Deshaun Watson declines to address whether he feels remorse

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans
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Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson played in a regular-season game for the first time in 700 days. Much has happened since then, on the field and off it.

Off the field, Watson has been accused by more than 20 women of sexual misconduct during massage-therapy sessions. Since returning to the team this week, Watson has refused to talk about non-football issues.

After Sunday’s game, he was asked by reporters if he is “able to say today that you are remorseful for the conduct that got you suspended.”

“Like I said before, that’s something that legal and clinical have answered before, and they don’t want me to address anything like that,” Watson said. “Of course, it’s a tough situation. The suspension was tough. But at the same time, my main focus was just trying to be 1-0 as a football player today.”

He was asked again, “As you returned today, did you feel remorse for the actions that got you suspended?”

“Like I said, I was just excited to be back on the field today,” Watson said. “I did everything that I was asked and was required to do. I did all that, and I was able to be able to play and be on the field today.”

Watson’s decision to not address the situation contradicts his willingness to talk about it earlier this year. Lawsuits are pending now, lawsuits were pending then.

On the day he agreed to accept an 11-day suspension and to pay a $5 million fine, Watson maintained his innocence. He has said nothing publicly since then to alter that position.

Given the extremely player-friendly (and very vague) report from that Watson is showing “signs of progress” in treatment, it’s hard to know whether he truly is making progress if he won’t address whether, through treatment, he has changed his position as to whether he did nothing wrong.

Even if he’s not willing to admit that he did, fans in every stadium not in Cleveland will let him hear it. Watson tried to shrug it off on Sunday.

“They’re supposed to boo,” Watson said. “I’m a Cleveland Brown now, and we’re on the road. So, they’re supposed to do that.”

He pointed out he had been booed like that during his college and pro career. A reporter pointed out that, this time, it’s not a result of the Clemson-South Carolina or Titans-Texans rivalry.

“Like I said, I can’t control that,” Watson said.

He does have some control, to the extent that any of the booing is fueled by his failure to demonstrate true public remorse. While that wouldn’t end all boos entirely, it could take a little steam out of some of them.

46 responses to “Deshaun Watson declines to address whether he feels remorse

  1. If he said he “felt remorse”, he would effectively be admitting to everything that has been said about him. His lawyers have most likely directed him to NEVER say that he’s sorry, remorseful, or acknowledge in any way that he is guilty. So if anyone is waiting for the whole PR “Forgiveness” Tour….you’ll never get it.

  2. No remorse. No accountability. No progress. Just the same unrepentant sociopath he was all along, no belief that he did anything wrong.

    The “program”, the terms of his reinstatement, it was all just a sham. Nothing’s changed.

    The league is now carrying water for sex offenders.

    The Cleveland Browns have a serial sex offender as their QB.

  3. It’s not possible to answer that question to the satisfaction of anyone. And legally it would be a really bad move.

  4. Delusional narcissistic who has never found a consequence for his actions. I can’t imagine what went on at Clemson that we’ll never find out about. This guy had two Texas grand jury’s throw out the testimony and written statement of the lead detective who thought he was guilty of numerous crimes.

    God complex.

  5. He makes my skin crawl. Fortunately I didn’t have to see much of him because I watched redzone channel.

  6. He sucks, never has been very good, take away Hopkins and his career is garbage. Typical Browns, $240 mil guaranteed for a .500 QB

  7. He can’t say he admits anything you rubes. Anything he admitted previously was a tactical mistake. I am just speaking legally here, yes he’s a creep.

  8. He simply said he has been told by his lawyers not to address those questions. Not defending the guy but it’s not like he said “nah I don’t feel remorse”

  9. Watson’s defenders: “he was never charged, it was all a money play, ….” AND/OR “he’s been getting treatment. He deserves a second chance …”

    Also same people: “why should he admit remorse? That could cause legal troubles”

    Well, if he did nothing wrong, why would it cause him any legal trouble? And if he’s getting treatment, what treatment plan for any serious issue doesn’t involve taking some form of responsibility for what you did?

  10. He was under contract, but stated that he refused to play for the Texans(his drafting team) going forward in Feb’21, coincidentally in Mar’21 Buzbee announces the filing of numerous suits against Deshaun. Houston fans hate him for disrespecting & abandoning their team, aside from his actions. The Cleveland owner awards him with a record contact, hopefully both suffer pain, humiliation and massive financial loss for their actions.

  11. Admitting remorse is accepting guilty, he can’t be that idiot to fall for that kind of question.

  12. Any apology he may give will never ever be good enough. He is smart to not address it and to let his money do the talking.

  13. Its a snake question from dishonest people. They know he has outstanding civil cases. This does not make Deshaun look bad, it makes the reporters look bad for being too stupid to understand this after 18 months.

  14. When enough people tell you that your the victim. I’m under the impression that Watson truly feels he is the victim here. When people protect you and your behavior for years, this is what you get. Even now, 250 million guaranteed. The Browns have said talent over rate behavior. Ethics and morals are simply disappearing with folks like this.

  15. Too bad the Browns won today. Watson got his money and is back playing. So, he didn’t get punished much.
    Browns fans boycott your team and hit the Haslam’s financially.

  16. All of you claiming that if he says he is sorry, shows remorse, etc that would be a bad legal move or show guilt-in Deshaun’s case it is actually the opposite. The lone remaining woman of the 24 that has not settled, Lauren Baxley, has stated multiple times that it is precisely because he has not taken responsibility and shown remorse that she is committed to taking the case to trial. So it’s actually his lack of contrition that’s currently costing him on the legal side.

  17. NFL (Niners Football League) says:
    December 4, 2022 at 9:18 pm
    He’s a truly terrible person.


    He’s a sick person. He’s a addicted to a socially unacceptable compulsive behavior.

    But he’s also in denial about it. And if it stays that way, he won’t change.

  18. It’s fair to criticize or hate Watson for his actions that got him into this mess, but it’s silly to complain that he’s not talking about it now. He’d be an idiot if he opened his mouth about it ever again.

  19. No matter how he responded, the answer wouldn’t be good enough to make people feel he was remorseful.

  20. He will just dig himself deeper and deeper into the proverbial hole … n just imagine the response when he gets caught doing the same thing in the off season .. why gosh dang the brownies will have to give em a new contract n raise for being the best people huh folks ??

  21. Let he who cast the first stone….
    Lots of righteous people hiding behind their keyboards

  22. Frankly, if ANY of what Watson is accused of is true, he should have been banned from football–that would fix the boos. But as an attorney, and person who knows legal issues are now ringside with the game, of course he will be told not to talk about it. Of course he will not express remorse for things he says he didn’t do.

  23. Blatant denial of your own actions and reality altogether somehow calculates to “progress being made”? Really, ESPN? Only in a league as scummy as the NFL should fans just “not think about it, the legal process works!”. Kid would be 100% jobless if it were MLB or NHL. Even the NBA (especially fans court side) would have crucified him all season. The NFL? Here’s 230 mill.

  24. Maybe his personal feelings are none of our business, especially since he in therapy.
    Besides, ANYTHING he says will be twisted, taken out of context and/or at least parsed to the nth degree. He probably should have made “no comment” from the beginning.

  25. I can’t imagine what went on at Clemson that we’ll never find out about
    I lived 10 min. outside of Clemson when he was playing. Have family and friends that went there. As I’ve said here before, there were lots of rumors about his behavior. Lots.

  26. I’m not a formally trained lawyer but I’ve watched Matlock on antenna TV so I think I know a little bit about what I’m talking about. First, Watson needs to admit everything that he’s been accused of. If he does that all of the civil suits will go away because the plaintiffs will say “like, he’s sorry now so let’s forget the whole thing”.

    That is my considered opinion based on my legal background.

  27. I think just stop asking him about it. He can’t admit fault.

    Make whatever judgements you want about what he did based on the information available. Never watch him again if you want. Petition against him being a starting QB in the league if you want. That’s fine, but stop asking him about it. It’s going nowhere.

  28. Watson is the QB of an NFL team. He should stay focused on football. Leave the tabloid stuff to those who enjoy tabloids.

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