Lions crush Jaguars 40-14

Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions
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We can say something today that we haven’t often said in December: The Detroit Lions are playing very good football.

The Lions crushed the Jaguars 40-14 today, winning for the fourth time in their last five games.

Jared Goff had an outstanding game, completing 31 of 41 passes for 340 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions. Goff has had an excellent season, and is as responsible as anyone for how well the Lions are playing right now.

Lions receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown had another outstanding game as well, and the Lions’ running game of D'Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams looked good as well.

Not much can be said about the Jaguars: They stunk today, and fell to 4-8.

But the 5-7 Lions are not out of playoff contention just yet, and Dan Campbell’s team is playing meaningful football in December.

23 responses to “Lions crush Jaguars 40-14

  1. This Lions team is finally healthy…and a healthy Lions team is a dangerous team, especially with the defense playing better. And even though their record is 5-7, remember that they almost beat the Vikings and Bills this season. I don’t think anybody wants to play this team right now…

  2. Meh, the Jag’s are a terrible team one of the worst in football. Along with my Raiders of course.

  3. This game really wasn’t Trevor Lawrence’s fault. The rest of the team was completely awful however.

  4. The Lions are going to be an problem if Campbell can clean up a few of his clock management issues that reared their head last week against Buffalo at the end of the game. They’re a very fun team to watch.

  5. Never thought I would ever see the word “Lions” in front of the word “crush” in a headline. Good going Lions!

  6. Many of us in Buffalo view the Lions as the NFC Bills. Similar cities, tragic sports history. It felt like crap beating them on Thanksgiving because I didn’t want to see Campbell and the boys lose.

  7. People act like Goff hasn’t put up statistics before. When he was with the Rams I believe he led the league in passing yardage for 2 years. He’s proven he can spin it when he’s protected and has weapons to get it to.

  8. notwhoyouthinkitis says:
    December 4, 2022 at 4:04 pm
    But we were all told Trevor Lawrence had his coming out game last week?! 😉
    So you believe everything you are told?? Maybe try watching and come to your own opinions.

  9. Did the No.1 overall pick by Jax play today? I saw Hutchinson out there sacking Lawrence but I must have missed the other guy?

  10. People are so desperate for the Lions to not stink, that you’re all being amazed at their 5-7 record. But wait! They “almost” beat the Vikings and Bills. It’s the nfl. You are whatever your record says you are. No more. No less. No bonus points for “almosts”.

  11. Knows more….you’re spot on. I think that it’s not so much not wanting to stink as much as wanting to hope. Hope that after 60 years they start changing their culture and find ways to win. After being a fan for 60 years, I cling to hope, but you are correct in your statement.

  12. When DC and Campbell came in they explicitly said they are building to 2023. ‘21 would be about establishing the identity, ‘22 would be about filling out the roster. And over those years they’d see where Goff was at. Well, at this point you’d have to say they have been true to their word. This team is better and Goff is not the problem. With the Rams’ draft pick in the top 5 they’re going to get that “missing piece” on defense that will put the Lions into firm playoff contenders.

  13. KnowsMoreThanYou says:
    December 4, 2022 at 7:04 pm
    People are so desperate for the Lions to not stink, that you’re all being amazed at their 5-7 record. But wait! They “almost” beat the Vikings and Bills. It’s the nfl. You are whatever your record says you are. No more. No less. No bonus points for “almosts”.

    This bozo knows nothing about football

  14. Lions had great games against the Bills, Vikings, and Eagles but came up short. Only the Pats game did they look out of place. This isn’t the same old Lions. Need some clock management and learn to close games but they improved. Two firsts (incl a top 3 Rams pick), and 2 2nds and this team is playoff bound

  15. For all the negative Nancies…this is about progress. And, for me, they pass the eye test of looking like a real NFL team. This is building towards ‘23 and beyond. With 4 picks in the first 60 next year, I think they’ve got a chance.

  16. I know a lot of Lion fans became semi Rams fans because of Stafford…and I know quite a few Rams fans have become Lions fans because of Holmes, Brockers and Goff….all 3 stand-up guys..The Rams have their issues this year so it’s been fun to watch some Lions games..

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