Matthew Stafford clears concussion protocol but is out with neck injury; John Wolford to start

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There is some good news on the injury front for Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. But it’s not so good that he’ll be on the field for Sunday’s game against the Seahawks.

Head coach Sean McVay said at his Friday press conference that Stafford has cleared concussion protocol. But he’s out for Week 13 with his neck injury.

The Rams will start John Wolford at quarterback against Seattle.

McVay noted there’s still a chance Stafford will be shut down for the rest of the season, in part because the nature of Stafford’s neck injury means it’s difficult to test how healthy the quarterback’s neck is without the contact of an actual game.

But, McVay noted, the injury is not something that’s expected to linger into 2023 for Stafford.

“What we’ve got to figure out is with six games remaining, how much is he going to be available and what’s the best step for him?” McVay said.

If it so happens that there’s a chance Stafford could play but the Rams shut down Stafford anyway, McVay said he’s willing to be the proverbial bad guy, since he knows Stafford is going to want to play.

“He can be upset with me, but I think he knows I have his best interest and we have his best interest [in mind],” McVay said. “And if that’s the case, then that’s definitely a possibility. But he’s going to want to play.”

As for this week, McVay said Wolford will start in part because he has more experience than Perkins. But Perkins will be ready to play and it sounds like there’s a possibility the Rams could use both quarterbacks.

Wolford started against the Seahawks in the 2020 wild card round, but had to leave the game due to injury after just 15 snaps. In his start against the Cardinals in Week 10, Wolford was 24-of-36 passing for 212 yards with a touchdown and an interception. He also fumbled twice, losing one.

Last week against the Chiefs, Perkins finished 13-of-23 for 100 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. He also rushed nine times for 44 yards.

6 responses to “Matthew Stafford clears concussion protocol but is out with neck injury; John Wolford to start

  1. Stafford has been as bad as Russell Wilson this year and wasn’t as good previously. Pretty crazy for a former number one overall pick, in a large market coming off a superbowl to receive no media scrutiny his entire career. He has been a disappointment.

  2. The Rams will be back in 2023, been lucky for years with injury’s…that luck ran out in 2022.

  3. Stafford is nothing like Wilson. Stafford is a team first guy but his hurt. Wilson is a me first guy

  4. It’s not really fair to the defense to let the offensive stars sit out the rest of the season, but it looks like that’s what the Rams intend to do. The question is how will Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey react to that strategy. We’ve had game that the defense played well enough for us to win – if the offense had shown up for the game. It wouldn’t shock me to hear that both of them are a bit peeved right now.

  5. “Stafford is nothing like Wilson. Stafford is a team first guy but his hurt. Wilson is a me first guy”

    Cool story. He is also washed up. And took a loaded team a half step further than Jared Goff. In a league where all you have to do is be a top 5-7 QB in conference to make the pro bowl he could only manage that once and has a losing record. I’ll take a “me first guy” over a career loser.

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