Drew Brees says he didn’t get struck by lightning

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Former Saints quarterback Drew Brees is fine after apparently getting struck by lightning. Because he didn’t get struck by lightning at all.

“I just texted Drew Brees,” tweeted Katherine Terrell of ESPN.com. “He said he’s good and that he did not get struck by lightning.”

That’s a relief.

So now here’s the question. Was Brees extremely fortunate to not be struck by lightning during an actual lightning strike, or was the whole thing fake?

If it was fake (as many now believe), Brees and PointsBet deserve every bit of criticism that they’re about to experience. Thousands of people die from lightning strikes every year. It’s in questionable taste to use it as a platform for a marketing campaign. Also, if this was all a stunt, it included making plenty of friends, fans, former teammates, and acquaintances of Brees spend a portion of Friday morning fearful that he had been seriously injured or killed.

We know PointsBet is struggling, relative to other sports books. But if the whole thing was staged, this is absolutely not the way to thrust its brand back into a degree of relevance that it never really had. And Brees will take a hit, as he should, for being a party to the staging of a near-death experience.

21 responses to “Drew Brees says he didn’t get struck by lightning

  1. Crypto and rampant sports betting are for fools soon to be separated from their assets.

  2. 2,000 deaths worldwide. Technically it is thousands, yes.
    But 11 occurred in the U.S. last year, so…

  3. If it was a stunt, it seems a really out-of-character thing for Brees to do. If he went along with something started by someone else you can chalk it up to dumb decision making. If someone created the story without his knowledge he should separate himself completely from that person/organization. If he’s trying to get on the broadcaster map to help his new career he just needs to work on being a better broadcaster and let his work speak for itself.

  4. All those thousands of people who die from lightning strikes are going to be pissed that Drew Brees didn’t actually get struck by lightning.

  5. It’s pretty bold to move from struck by lightning to suggesting staging it for publicity purposes.

    I’ve been very near a lightning strike and the thunder is simply overwhelming. You did not have any thunder here so this most like an electrical short.

  6. I agree. Couldn’t have said it any better. That’s nothing to joke about. Lying has become way too mainstream these days. I don’t like liars. I’m thinking Brees wasn’t involved in the lie. If Brees doesn’t immediately cut with this organization, then he’s a bad apple.

  7. Drew Brees the Christian? He wouldn’t do something like this. Integrity is important to him as a man of faith.

  8. It’s likely a hoax. Most people have better sense than to make Thor, The God Of Thunder, angry enough to fire lightning bolts at them.
    Plus, that’s the kind of stunt that can easily backfire. I don’t mess around with Thor.

  9. “and if I am lyibout pointsbet being great, may I be struck by lig….”

    – Drew Brees.

  10. So now we have to worry about offending people that were struck by lightning? Give me a break.

  11. “itsunclepauley says:
    December 2, 2022 at 12:57 pm
    Drew Brees the Christian? He wouldn’t do something like this. Integrity is important to him as a man of faith.”

    Isn’t faking one’s death for publicity the entire foundation of that religion?

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