Report: Deion Sanders tells Jackson State players he’s going to Colorado

SWAC Championship - Southern v Jackson State
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Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders is moving up to a higher level of college football.

Via Bruce Feldman of, Sanders told his players that he’s leaving Jackson State to become the new head coach at Colorado.

Sanders spent three years at Jackson State. If he performs as well at Colorado as he did at Jackson State, it will be three years or so until Sanders gets an opportunity to go to a bigger and better program.

He’s proven he can do it. The biggest skill when it comes to college at the college level is recruiting. And Deion can do that. If he has a good staff of assistants around him, they can coach up the players and help the program thrive.

19 responses to “Report: Deion Sanders tells Jackson State players he’s going to Colorado

  1. Go Prime! I believe what you are doing with these kids is special. You have proven me wrong. Go Deion Go!

  2. Another big sports move for Colorado in the last year:

    Jokic MVP back to back
    DU hockey championship
    Avalanche Stanley Cup
    Russel Wilson to Broncos (was a big deal at the time)
    Deion to coach CU

  3. Do your thing Deon, but remember why and most importantly who you owe everything to. And teach those kids to do the same.

  4. Time will tell if he ever takes the step to being an NFL head coach, but at the college level he’s got two of the biggest things you need: his player status as a recruiter tool and he is a motivator of those around him. He’s definitely doing it the right way and nobody can deny it.

    Who knows: he may end up coaching the Falcons sooner than we think. Then Dallas. And San Francisco…

  5. Colleges shouldn’t allow this. Coaches sign a contract, force them to play it out.

    Sanders recruited players to come play for him at this college, and now he’s walking out on them.

  6. Congrats Coach Prime bump what them haters talking bout & do what’s best for you & your family🏈💯💪🏿‼️

  7. Wonder if those trip recruits will be joining him…coaching is mostly recruiting at the college level and he nailed it at JSU.

  8. I’m not Deion’s biggest fan but I gotta say he handled his business here very respectably. Doesn’t say a lot for the profession in general that Deion Sanders showed college coaches how they should act.

  9. I bet the JSU kids wouldn’t be shocked if he was going to Auburn or another decent college football program. However, he’s leaving them for 1-11 Colorado, a team that hasn’t been consistently good in over two decades. I know they are a Power 5 school, but still that’s got to anger those players, especially since Sanders is taking his 4 star QB son and top CB recruit with him.

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