Despite losing Jimmy Garoppolo to foot injury, 49ers defeat Dolphins 33-17

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers had to play the vast majority of Sunday’s game against the Dolphins without quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

But San Francisco’s defense was as good as advertised, stifling Miami’s explosive offense. And Brock Purdy acquitted himself well enough to lead the 49ers to a 33-17 victory over Miami.

The 49ers didn’t allow a third-down conversion all afternoon, with Miami recording just 14 first downs.

The Dolphins started the game with a 75-yard touchdown by Trent Sherfield on their first play from scrimmage. But they had a tough time moving the ball the rest of the way.

Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had not thrown an interception since September, but had two on consecutive pass attempts in the third quarter. The 49ers scored field goals off of both.

But the Dolphins were still in the game early in the fourth quarter, as Tagovailoa hit receiver Tyreek Hill with a 45-yard touchdown to cut the 49ers lead to 23-17.

Then Miami head coach Mike McDaniel converted a risky fourth-and-1 from the Dolphins’ own 19-yard line. But the club couldn’t convert a fourth-and-2 later in the possession with a pass to tight end Mike Gisicki that was ruled incomplete after Kyle Shanahan challenged the call.

Robbie Gould hit a 48-yard field goal with 2:03 left in the contest to make the score 26-17. And Nick Bosa strip-sacked Tagovailoa with Dre Greenlaw returning the fumble 23 yards for a touchdown to seal the victory.

After that play, the Dolphins announced Tagovailoa was questionable to rerun with an ankle injury. Skylar Thompson took the last offensive snaps for the Dolphins, throwing an interception to effectively end the game.

Tagovailoa finished just 18-of-33 for 295 yards with two touchdowns and a pair of interceptions. The Dolphins ran for just 33 yards on eight attempts.

Purdy, San Francisco’s third-string quarterback and the last pick of the 2022 draft, came in after the 49ers first drive. Garoppolo had to exit with a foot injury, which he suffered when he was sacked to end San Francisco’s opening possession. While Garoppolo was initially announced as questionable  to return, he was subsequently downgraded to out.

Purdy finished 25-of-37 passing for 210 yards with two touchdowns and an interception.

Christian McCaffrey had 17 carries for 66 yards, also recording eight catches for 80 yards with a TD. With Elijah Mitchell now on injured reserve with a knee injury, rookie Jordan Mason had 51 yards rushing on eight carries.

Bosa was the star defensively, picking up 3.0 sacks, two tackles for loss, and a forced fumble.

Now at 8-4, the 49ers will host the Buccaneers next weekend.

The 8-4 Dolphins will stay on the West Coast before playing the Chargers in Los Angeles in Week 14.

31 responses to “Despite losing Jimmy Garoppolo to foot injury, 49ers defeat Dolphins 33-17

  1. Mr Irrelevant outplayed Tua Turn-the-ball-ova. Niner D is elite. Bill fans getting extra hammered right now

  2. haterskryptonite says:
    December 1, 2022 at 9:09 am
    Bosa and the boys are coming for you Tua

    “Bosa was the star defensively, picking up 3.0 sacks, two tackles for loss, and a forced fumble.”

  3. It took everything the 49ers had to get this W.

    From the defense making key stops and plays against one of the most prolific offenses in the League to – BROCK PURDY. The kid went from Mr. Irrelevant to the linchpin of our season. Goes to show how complete this team is that a QB3 can just pop in and lead them to victory.

    Hats off to Miami, this was a down game for them but McDaniels is building something special there. Onto Tampa Bay …

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  4. Look. I don’t want to bash tua. I was rooting for him I think he can be great but he has 2 problems in my opinion. 1# his body is brittle. He’s needs protection. # 2 his ego/confidence is fragile. In the biggest moments, he shrinks and plays poorly. I think Mike McDaniel is the right guy to get tua to break out of his shell but until then tua needs to take a xanax before the game so he can relax and play with ease. Even the announcers are calling him out on it. Too much emotion, out of sync, lack of confidence etc.. Once tua believes in himself then he’ll be great. But He shows us that he doesnt. He needs people to hold him up. It’s completely psychological. He’s young and unsure of himself. We’ve all been there. Once he matures, he’ll gain the confidence to do great things. But right now, he’s in his own head. Two things that beat us. Tuas lack of confidence, and the refs with ticky tacky calls. I mean, aside from that awesome first play, Purdy backup rookie looked more confident than tua. It’s a shame really. Thats the defining difference between burrow and tua. Confidence. Burrow just beat mahomes Tua lost to a 3rd string rookie qb

  5. The annual Miami Dolphin December death spiral has begun.
    They will finish no better than 10-7 and miss the playoffs.
    Once again Tua fails miserably on the big stage late in the season.

  6. “The tombs were opened, and many bodies of the
    Tua haters who had fallen asleep were raised”
    …Matthew 27:52

  7. But but but Tua was going to expose the overrated Niners D.
    One lucky play and one blown coverage accounted for most of his yards.
    Nice team win here.
    On to Brady next week!

  8. I’m not even a niners fan, I’m here so see them troll the Dolphins fans who’s been talking smack the past week! Lol

  9. Miami fans should tell Mostert and Wilson (all of 8 carries for 33 yards) that they weren’t missed. Jordan Mason alone had 8 carries for 51 yards. Yeah, Tua can sling the ball but you gotta move the ball in other ways too.
    On the niners side I think they need to convert TDs instead of FG when they get a turnover.

  10. I guess this what happens when you play a team with a winning percentage over .250

    But to lose to a 3rd string back up QB?

    Things are about to get real in South Beach the next 2 weeks.

    Who saw this coming? Oh, that’s right!


  11. That Miami OL is hot garbage – they cannot compete down the stretch with that mess. And Tua was absolutely getting abused by Bosa & I’m surprised it’s only his ankle hurt! If the Fish GM Grier doesn’t get some capable Offensive Linemen in the off-season or draft and NOT these fragile underachieving free agents he needs to be fired!
    Oh & Miami’s Defense don’t look so hot either!!

  12. Well that was disappointing.For a brief moment,I felt like the Dolphins could come back to win.San Francisco definitely has the type of defense to go all the way.Congratulations 49er’s
    Tua kinda stunk up the joint there….it will be interesting to see how he responds next week

  13. Bosa is a force and Clara will have to back up the Brinks truck to keep him. I guess you’ll have a few more dollars off the books with JG gone next year but I think he would rather be playing in the warm climate of Miami.

  14. Every week there is fans crying about ticky tack holds yet every week said teams get away with 10-12 offensive penalties while
    Trying to slow the 49ers defense down. Bosa probably could have had a 6 sack game so stop crying.

  15. Tua had so many overthrows credit to the 49ers D for capitalizing.

    But Tua had wide open wide receivers and didn’t capitalize early on.

  16. Tua was hot garbage today. A team that’s good, even above average and he shrinks late in season. BostonB? still looking forward to that December 18th meeting? We are. Last time you won but you threw for 180 yards in a short week against backups. You sure you can face actual starters?

  17. ghjjf says:
    December 4, 2022 at 8:27 pm
    Ranking of Alabama QBs in the NFL:

    1. Jalen Hurts
    2. Mac Jones
    3. Tua Tagovialoa

    Please switch Wac Jones with Tua. Stop being ignorant

  18. I saw no difference between Jimmy g and Brock purdy. I could argue that Brock purdy will get better than jimmy since he will be getting all the reps during the week. SF is still a top contender for the SB.

  19. Niners D is best in the league and its not even close. Armstead was an immediate impact today,and the backend of the defense is just flying around making plays. Gonna be a tough go without Jimmy but will see how Purdy responds as the pressure builds. Good win but tough injury today.

  20. Dolphins will still go further than the Niners. With JG out, this kid won’t stack wins. there will be tape on him and he will get exposed for a 7th round pick he is. Tua will lead the Fins to a playoff victory.

  21. This year is toast for the Niners.

    Try to trade for first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson in the off season.

    He’s not fragile and is in the top 2 or 3 QBs in the NFL.

    Of course the problem was the terrible trades you’ve made so far to get Lance, etc.

    But a guy with Wilson’s ability can erase a lot of mistakes.

  22. Tua would be the 49ers 4th string QB but still better than anything New England has.

    Patriots should have drafted Trey Lance.

  23. Niners should’ve drafted the patriot losers out here so we’d never have to be subjected to the delusion

  24. Wow. There sure are a bunch of delusional commenters on this board.

    Hats off to San Fran. That was a good win, and Tua did not play a very good game. McDaniel could’ve helped him out by trying to establish the run (only 8 attempts all game???). But Miami was still in position to take the lead in the 4th quarter if Gesicki can secure that 4th down catch. Again, San Fran deserved to win, but the game was not nearly as lopsided as the score would indicate.

    Tua will be fine. Everyone has an off day every once in a while. Miami is still 8-4 and controls their own destiny heading into the stretch run.

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