Bobby Wagner: I controlled my emotions during the week and let them out on Sunday

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams
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Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner called Sunday’s matchup with the Seahawks “just another game” last week, but that wasn’t the kind of energy he brought to the field.

Wagner stuffed the stat sheet with seven tackles, three tackles for loss, two sacks, and an interception to help the undermanned Rams both hang with the Seahawks and take a lead in the fourth quarter of the game. The Seahawks would rally to win the game in the final minute, but that didn’t lessen the impact that Wagner had on the proceedings.

When the game was over, Wagner admitted that he was feeling more than he let on heading into the game.

“I’m a master at controlling my emotions,” Wagner said, via Gilbert Manzano of the Los Angeles Daily News. “I know I can control my emotions very well, so I controlled them during the week and let them out during the game.”

Wagner and the Rams will be in Seattle in Week 18 and that return should make for another surge of emotion for the veteran.

7 responses to “Bobby Wagner: I controlled my emotions during the week and let them out on Sunday

  1. I see this in the NFL too often….guys play their old teams and turn it up a notch…which always makes me wonder, what are you doing during the other games? Why don’t you play like that every game? Millions of dollars a year doesn’t motivate you but a silly perceived slight does?

  2. He’s missed in Seattle.

    Barton and Brooks flat out don’t make enough plays.

  3. Great point @pkrlvr! It’s why the greats (Brady, Jordan, Kobe) are so rare cause they’re able to channel this same energy EVERY game.

    I miss seeing BWags on our team too. But we parted ways at a good time.

  4. Lots of love from his old teammates and the local Seattle press. Wags is Seahawk royalty, and it’s a shame he ended up on the Rams. He’s ROH material. Go Hawks!

  5. I bet after the game Seahawks players tell Wagner to kick Rusell Wilson butt on Christmas day. LOL!

  6. 3 TFL’s… That matches the total he had for the full season last year. Nice to know he can turn it on when he wants to. Bobby was a great Seahawk and a good person, but it’s still fair to call out that he was never the same after he got paid.

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