Jimmy Garoppolo out for year with broken foot

NFL: DEC 04 Dolphins at 49ers
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49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is done for the 2022 season.

Garoppolo left Sunday’s win over the Dolphins with a foot injury early in the first half and head coach Kyle Shanahan said after the game that Garoppolo broke his left foot. Shanahan said that the injury will end Garoppolo’s season.

Garoppolo took over as the 49ers starter after Trey Lance broke his ankle, so the team is now down to third-stringer Brock Purdy. Purdy went 25-of-37 for 210 yards, two touchdowns and an interception in the 33-17 win. They’ll work to get Purdy up to speed for his first start against the Buccaneers next Sunday.

Shanahan was asked about the prospect of Lance returning last month and said he hasn’t “been told there’s a chance, so I think things would have to be pretty drastic.” Sunday’s development was certainly a drastic one and there are sure to be more questions about the possibility of Lance getting back on the field this year.

Jacob Eason is on the practice squad and will likely move up to the No. 2 role unless the 49ers have eyes on a street free agent or someone on another team’s practice squad.

78 responses to “Jimmy Garoppolo out for year with broken foot

  1. IN BROCK WE TRUST!! Defense still there. Run game still there. Let’s play football. Go Niners!!

  2. In real time that looked pretty bad! I hope he can recover quickly it will be very interesting what happens with Jimm G. next year.

  3. Get well soon Jimmy / Lamar.

    Burrow had serious injury too.In pocket or not, mobile or not qbs will get injured regardless.. no science to this..

  4. Wow! Just wow. And people criticized niners for drafting a QB. Jimmy G just can’t stay healthy. It’s too bad. He’s a nice likable guy but you can’t hang your hopes on him to win the super bowl if you roster is that close. He’ll play elsewhere and I’d root for him.

  5. Great guy & locker room presence but unfortunately he’s fragile – some guys are just unlucky.

  6. Poor guy seems to be jinxed .. as when healthy does enough to win games until well the injury curse strikes … will make next year very interesting as to should he stay or should he go .. and where ???

  7. I feel bad for Jimmy. He seems like a good dude and I hope all the best for him in recovery.

  8. The real problem is Trey Lance is a bust. I know he’s injured but the organization clearly doesn’t trust him and they gave up a ton to get him. They should have moved Garropalo in the off-season when they had a chance to get a 2nd round pick for him. Now they lost that pick, will have wasted 3 picks on Lance for nothing, and will need to spend another first round pick in next year’s draft. They put together a great roster but they completely botched their qb situation.

  9. I don’t mind this. Tough as a Patriots fan watching Jimmy G. tear it up for the 49ers, knowing he should have been the successor to Brady in NE. Instead, Belichick trades Jimmy G. to SF, angry that he was ordered by Kraft to play Brady over Jimmy G.

  10. Oh great… now I have to change my login ID again. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Glass.

  11. This injury certainly won’t help the 49ers but it’s still hard to see them not making a deep run in the playoffs with their defense. The only way they won’t go deep in the playoffs is if their offense suddenly goes into a deep sleep of less than 17 points a game, because I see very few teams being able to score more than 17 against them.

  12. The 49r’s are a solid team with superior Defense. I really think they need to trade for another starting QB or sign one that might be drifting out there somewhere. Not sure what the answer is, but maybe Denver would give up their QB? 😂

  13. This isn’t the kind of injury you can put down to a dude being injury prone, the human body just wasn’t meant to be contorted like that and pretty much any human’s foot would have snapped in two there. Sucks for Jimmy, hope it heals up quickly and doesn’t cost him a bunch of money this off-season. Brock Purdy looked pretty good, though.

  14. Jimmy Glass strikes again. All the talking heads are going to lose their minds. They had been penciling in the 49ers for the SB ever since they got Christian McCaffrey.

  15. With THAT defense and those parts on offense they CAN compete for the NFC with an ‘adequate’ NFL QB but they MUST get an experienced QB… Ryan Fitzpatrick? .. Robert Griffen? .. Is Drew Brees in shape? .. Ben? .. Kapernick?.. Jay Cutler?

  16. Maybe the Niners could talk Cleveland into dropping Jacoby Brisset for a “future favor?”

  17. “Jimmy Glass”. Like having a 300lb. DL land his knee and full weight on your foot (looked like ankle joint to me) is his “frailty”? C’mon man!

  18. That’s terrible! He and they had a pretty manageable path to the Super Bowl. The Eagles just got their biggest break of the season for sure.

    Just when everything was coming together for the team. Always hate this part of the game.

  19. jkb0162 says:
    December 4, 2022 at 8:10 pm
    The real problem is Trey Lance is a bust. I know he’s injured but the organization clearly doesn’t trust him and they gave up a ton to get him. They should have moved Garropalo in the off-season when they had a chance to get a 2nd round pick for him. Now they lost that pick, will have wasted 3 picks on Lance for nothing, and will need to spend another first round pick in next year’s draft. They put together a great roster but they completely botched their qb situation.
    Please let us all know who offered a 2nd round pick for Jimmy.

  20. I thought Belichick made a BAD TRADE??
    Wahahahahahahaha…. This guy can’t stay healthy he might as well change his last name to Bosa or Watt

  21. I wonder if Big Ben would come out of retirement. My only concern is how much weight has he put on.

  22. Too bad they couldn’t have got first ballot HOF QB Russell Wilson and his wolverine blood.

    I said that Jimmy and Trey would have a lot of time to talk things over in the training room.

    Wait until teams begin game planning for this sorry situation.

  23. Terrible news.

    However, the Niners can run the ball, that defense is for real and Purdy can guide the offense.

    They are still a legitimate threat.

  24. With the Niners THIS CLOSE to a possib le Super Bowl, maybe they would take that contract of Russell Wilson and let Denver off the hook. The Broncoss are going to draft very high; theyll get a good young QB (what they need) and a rookie qb contract. Wilsons agent would have to get a guarantee before letting Denver out of it; He wouldnt get as mujch but I bet hes dying to get out of all this humiliation for a better situation.

  25. I’ve been a Jimmy defender through everything, i.e. off-season drama, Super Bowl loss, inconsistent play.

    But this sucks. He’s a stand up guy, loved by everyone in the locker room but it can be denied that his availability/durability is suspect. Hope he has a quick recovery

  26. How will Shanahan do without JG? We already know the answer to that question. RIP Clara season.

  27. Looked like they didn’t miss a beat. Brock will be like that guy in Dallas. He’ll find a way.

  28. For everyone saying how “good” Purdy looked. That iks common when a new QB is thrown out with no tape opn them. Once teams scheme for him (all young rookie QBs) Purdy’s weaknesses & inexperience will be exposed. The MUST get a knowledgable veteran NFL QB.

  29. The “Jimmy Glass” comments are so old. The guy is only human,like amy other football player who gets hurt. If you watch what happened to him,it wasn’t pretty. It looked very painful.

  30. Ron Rivera does NOT like Carson Wentz.. And in the Niners system with their coaches I bet Wentz would be good.

  31. Brock the Shock! I think he can make it work….and no, Colin is not an option, that ship has sailed.

  32. There are some things to like about every team in the NFL and with the 49ers one of them is Jimmy. Good player, humble and respectful of others. He’s unfortunately had a run of bad luck with injuries but hopefully this is the last of them and he gets a great contract next season.

  33. bradygirl12 says:
    December 4, 2022 at 8:55 pm
    The “Jimmy Glass” comments are so old


    😢😢😢…Yea the truth hurts

  34. “Jimmy


    It was inevitable.”

    The English goalkeeper called, he wants his name back, lol.

  35. I can’t imagine a better story than Mr. Irrelevantant leading a team to a Lombardi. Will it happen? Probably not, but it would be an amazing thing to watch.

  36. Santa Clara, sorry but the trade deadline passed.

    You can’t trade for a new QB.

    You can try to pick someone off the scrap heap.

    Bye Bye

  37. There’s a reason players get nicknames.




    Sorry Niner fans.

    I get it that you all thought you would win a SB but once again, won’t happen.

    So far if you’re under 28 years old you weren’t alive the last time Niners won a SB which means closer to 38 to even have experienced it.

    The recordings are all on beta max and those machines are few and far between.

  38. Another west coast team with no QB, no money and no picks. Jimmy isn’t coming back to backup Lance.

  39. Bad luck for 49ers. Jimmy G seems like a good guy. He’ll end up somewhere next year.

  40. jpdsurf says:
    December 4, 2022 at 9:19 pm
    If the 1985 Bears did with Jim McMahon, the 49ers have a very good chance with Purdy.

    McMahon was a smart QB, just too hard headed to not play like a lineman. Steve Young said he learned as much about football and how to prepare for a game from McMahon as he ever learned from Montana. Feel bad for Jimmy G, always have liked him but he does get hurt a lot. Brady will go there next year, play for the team he rooted for as a kid with a good chance to win a Super Bowl. If they win, he’ll retire.

  41. This is such a shame and probably closes the book on his run with the 49ers.

    If it is, I think the Giants make a lot of sense in 2023. I just don’t think Daniel Jones took enough of a leap that you would commit 3 years guaranteed to him. You can probably get Jimmy for just two years. You can then add Spencer Rattler in the 3rd or 4th round as a potential future starter.

  42. jpdsurf says:
    December 4, 2022 at 9:19 pm
    If the 1985 Bears did with Jim McMahon, the 49ers have a very good chance with Purdy.
    Are you comparing Clara to the 1985 Bears? I’ll have what you’re drinking. I like your optimism thinking positive about having a chance with Purdy. You’ll have to excuse me…I’ve got to go catch some unicorns.

  43. Calm down everyone, Purdy is the real deal, as you will soon find out. You got a taste of it today. As I said a few weeks back in the comments section here, he’s MUCH better than Zach Wilson for example. And please stop with the inaccurate ‘under-sized’ narrative. Dude is fine at 6’1!” Same height as Tua btw and no one is mentioning his height being an issue. So again, just calm down and grab your popcorn!

  44. This sucks for Jimmy, seems like a good QB with really bad luck. On another note, Jimmy is a prime example of why giving out guaranteed NFL contracts is bad for the team and just bad for business overall. Jimmy didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, he had his arm back while running away within the tackles and he just got rolled up on when tackled. This stuff happens, this doesn’t happen often, but there is a risk for this on every single play for every QB in the league. Also, Lamar got hurt with a knee injury today. Once again, Lamar didn’t do anything wrong, he was just running away and the defender and him landed wrong while tackling. So, Jimmy, it sucks, hope you see the field again. Same with Lamar, good luck get well. Cleveland, you set a bad example out of desperation and stupidity. No NFL football player should have a guaranteed contract and it isn’t a running QB thing, it’s a risk of playing pro football thing.

  45. GoodellMustGo says:
    December 4, 2022 at 8:17 pm
    I wonder what Kaepernick is doing these days.


    I think at this point no one still bothers kidding themselves that he was any good. .

  46. He will lead them to the Superbowl with a series of incredible daring performances, or he will throw 6 picks in a single game to get them eliminated. One or the other.

  47. patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    December 4, 2022 at 8:16 pm
    The 49ers should have drafted Mac Jones.
    Dunno about that but if they did I’d bet he’d be a lot better than he is in NE with a clown coaching staff and no OL.

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