Colorado announces the arrival of Deion Sanders as head coach

Jackson State vs Grambling State
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Prime Time officially is heading to the Mountain Time Zone.

The University of Colorado has announced that Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders has agreed to become the school’s new head coach.

It’s a big step up for Deion, who spent three years as the head coach at Jackson State University. He had no prior college coaching experience.

The question now becomes how long will Deion stay at Colorado before another program comes calling? If he continues to thrive as a college head coach, it’s just a matter of time before he takes his next step forward.

29 responses to “Colorado announces the arrival of Deion Sanders as head coach

  1. Huge get for CU. Program has been in the dumps for far too long. He will bringing his best players.

  2. Prime played for my Niners and also my San Francisco Giants. He’s an iconic American athlete and I wish him the absolute best.

  3. He will stay until a better opportunity calls in this order…

    -Dallas Cowboys
    -Florida State
    -Atlanta Falcons
    -Georgia or Georgia Tech
    -NY or LA NFL Team

  4. He will have them in the College Football Playoff in 2024 once they expand to 12 teams. His recruiting is 2nd to none.

  5. This is a big get for the buffs, I’m going to take a guess here Tim Brewster will be associate head coach. Great recruiting coordinator, was the head coach at Minnesota. Is he the de facto head coach handling everything and Prime is just the face of the brand?

  6. Most likely a two year rental at CU and he will move on to a bigger, better college
    or the NFL, which I have read is what he really wants.

  7. Still think this is only a small step up for Sanders, if not a lateral move. Colorado has left a trail of coaching tombstones in its wake this century

  8. If he thrives in that conference like he has at Jackson State, his name will be attached to every job opening. As bad as Colorado is, it will probably not be a quick turn around for that program.

  9. Good for Deion, he certainly earned it. Turned around Jackson St and moved up the Coaching ranks. Do the same at Colorado and then he can move up again.

  10. Like him or not, he made a huge positive impact at Jackson State. I thought it was just a gimmick but he had those kids playing their hearts out

  11. The most important thing a College Coach does is recruiting. How do you do that when you don’t have a winning program? PRIME TIME BABY!!

  12. Interesting for him to go from a historically black college to CU. Other than the University itself, Boulder is NOT very diverse. It’s a beautiful town, but unless you’re an avid hiker, biker, skier or just enjoy exorbitant property prices, there’s really no reason to live there.

  13. Deon is super tight with his old Dallas DB coach Mike Zimmer. Maybe he can come along with Deon and start learning how to relate to the younger generation of players.

  14. This won’t end well for ole Prime Time. The CU program is a complete disaster and will take a miracle Deon doesn’t have.

  15. This feels like a steppingstone job and it seems to me he has done enough at Jackson State to not need a steppingstone job. At any rate, Denver is a great town and I hope Dieon is a big success. It will be great to see the Buffs relevant again and back in prime time.

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