Derwin James: Each game from here on out, we can’t lose anymore

Los Angeles Chargers v Atlanta Falcons
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After Sunday’s loss to the Raiders, the Chargers are 6-6 and are No. 9 in the conference. They’ll have to jump at least two teams to make it to the postseason, which won’t be the easiest thing based on the club’s schedule.

But star safety Derwin James essentially said postgame that the Chargers have to win out.

“We gotta keep playing,” James said, via Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times. “There’s more games to be played. Prime time next week. We gotta come out [with a] sense of urgency.

“Each game from here on out, we can’t lose anymore. We gotta win out.”

Los Angeles will begin that effort with Sunday’s matchup against Miami, which was flexed into Sunday Night Football. Then the club will play Tennessee at home before facing the Colts, Rams, and Broncos in the last three weeks.

4 responses to “Derwin James: Each game from here on out, we can’t lose anymore

  1. Might get lucky with Miami with Tua being slowed, Tennessee will run over the top of them then the rest with Colts just not a good team, LA is playing its practice squad and Denver only need about 10 points to beat the impenitent Russ Wilson offense, but this team keeps losing games it should win, leaving…The only real question left is who coaches this team next year, stats boy is a failure and they are wasting a top, but still cheap QB window.

  2. Too many injuries. The Offensive Line can’t give Herbert more than 2 seconds to decide, and receivers can’t even get going before he’s on the ground. They need a second run option to keep the defense from blitzing every down. Also, Staley needs a ticket to somewhere.

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