Garrett Wilson praises Mike White, despite loss in Minnesota

New York Jets v Minnesota Vikings
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They wore T-shirts with his face on them during the trip to Minnesota, in search of their eighth win of the season. Even after the Jets came up short, they were still singing the praises of quarterback Mike White.

Consider this quote from rookie receiver Garrett Wilson after the 27-22 loss, via Rich Cimini of “He was out there, controlling the huddle, never letting the moment get too big. It was cool to see. Looking back on it now, it’s cool to think about. I know I’d go to war for that boy. He’s got something special about him.”

Did we mention the Jets didn’t win?

That kind of passion, flowing from defeat, makes it even harder to think a pivot back to Zach Wilson is coming. White seems to be sinking his teeth into the job.

Sunday wasn’t perfect. The Jets had too many field goals, not enough touchdowns. Two different late-game drives with an opportunity hanging in the balance to take the lead resulted in no points. And White’s numbers weren’t spectacular; 31 completions on 57 attempts for 369 yards, no touchdowns, and two interceptions. It translates to a paltry passer rating of 59.8.

But Wilson, and presumably other teammates, don’t care. They’ve embraced Mike White. They’ll follow Mike White. Mike White has become more than the figure who takes the snaps and then hands the ball off or throws it (or runs it himself, as he did for the team’s only touchdown of the game). He’s taking over as the leader of the team.

The Jets remain very much alive in the AFC playoff picture. Things get no easier in six days, however. That’s when the Jets go to Buffalo for a rematch of a game New York won four weeks ago, with Wilson at the helm. A loss would drop New York to 7-6 and make the final month of the season a little rocky.

But the whole season has been rocky, in a good way. They weren’t supposed to be in contention this year. They are. It bodes very well for next year, especially if Mike White can continue to win over the other men who play for the team.

13 responses to “Garrett Wilson praises Mike White, despite loss in Minnesota

  1. Macaroni Jones > Wilson and that really doesn’t say much….future looks better with White.

  2. Let’s throw some truth at you. A ton of those yards were against a loose defense (that also decided tackling wasn’t in the cards in the 4th quarter). It’s what the Vikings D does. They call super loose zones with the lead. It will burn them down the road, but it hasn’t yet. Also, White has 8 TDs and 8 Int’s in his career. Maybe we wait until he doesn’t lose to the 32nd ranked pass D before declaring him “something special”.

  3. Mike White didn’t drop the game winning touchdown, Braxton Berrios did. Wilson is right to praise him, he did more than enough to help them win that game.

  4. Maybe we wait until he doesn’t lose to the 32nd ranked pass D before declaring him “something special”.
    Maybe wait until you don’t have the 32 ranked pass D before declaring your favorite team special.

  5. Mike White is a gamer. Kid lets it rip. Reasonably strong arm and appears to have a lot of confidence. He’s got a long way to go, but I was impressed with the kid’s arm and attitude.

  6. All of those pundits achem, achem, who picked the Jests in a CLOSE GAME over MN… What were they thinking?

  7. Last time Mike White played the Bills, he threw 4 picks. Jets will be back to Zach Wilson the following week.

  8. White’s stats are a bit misleading, since one of those interceptions came at the end when the Jets were basically in desperation mode, and there were a few catchable drops that maybe you don’t get when a guy gets more practice in with the starters, including a TD to Berrios. Plus, the drives stalling aren’t all on him. He’s definitely not worse that Wilson play wise and he’s clearly giving the team a spark and winning over the Jets players. One wonders where the Jets would be if they full-committed to White in the off-season rather than sticking with Wilson.

  9. Had the crossing pattern wide open for at least the first down, probably ready TD, on the last play. The into triple coverage instead.

  10. The Vikes shoulda probably had 2 more INTs, but the way he threw for the 1st down on 4th and 10 in the 4th quarter (after getting creamed on the prior play) was pretty impressive.

  11. From a Viking fan…
    White was a gamer, after we finally brought some blitzes, we got to him and he hung in there. Threw some nice passes. His receivers dropped a few…especially the one in the end zone.

  12. Mike White did a lot of good things Sunday. He made a couple mistakes but at least he throws the ball to Wilson. They have a nice connection going on. Good luck, SKOL.

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