Drew Brees was apparently struck by lightning while filming a commercial

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Former NFL quarterback Drew Brees, while filming a commercial for PointsBet sports book, was apparently struck by lightning.

Video of the incident was posted on Twitter overnight.

Said PointsBet in a statement: “We are aware of the media coverage regarding PointsBet brand ambassador Drew Brees. We are in communication with Brees’ team and will continue to monitor events throughout the coming hours. At this stage we will not be making any further comment.”

Nick Underhill of NewOrleansFootball.com offers this surprisingly nonchalant two-word update on Brees: “He’s fine.”

Brees tweeted on Monday that he was “excited to be flying to a top-secret location later this week to shoot the new promotional video for @PointBetUSA.”

The commercial apparently was being filmed at the Catatumbo River, an area that features many lightning strikes on a daily basis.

UPDATE 10:58 a.m. ET: Brees says he wasn’t struck by lightning. It was apparently a publicity stunt.

39 responses to “Drew Brees was apparently struck by lightning while filming a commercial

  1. LOL!

    You just can’t make it up. Antonio Brown unable to be arrested by oligarch controlled police and now Brees struck by lightning while filming a commercial. LOL!

  2. I watched the clip several times and something just doesn’t seem right. It looks a little too polished to be what it’s proclaimed to be.

    Regardless, glad to hear that Brees is alright.

  3. Guy one a Superbowl and got stuck by lightning, he’s got all the luck on his side. Time for him to buy some lotto tickets (not like he needs the money but luck is luck)!

  4. Very cool. Glad everyone is ok. They need to rewrite the commercial to include the strike footage.

  5. Not dismissing all the good he has done including donating millions of dollars for charitable needs in the new orleans area, but being a spokesman for a gambling outfit just doesn’t seem to mesh with his projected Christian image. Not a good look, Drew.

  6. I watched this a few times and something seems off – the background seems a bit fake and the “lightning strike” moves awfully slow. I doubt they’d be standing in the middle of a lightning storm with all that electrical equipment around – you’d have to be pretty dumb to do that. I’m calling BS.

  7. So, why were they even fiming in this area that is notorious for lightning? Play with fire, you’re gonna get burned.

  8. He didn’t get struck. Just a close call.

    They were outdoors standing next to trees though, and the lightning was non stop. Just wasn’t smart.

  9. Appears now to be a publicity stunt. Dude, get back to your supposed values of family, community, country, and church. You’ve done a world of good but seem to be dropping the ball since retirement. Sadly won’t be the first to go off the deep end after football career over.

  10. Wait… is this a full article AND comment section of people who think this is real?

    If a player was struck by lightning on camera, do you think we’d be hearing from the company he was shooting a commercial with? Or his family and/or agent??

    What a bunch of marks!

  11. God: “Alright, cross that off the ‘ol To-Do List and…(whisper, whisper) What…(whisper, whisper) What do you mean that wasn’t Brett Farvre?!

  12. Gambling is a sin in the bible. As a non religious person this is kind of amusing that Brees gets struck by lightning as he is filming a sports betting commercial. Glad he is ok though.

  13. I believe that it was the great golfer, Lee Tevino, who once said that when playing in lightning, he holds up his 1 iron because “not even God can a 1 iron.” Good stuff.

  14. Yikes! The metaphorical lightning strike that paired Drew Brees and Sean Payon in New Orleans was one thing….

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