fall apart and lose at critical times. He’s a veteran and should know this.

  12. Az should try to trade Tyler and a couple of firsts for the sure fire first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson.

    I don’t know if you could fleece Denver like they fleeced the Hawks but it would be worth a try.

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