Browns improve to 5-7 with 27-14 victory over Texans

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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On a day when quarterback Deshaun Watson made his Browns debut, Cleveland’s defense and special teams ruled the day to defeat the Texans, 27-14.

The Browns scored three non-offensive touchdowns in the contest, covering for their lack of offensive production. Donovan Peoples-Jones took a punt return 76 yards for a touchdown. Cornerback Denzel Ward had a 4-yard fumble return for a touchdown. And linebacker Tony Fields returned an interception 16 yards for a score.

Cleveland’s offense generated just six points — a 43-yard field goal from Cade York with 9:36 left in the fourth quarter and then a 42-yard field goal with 4:03 in the matchup.

The Texans scored a cosmetic touchdown with 1:57 left, a 6-yard pass from quarterback Kyle Allen to receiver Nico Collins.

They also had safety in the second quarter that gave the team a 5-0 lead after a 44-yard field goal got the team on the board.

Playing for the first time after his 11-game suspension, Watson looked as if he hadn’t been on the field for competitive football in 700 days. He was clearly rusty, finishing a lackluster 12-of-22 passing for 131 yards with an interception. He also had 21 yards on seven carries.

Nick Chubb had 80 yards on 17 carries and Kareem Hunt added 56 yards on nine carries.

On the other side, Allen finished 20-of-39 for 201 yards with one touchdown and two picks. Houston was just 1-of-12 on third down.

Now at 5-7, the Browns will be on the road to face the Bengals in Week 14.

The Texans 1-10-1 Texans will continue their season with a road matchup against the Cowboys next Sunday.

16 responses to “Browns improve to 5-7 with 27-14 victory over Texans

  1. The Texans will find a way to lose the draft, have the worst record(s) in the NFL and hire the worst coaches available.
    The owners have been this pitiful from the Texans inception.
    Please sell the team, it’s our only chance….

  2. There was just something ugly sitting in my stomach watching Watson take the field. With daughters or sisters or wives, I just had trouble watching him being trumpeted in his return.
    Kind of disgraceful for the NFL for someone to be so abusive towards women and he shows no contrition, it’s hard to stomach.

  3. It’s time to stop the ruse. Watson is really not that good. He’s ok. But not the hype that everyone thinks. He’s basically Baker Mayfield.

  4. The 2022 Houston Texans have got to be on the shortlist of candidates for least talented teams of all time. Lovie smith deserves a lot of credit for getting as much as he has gotten from the players.

  5. The Texans need to be regulated to the G-league. They are by far the worst NFL team in recent history.

  6. Watson did not look great. Think part of the suspension agreement was him playing his 1st game against the Texans and winning despite his rustiness.

  7. I didn’t watch the game but.I just hope Walton and the Browns fail. I mean I was so stoked that the Browns were again competitive and then the Watson trade and contract!?!? Sorry Cleveland fans but I hope your team loses for another 10 years.

  8. Deshaun played like the champion that he is. Congratulations to Deshaun on a well earned victory.

  9. kozzy says:
    December 4, 2022 at 7:29 pm
    Well it’s official… this one time football fan is finished with the NFL.
    So long!

  10. Watson wasn’t great but wasn’t horrible either. You can tell the Browns play calls were in “pre-season” mode just to get him some reps because it’s not like the Texans were actually stopping Nick Chubb at any point. They didn’t even stop Jacoby Brissett or Deshaun when they ran but that wouldn’t have helped Watson work on his accuracy and ball handling. By the second half Watson started to get his feet under him and then they just shut him down in the fourth quarter and had him handing off to the water boys.

    The real question is how bad does a team have to be when your opponents literally treat a real game against you like it was a scrimmage. When you literally see the offense on the sidelines just hamming it up you know they were pulling punches that entire game.

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