Jerry Jones: Deion Sanders is “very capable” of being an NFL head coach

Jackson State vs Grambling State
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As Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders prepares to parlay his success at Jackson State into a bigger college job at Colorado or Cincinnati, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks Sanders can go even higher than that.

“Deion is very capable of being a head coach in the National Football League,” Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, via Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “You couldn’t be talking to anybody that knows him any better than I do.”

Sanders spent five season with the Cowboys, from 1995 through 1999.

“Deion has such a positive enthusiasm about him, and a real genuine ‘one and one is three,’” Jones said. “It’s a positiveness about him. He has a real understanding of what a player’s mentality can and should be. Of course, he’s actually been around and gotten the benefit of some of the greatest people in sport, and look what he brings to the table.

“Deion Sanders has a little bit going for him when it comes to being able to be a coach. He is an outstanding — I’m just going to say he’s a great communicator and he’s a real leader of men.”

Sanders took the Jackson State job in 2020. A year earlier, he was a candidate (or at least he wanted to be one) for the Florida State job. Sixteen years before that, he openly aspired to succeed Dan Reeves as head coach of the Falcons.

“I can make them a better team, and I know that, because I know the things that really need to be done there,” Sanders said at the time. “I put so much time into preparing every week for my Sunday job [in broadcasting], watching tape and talking to players and coaches, that I still live football. It’s still a big part of me. I talk to head coaches and assistants, guys with whom I’m close, every week. I know what the job involves, believe me, and I know I can do it.”

It’s now been 19 years since Sanders made those comments. He has shown in his time with Jackson State that he can get it done. If he does the same at Cincinnati or Colorado, who knows? Maybe the NFL will come calling.

Maybe even Jerry Jones will come calling.

30 responses to “Jerry Jones: Deion Sanders is “very capable” of being an NFL head coach

  1. Jerry is going overboard in attempt to make up for the 1957 Little Rock photo. Who does this guy think he’s kidding.

  2. If we could keep Moore and more importantly Quinn, Sanders would be a great coach for the Boys.

  3. He’s a celebrity, not a big league head coach.
    He coached in the SWAC, not exactly against big schools.

  4. If Jerry comes calling it’ll be after the Kellen Moore experiment. And if Prine Time was to become a NFL Head Coach he’ll bring a Super Bowl to that franchise. Prime Time studies schemes of both offensive and defensive coordinators tendencies as well as each individual players. He would build a staff to do the same to be on the same page. And if he build a roster from scratch, the younger players would buy into his philosophy and strategy. If Jeff Saturday can get the opportunity with no NFL Head Coaching experience by just being a friend of the owner. Why not Prime Time?

  5. Read recently where Sanders said he couldn’t coach men who just show up to get paid. Even though he got set for life playing football today’s NFL guys have 1 good season get paid and have the screw it I got paid and no longer have the fire. Elliot for us is a good example.

  6. Stay in college Deion. You have an advantage. You’re a great recruiter. In the NFL you have to rely on good personnel people who can find good players. If he leaves Jackson State, it will have to be for a top job like Notre Dame or USC. Not Colorado or anything like that. Not the NFL. Deion is all about winning. He’ll have more control in college. You don’t need to rely on anyone but yourself, if you can recruit. Even if Jerry offered him $200 million for ten years, guaranteed. Well, I guess in that case, I’d have to let Deion make that decision.

  7. Texans should hire Deion and draft Bryce Young. Complete culture change. Reset the organization with two dynamic dudes who want to win.

  8. My gut tells me Sanders shouldn’t wait for that call from Jerry Jones. I can’t put my finger on it even though it’s white in front of me.

  9. Deion could definitely coach in NFL no doubt

    But, even Deion said himself. The NFL and NFL player is different with the money involved

    Deion is great for CFB

    Deion just different. Love his swag and confidence. Best CB to ever play in my opinion

  10. Very well could be the next Patriots head coach. With his disastrous handling of the offensive coordinator position Belicheck is toast in New England.

  11. Well we’ve seen from some of the hires that pretty much anybody is capable of being an NFL head coach, All you need to do is find an owner willing to give you the job. It’s not like there’s some competency test or requirements.

  12. If Jeff Saturday who has literally 0 head coaching exp. can come off the street and do it…..Just saying.

  13. I wonder how much Sanders coaches up his players on making those “business decisions” he was so famous for making.

  14. This fan of the 10 – 1 Philadelphia Eagles would be very happy if Jerruh were to make another terrible head coach hire by reaching for Primetime.
    However, as much as Jones would like to change the optics, I think it highly unlikely that he would turn his team over to such a strong personality. Keep the Jason Garrets and Dave Campos coming, please. You can always reminisce about championships won last century
    That is all.

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