Fred Warner: Brock Purdy plays against the best defense in the NFL every week, he’ll be fine

Miami Dolphins vs. San Francisco 49ers
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The 49ers are down to their third-string quarterback, rookie Brock Purdy, but 49ers linebacker Fred Warner says they have no concerns about Purdy’s ability.

Warner says the 49ers’ defense has been practicing against Purdy running the scout team all season, and they believe he’s fully capable of starting.

“He’s done a great job of getting us ready every week,” Warner said. “He’s played against the best defense in the league for the last 13 weeks. He’s gonna be just fine.”

Warner says he always enjoys matching up with Purdy in practice and doesn’t see any reason Purdy can’t play well within the 49ers’ offense.

“I have the most respect and confidence in him because I see him every single day on the scout team,” Warner said. “The way he comes out and prepares and competes, the confidence he has, the swag he has, I’ve got all the confidence in the world in Purdy.”

For his part, Purdy said running the scout team last week was particularly helpful in his preparation for running the 49ers’ offense because he was helping the defense prepare for the Dolphins, whose offense is effectively the same thing as the 49ers’ own offense. Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel was the 49ers’ offensive coordinator last year and runs essentially the same offense as 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan.

Purdy agrees with Warner’s assessment that they’ve made each other better this season.

“It’s always a challenge every week going against guys like Fred,” Purdy said.

Now Purdy will prepare for the challenge of going against the Buccaneers’ defense on Sunday. And he’ll no longer be running the scout team.

6 responses to “Fred Warner: Brock Purdy plays against the best defense in the NFL every week, he’ll be fine

  1. 49er Fan is going to forget about Trey Lance by the end of this season. Purdy will take over as the QB of the future. He is a keeper.

  2. Purdy looked confident yesterday. It wasn’t the best in terms of yards per attempt,but he was composed.
    The play to Kittle over the middle on that blitz tells us he read the defense and knew Kittle was his hot route. That alone was very impressive.
    Hopefully he can keep it up.

  3. Niners win it all with a 3rd string Back Up? Stranger things have happened! Don’t count this Niner team out of it yet. That Defense is loaded with talent. When you can bring 4 and drop 7, AND STILL HAVE THE LEAGUE LEADER IN SACKS, Then you have a dangerous squad. Big up to Demecco Ryans!!! Hope we dont lose him this offseason to a HC position somewhere!!!

  4. Purdy goes against the best defense in the NFL every week? I didn’t know they were allowed to scrimmage other teams during the season and just figured Purdy is playing scout team against 10 jags and Bosa every day in practice.

  5. Playing in practice against your own defense can compare to Playing in a game against a good defense. 49ers defense might be great but Buccaneers have a great def also!

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