Dolphins-49ers could get lost in shuffle of great Week 13 schedule

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers
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The thirteenth Sunday of the 2022 regular season includes plenty of great games. One of those games won’t be seen by much of the country.

The clash between the 8-3 Dolphins and 7-4 49ers starts at 4:05 p.m. ET, a regional FOX broadcast that will take a back seat to the 4:25 p.m. ET game between the Chiefs and Bengals on CBS.

The 49ers-Dolphins game could have been flexed, in theory, to Sunday Night Football. But that would have meant dumping the Cowboys from prime time.

Appearing on the SI Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina, NBC’s Mike Tirico acknowledged that perhaps the better move would have been to move Dolphins-49ers to prime time.

“I think for the viewers, which is what flex should be for, it should be for the people at home so you have good games in the prime-time window,” Tirico told Traina, via Sports Business Journal. “I think that Miami–San Francisco game at not 4:05 in a CBS doubleheader weekend, and that game on Fox doesn’t go to a lot of the country, that’s the game that for the football fan they should be seeing in that prime-time window that Sunday night.”

Instead, it’s Colts-Cowboys. And the Colts were 4-5-1 at the time the NFL had to make a decision as to whether a flex would happen. Even with two straight losses by Indy, a Cowboys game will generate many millions of viewers, because the Cowboys always do, no matter who they are playing. Meanwhile, a rematch of Super Bowl XIX featuring a great Miami offense and a great San Francisco defense along with plenty of other compelling storylines will be largely overlooked.

it’s one of the basic realities of a weekend chock full of great games, from Chiefs-Bengals to Titans-Eagles to Jets-Vikings to Commanders-Giants to Dolphins-49ers. It should be a great day from start to finish, regardless of whether a potentially great game between the Dolphins and 49ers won’t get the kind of platform that it perhaps deserves.

Maybe, just maybe, they’ll have a rematch in February that definitely will get a much bigger audience.

23 responses to “Dolphins-49ers could get lost in shuffle of great Week 13 schedule

  1. Keeping a garbage game in prime time because it’s the Cowboy’s is crazy. Passing on a much better game for a game Dallas will probably win by over 20 can’t be good for ratings

  2. One aspect you are failing to recognize is Dallas’s unique ability to play to the level of their opponent. They can play great teams tight (if Cooper Rush didn’t raise a few heart rates in Philly, you don’t know football) and chunk one against a bad team.
    I am in no way trumpeting the Colts, but I also would not auto write off that this will be a Vikings game.

  3. How the NFL manages its schedule is beyond frustrating. There are so many awful games that are nationally televised because they stack too many in the early slot leaving only 2-3 options for the later. Why not split them evenly and let their TV partners select the best option?

  4. A lot of cowboys viewership comes from people who don’t like them and watch the game to see them lose. I’m not watching this game but would root for colts to win.

  5. I have NFL Sunday ticket. I will record the dolphins vs niners game and watch that game at 8pm. Cincy vs KC I will watch live. Cowboys vs colts will be like watching paint dry. I understand the cowboys bring in views but a game between a good west coast team and a good east coast team seems like a no-brainer to be flexed to SNF. The NFL should of put the cowboys on at 4pm on Fox and let that game compete with the CBS Cincy vs KC game.

  6. I am glad they didn’t flex the game. I hate staying up late, especially for longer games that go into overtime. Four is the perfect time.

  7. Here in So Flo, we got Chiefs – Bengals on CBS & Fins – Niners on Fox.
    Josh Allen jersey ready, big batch of Buffalo wings set, 6 pack of fresh IPA chillin’.
    Go Bengals! Go 49ers!
    And.,..,. Let’s Go Buffalo!

  8. Titans/Eagles looks like a good one. Giants/Commanders because of division implications. Cowboy fans only seem to like to watch blowouts, not good games, which is while they’ll keep the matchup with the Colts. Chiefs/Bengals could go either way. I think Fins/Niners matchup is where it’s at not only because it’s a great offense going against a great D but it’s apprentice going against teacher for the HCs and former players coming to town. On top of that think about all the trades and pickups the Fins and Niners have on each others rosters, not only this season but in previous seasons. I’m loving this game. It’s my older brothers team and we grew up watching both. Hopefully it’s a treat. I don’t want a blowout either way, just a game coming down to the wire. Hopefully we get it. Fins Up!

  9. 5 out of the remaining 6 dolphin games were and are candidates for Sunday night football.

  10. Clearly, the NFL isn’t making enough on their existing TV deals.

    What better way to drive value of Red Zone and Sunday Ticket than to bury top games like this in regional windows. This isn’t a mistake, rather a calculated move to drive max value in the current Sunday Ticket negotiation.

  11. Most fans have to check the standings to see if the Dolphins and 49ers have winning records. They’re two teams trying to get to the point where they’re considered good teams. Neither are considered great teams right now. That could change by the end of the season, but for right now, the Cowboys are going to generate the bigger TV audience, and that’s what pays the bills. Also, don’t be a bit surprised if the Cowboys end up in the super bowl.

  12. Find me a better game besides Cincy Chiefs not sure but everyone will know tomorrow whether Miami has an offense or San Fran has a defense

  13. And next year I’ll purchase the Sunday ticket when I don’t have to mess with direct TV

  14. This just further proves the point that the NFL cares first and foremost about the money generated from commercials and not solely about putting these best product on TV for the nation to see.
    Call it what it is Roger, Dallas could have one win right now and they still would be in prime time

  15. Given how bad the Colts offensive line has played this season in front of the immobile Matt Ryan and how fearsome the Cowboys pass rush is, this game looks like it could get ugly before even 9pm roles around.
    But woo hoo, Dallas in prime time…

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