Mac Jones expresses in-game frustration with New England offense

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills
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Mac Jones is getting upset.

Weeks after the Bailey Zappe drama resolved itself, there’s another issue. New England’s starting quarterback isn’t pleased with the play calling.

Cameras captured an agitated Jones yelling (via some fairly basic lip-reading skills), “Throw the fucking ball. The fucking running game sucks.” (He may have said “quick game.” Either way, he wasn’t happy.)

The message undoubtedly was intended for Matt Patricia, the former defensive coordinator who has become the post-Josh McDaniels play caller for the Patriots.

Jones’s frustration isn’t new. The issues that bubbled up when Jones was kept out of the lineup as he healed from a sprained ankle trace to the decision to put Patricia and Joe Judge in charge of the offense. Jones has a vested interest in his overall development as a quarterback, and there had been indications that he simply wasn’t happy with how the offense had been going, the first year after McDaniels left to become head coach of the Raiders.

While Jones has become a full-fledged Stepford Patriot when speaking to reporters, in those candid moments where it’s not obvious that his messages are being captured for millions to see, his true feeling are bubble through his otherwise robotic, say-all-the-right-things facade.

After the game, he explained that he wanted to get the ball down the field, at a time when the Patriots were playing from behind.

I felt like we needed chunk plays,” he said. He also said the comment wasn’t directed to anybody. Common senses suggests that a comment like that wouldn’t be directed to nobody.

It makes for some interesting times as the 6-6 Patriots have five more games that will determine whether they make it back to the postseason, or not. The visit the Cardinals next Monday night, and then they have a Sunday night (subject to flex) date with the Raiders in Las Vegas.

After that, New England finished with a pair of home game against the Bengals and Dolphins, followed by a Week 18 visit to Buffalo.

The Patriots should win the next two. They’ll likely be underdogs in each of the final three. If that’s how it plays out, they’ll finish 8-9 — and likely out of the seven playoff spots in the AFC.

34 responses to “Mac Jones expresses in-game frustration with New England offense

  1. Losing Josh McDaniels was devastating for both the Patriots and the Raiders. This Patricia nonsense will cost Belicheck his job. Why? Just shy?!

  2. The coaches clearly do not trust Mac Jones, and for good reason. Play better and earn their trust.

  3. The Patriots should beat the Raiders in Vegas next week. Yeah, good luck with being so sure that’s going to happen.

  4. Let’s run the ball again and not even think about play action like a real NFL pffense would. After that loses yards let’s throw that short 3 yard pass to the flat it will work this time I can feel it! 🤡

  5. The problem is he can’t give them chunk plays. The Pats play it safe because they have no confidence in the QB to execute. You think BB would squander the opportunity to score points because the OC couldn’t deliver? He’d make a change in a heartbeat. The offense doesn’t include a HOFer is what the problem is. The crutch is gone.

  6. I was yelling that stuff at home too so I wasn’t offended to see someone yelling it on TV. Mac has been decent when turned loose. Im not sure why they restrain him like they do, and I don’t blame him for being frustrated by it.

  7. Belicheat is 76-81 without Tom Brady now so how much longer b4 he isnt the “Greatest Coach Ever” anymore. Hopefully someone will take my nomination, Bill Snyder from K State, as a serious canidate now LOL

  8. BB and his lack of hiring a true OC is killing this team. Cannot win on D alone and nobody on that staff can coach or run an offense. But of course the rest of the NFL world is so far behind BB that we just do not understand his level of knowledge and the obvious plan. He means to have a bad team with no offense right now because losing is much better than winning if you have a genius plan. BB is the most overrated coach in the history of the NFL. Bar none.

  9. The offense looked best when jones was on the sideline they should just sit him down and go with zappe,in the offseason add depth to the qb room and let them battle it out for the job best man wins.

  10. I’ve been apologizing for Max for weeks. Who the hell does he think he is? The Pats success over the years is all about putting the team first. Matty P has to take on a different role, but I’d bench Max for the remainder of the year.

  11. What is baffling to me is all the prime time games they are getting. Not a very good football team anymore.

  12. To be fair to Jones, I was yelling much worse things at the TV regarding the playcalling.

  13. Matt Patricia does an awesome job of making his players unhappy. If the job was to frustrate your own team and lose games, Mart Patricia would be coach of the year.

  14. “I felt like we needed chunk plays,” he said.


    I think that’s the point. They don’t trust you to get them because your arm is suspect. Some of us pointed this out last year when fans and the media were crowning him Brady Jr. Dude just doesn’t look like a franchise QB. His numbers were similar to washed up Big Ben almost down to the number, and we know that didn’t end well. The Patriot defense is just better than Pittsburgh’s.

  15. As long as nepotism thrives at Gillette the Patriots will continue to be a mediocre team. Patricia is a bad coordinator on BOTH sides of the ball to be honest. Bill’s son Steve calling the defense is far from great as well. What a mess Bill has built.

  16. It feels like Zappe gets the privilege of Bill level coaching and preparation but Jones has to suffer with those two buffoons, Patricia and Judge.

  17. isheimfromcolfax says:
    December 2, 2022 at 5:32 am
    Man Jones stinks.


    No one knows that. He’s not even being given the chance to stink.

  18. It’s a good time to go on the road for a couple of weeks….just grab a pair of wins while your out there and we’ll talk when you get back. 9-8 is still possible but so is 10-7, but you left your margin with Chicago and Minnesota. The GB loss didn’t help, but in fairness, they were down to the 3rd string rookie QB in that one. He did well, but victory escaped them. 1-3 in the NFC North, otherwise losses to Baltimore, Miami, and Buffalo. Given that Minnesota is 9-2, it’s clear the Patriots simply struggle with the upper echelon of the NFL. Compounding that problem is that a good portion of those teams reside in the AFC East now. Kyler Murray is a running QB and that could be a problem for them as all the running QB’s have been. If they can win those two on the road with no return to Foxborough in between games, they have Cincy and Mia at home. The head to head against the Bengals will be yooooge now. They need to win that one. It’s not out of the question they steal a game vs Mia. That could land them in a tie with the Jets and maybe the Bengals or Chargers. But is looking increasingly like 10-7 will be the low water mark for Playoff Entry, and probably in a tie break scenario.

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