A.J. Brown, Eagles run over, around and through Titans 35-10

Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles
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A.J. Brown entered Sunday wanting to show the Titans something. Tennessee already had seen the receiver do what he did against them, but for three years, Brown was on their side.

This time, Brown killed them, catching eight passes for 119 yards and two touchdowns with a highlight-reel 29-yard touchdown catch and a 40-yard incompletion that initially was ruled a touchdown but overturned to an incompletion on replay. (Brown scored a 40-yard catch on the next play after the overturned touchdown.)

The Eagles won easily, dominating the Titans 35-10.

Philadelphia moved to 11-1, and Tennessee fell to 7-5.

A week after rushing for 157 yards, Jalen Hurts completed 29 of 39 passes for 380 yards and three touchdowns before turning mop-up duty over to Gardner Minshew. The MVP candidate also ran for a touchdown.

DeVonta Smith caught five passes for 102 yards and a touchdown.

The Eagles had 453 yards, overcoming 12 penalties for 80 yards. The Titans had only 209 as the Eagles sacked Ryan Tannehill six times, including two by Josh Sweat.

Tannehill outgained Derrick Henry, rushing for 34 yards on three carries, while the Eagles held Henry to 30 yards on 11 carries. The quarterback completed 14 of 22 passes for 141 yards and a touchdown.

Rookie Treylon Burks scored his first career touchdown, but left following the play after an illegal hit by Marcus Epps.

17 responses to “A.J. Brown, Eagles run over, around and through Titans 35-10

  1. That was as complete of a beatdown as you could’ve asked for. This one goes on the Eagles resume. Henry wasn’t a factor and the Titans had less than 150 yds passing before replacing Tannehill in garbage time.

    This should also end any SB contender vibes from the Titans. They are where they are because of the division they are in. Someone has to win it.

    If the Titans can’t figure out how to cure their run game which has been bad for the last month, they may not win another game outside of their division.

  2. I can’t wait to see what reasons the talking heads come up with to explain why this win doesn’t prove anything.

  3. Every week the Eagles win in a different fashion and every week the talking heads say “this isn’t a sustainable way of winning.” This is literally not seeing the forest for the trees.

  4. This Eagles team can beat you in so many ways. Bills can’t run the ball, chiefs can’t run the ball. This Eagles team is the best in the league yet for some reason nobody wants to admit it. Don’t this same titans team take the chiefs to OT?

  5. Memo to League: 15 yards for dangerous helmet hit to Hurt’s face not a real deterrent. Other teams will take note if you want to bench a QB.

  6. Eagles look like the team to beat and might be for a few years. Hurts is playing as good as any qb ever has.

  7. Malik Willis time? You know Tannehill probably reached his ceiling a few years back..

  8. Ron Jaworski and Dick Vermeil are both beaming with pride and practically giddy with anticipation to see how the rest of this magical season unfolds.

  9. Will the Eagles win the SB? Who knows, only one team can win it and anything can happen in the playoffs. But are the Eagles for real? Absolutely. Every weak somebody created excuses about them, every weak a new team was supposed to humble them. They lose ONE game (against a div opponent in a series they split) and suddenly there pretenders. Well they’re now 4-1 against teams in the top 10 so far.

  10. This game was supposed to be either a Titans win that exposed an overrated Eagles team or a nail biter win for the Eagles that didn’t dispel any doubts about the Eagles.

    So now that the Eagles put the Titans to bed early in the 4th, us Eagles fans are excited and crowing. And we should be!

    However, make no mistake; bigger tests lie ahead. Christmas Eve in Dallas is one. Resisting the temptation to look ahead to the Dallas game is another.

    If this team takes it one week at a time, Kelce can get out the mummers costume again.

  11. It feels like just a week ago that people were saying the guy who went 29-39 for 380 yards, three TDs passing and one rushing (and only 3 INTs all season) and a passer rating of 130.3 was just a glorified running back.

  12. To me the coolest thing about how Jalen is playing right now is his development has been comparable to Patrick Mohomes and Josh Allen, even better considering his arm isnt as good as either of them and Mahomes had one of the best play designers in history in Andy Reid. Hurts had to start over with rookie coaches at all levels in his second year and even those coaches have developed at a quick level because Jalen can do whatever it takes to win in a given week. Obviously Jalen has great players around him but he enables the team to use those players in any way they can to put them in a position to make a pley. I havent heard them mention audibles other than saying Jalen changed a play ever once and a while but AJ said today he was supposed to run an out but Jalen changed it and told him to pump it in the huddle. How many qb’s are the type of leader who can do that especially with coaches that are young and do it in a way where the qb isnt trying to upstage the play caller or the coaches get upset about it. I just think that Jalen thought the titans cb, who is a good player, wud try and jump that route so he made the call.

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