Lions will use Jameson Williams as a gunner on the punt team

Seattle Seahawks v Detroit Lions
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Remember when receiver Jameson Williams looked miserable after being drafted by the Lions?

Today, he may have a reason to feel that way.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that Williams, in the first game of his NFL career due to a torn ACL suffered during the 2021 college season, will be a gunner on the punt team. Seriously.

Said Fox’s Howie Long in response, “That’s why Detroit struggles.”

Williams reportedly will be on a snap count on offense. If they’re willing to expose him to injury as a punt gunner, why not just let him play offense without limitations?

12 responses to “Lions will use Jameson Williams as a gunner on the punt team

  1. Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson, and one day Jameson Williams…

    All retired early to avoid continuing their careers in Detroit

  2. As long as they only do it a few times I’m good with it. It shows the team that nobody is too good to play special teams if it helps the team win. He was great at it at Alabama.

  3. Guess you never watched him cover punts in college and be a guy that wants to cover punts. Do some research before talking.

    Also, do the Lions even punt?

  4. College has nothing to do with pros. He was a first round pick that cost a ton to trade up and pick. You don’t risk those on punt coverage. It’s idiotic.

  5. My Jaguars were so sympathetic to his plight that they made sure Detroit never even had to punt.

  6. Campbell keeps talking about how important it is to take it slow with Jamo’s acclimation to his wr role. Then out of nowhere, plans on playing the rookie at the most dangerous role in special teams. If Williams were to get hurt playing gunner, Campbell would never live it down. Never. Forever more, Campbell would be remembered as the coach that put Williams in at gunner and reinjuried our prized offensive weapon. See Marriochi and James Stewart.

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