Should Odell Beckham Jr. just wait to sign until after the season?

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It’s December 3. Week 13 has begun. Odell Beckham Jr. hasn’t played since February. He has visited one team. It’s unclear when he’ll sign.

It’s even less clear when he’ll play. And once he does play, how long until he makes a contribution?

We made the point earlier this week, in response to comments from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones regarding the importance of Beckham making an impact in 2022. It’s unreasonable to expect him to do so; any positive contributions he makes in 2022 should be regarded as a bonus.

I’m reiterating the point because, at some point, Beckham may need to just pull the plug on trying to play in 2022 and focus on 2023. It seems as if he’s using the vague promise of being a major difference-maker over the balance of the season as a way to maximize his overall contractual haul. And that’s fine. It’s smart. He’s pitting two bitter rivals against each other, in the Giants and the Cowboys.

Jordan Raanan of tweets a belief that Beckham wants to sign with the Giants, citing the “lure of coming to NY, making it a home for his family and winning in this city,” along with “unfinished business.” But the question is whether the Giants, who drafted Beckham in 2014 and gave him a major second contract in 2018, will pay Beckham what he wants.

And Raanan makes the salient point that no one should expect Beckham to add much to the balance of the current campaign.

So why not wait until next season? If Beckham signs a multi-year deal with the Giants now, he assumes the risk that they may end up with a quarterback situation that he deems less than ideal. They’ve yet to extend Daniel Jones, they didn’t pick up his fifth-year option, and there are six games left for him to show that he does, or doesn’t, merit a continued stay.

If Jones is gone, who will be the starter? A veteran? A rookie? A mid-level bridge option while a rookie is groomed? Those would all seem to be very important considerations for Beckham, especially if, as Raanan notes, the deal “is more about next year than this year.”

“This year” matters for one reason. Beckham and/or his agent likely believe that he can get more next year if next year includes the possibility that he’ll be a postseason difference-maker this year. Thus, the Cowboys and Bills may drive up the bids, in the hopes that the Giants will follow.

Of the three current finalists, the Giants should find the least motivation in Beckham making a difference in the 2022 postseason. Unless they turn things around starting tomorrow, when they are home underdogs against a hot Commanders team, the Giants may be sitting at home and watching, when the playoffs begin.

Beckham needs to ask himself whether it makes the most sense to sit at home and watch the rest of the season, with his effort to find a new team deferred until the dust settles on 2022 and coaching changes and maybe even quarterback movement has happened for 2023.

Once he sees what team are, or aren’t, willing to commit to him in 2023 in order to get him for the balance of 2022, that’s possibly what he’ll decide to do.

50 responses to “Should Odell Beckham Jr. just wait to sign until after the season?

  1. If hes still traveling commercial airlines, sounds like he needs the money….so I dont think he will wait

  2. Unless he just wants to sign a deal for rest of this year to get a ring, but maybe injury risk too great for that.

  3. Who doesn’t want to sign a 30 year old diva receiver who hasn’t played in a year and just got forcibly removed from an airplane because he wouldn’t put his friggin’ seat up? Sounds like something every team needs.

  4. The Leveon Bell principle still applies even though the circumstances are vastly different. Don’t give up money today for money that could be tomorrow. Get paid this year and next, not just next year. Surprised to hear such a naive take from a usually sound voice.

  5. BuffaloSportsTown says:
    December 3, 2022 at 10:25 am
    As a New Jersey myself resident I think Odell should play in NY. Ahem


    I am assuming you mean Buffalo since it is the only team that plays in NY

  6. What will be interesting is if he signs this year and whether he demands a long term deal or if it’s just a 6 game rental then he’s a free agent again and we do it all again

  7. The Giants are running up the price on Dallas, they don’t want his motor mouth all-about-me back on the team.

  8. Injured player that can’t make up his mind where to play? Or injured player that can’t get signed anywhere to play ?

  9. I disagree with the notion that he should wait. The teams interested in him now are in contention for the playoffs and are hoping that by signing him it could further their chances of winning it all. From an economics standpoint, there are multiple teams in that position and interested in any help they can get and the supply is very low at this time of year. If he waits until everything is done, he’ll be contending with other free agents, rookies, players seeking trades and there is always uncertainty in the off-season how things will shake out with the team during the season. If he had re-signed with the Rams prior to the season, he certainly would be regretting it now.

  10. Let’s see, the only possible starting WR available in December, versus 1 of 15 in June…. Ever heard of supply and demand? A basic economics class will teach you that.

  11. If he were to sign with Buffalo and win the Super Bowl on a 1 year deal, his contract would be massive this off-season.

  12. The Giants already got rid of this guy once. They aren’t stupid. I can’t see that happening.

  13. As you point out, pitting the Giants against the Cowboys may get him more money. If it does, it is more money now. That’s the biggest reason for not waiting. If the Giants outbid Dallas and if they move on from Jones, which is likely, OBJ has two options. 1. See who they bring in and whether the team is winning. 2. Become a distraction (again) and part ways with the Giants (again). He knows how to play football and how to play the business side of the game.

  14. I know the sexy thing to say is “sign with the Chiefs, Bills, or, Giants”. However, OBJ should sign with…the Titans. They are in need of a #1 WR. They already have an elite running game, an elite defense, and one of the best head coaches. Trading AJ Brown hurt the passing offense and Woods isn’t suited as a #1 WR. OBJ would open up their offense, especially during play-action passes. A big play WR like OBJ would make the Titans a legit contender.

  15. OBJ should sign with Denver.

    With a real receiver, first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson will get even better, and he’d get much more credit.

    They’re not out of the playoffs with that QB.

  16. Not sure that a 30 year old WR whose been out of football for a while could come in, get in shape, learn the playbook and be a significant contributor to ANY of the playoff contenders.

    I mean let’s be honest here, name me the playoff contender who is a WR away from a SB win?

    Currently the Bills (9-3), Chiefs (9-2), Eagles (10-1) & 9ers (7-4) are the odds makers favorites to win the SB. With the exception of (maybe) the 9ers a WR was not changing the results of the games they lost. And for the 9ers those 4 loses are behind them and they are on a roll.

    And you KNOW he is going to want a ridiculous amount of money.

    So while I can see HIS motivation to play (money and maybe another ring), I can’t see any of the contenders motivation to sign him NOW.

  17. He should sign for whatever team you root for at vet minimum just to be part of your incredible organization.

  18. Beckham is just another me-first guy who becomes a cancer in the locker room, makes one or two plays, then blows out his ACL. He’s old and moody and simply not worth it.

  19. “I am assuming you mean Buffalo since it is the only team that plays in NY”

    Are you talking about the Orchard Park Bills? Because that’s where they play. Oh right … I’m sure that’s OK.

  20. He has more to lose, barring another injury on a rental vet minimum deal. He should just wait until next season

  21. He can sign with the Cowboys or the Giants this year. Regardless, he won’t be winning a ring.

  22. Why wait until the start of a new season next year, when he’ll have no idea if his new team is poised for a SB run? You just never know what injuries can do to a teams chances. Sign now with whatever team he thinks can/will make the SB and he can get a 2nd ring for less than half a season’s work. His odds on getting that ring can be much higher now with the season half over because he’ll already know which teams have been devastated by injuries and which teams have a legit opportunity. At this point in his career I have t think it’s more about rings than money.

  23. Without commenting on his attitude, and not knowing his health currently, I will say that the Rams don’t win that Super Bowl without him. He dominated the game until he went down with the knee injury.

  24. The Giants could pay Beckham and Golladay to do absolutely nothing! That would be awesome!

  25. Most overrated receiver in the last 20 years due to a 1 handed catch in prime time. He’s either injured or blaming a situation or person as to why he’s sucking.

  26. Giants are suckering Jerrah by feigning interest and he will bid against himself. He is old and wants a S Bowl without Jimmy’s team and is desperate at this point. Add in the publicity and screen time for Jerrah and you can GUARANTEE he will make the most lucrative offer. Whether OBJ signs I don’t know. I do know Jerrah will do his best to sign him because it is such a Jerrah thing to do. If he was a real GM he would have secured someone to play run defense, but that would not make a splash and Jerrah is all about the splash and him getting screen time because of it.

  27. Man is this ever gonna end? How does he have this much high profile interest? This isn’t TO or Moss at the end of their careers, this is an upgraded DeSean Jackson. I’m guessing he’s trying to give the illusion of a bidding war to drive up the price. I don’t see any of these 3 teams breaking the bank to bring him in and if they do, he won’t be the reason they win a SB.

  28. Well said. I would add that if he were to come back in ’22, and not perform well, he loses leverage at the negotiation table in ’23.

  29. You B. Crazy says:

    December 3, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    I know the sexy thing to say is “sign with the Chiefs, Bills, or, Giants”. However, OBJ should sign with…the Titans. They are in need of a #1 WR. They already have an elite running game, an elite defense, and one of the best head coaches. Trading AJ Brown hurt the passing offense and Woods isn’t suited as a #1 WR. OBJ would open up their offense, especially during play-action passes. A big play WR like OBJ would make the Titans a legit contender
    Comments like this show your not truly understanding the full game. OBJ may well be a better pass catcher than everyone in Tennessee but he would be by far their worst run blocker so although it may open up at times the passing it would also serve to hurt their run game.

  30. If OBJ really wants to win a ring, Buffalo is the place.

    He doesn’t, so he’ll go to the highest bidder.

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