Jared Goff: In the last five games, we’ve been playing good football

Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions
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With Sunday’s victory over the Jaguars, the Lions have won four of their last five games after starting the season 1-6.

Detroit dominated Jacksonville for a 40-14 victory, with all three phases positively contributing to the result. After the game, quarterback Jared Goff agreed that the Lions are playing with a confidence that they can compete with anyone in the league.

“We feel like we can, and we believe we can,” Goff said in his postgame press conference. “We’ve beaten good teams. We’ve beaten teams with lesser records. We’ve dominated teams, and we’ve had our times where we’ve struggled, but in the last five games, we’ve been playing good football and taking care of the ball on offense, causing turnovers on defense, and clean in the kicking game. It’s a pretty good formula, and we’ve been doing that.

“It feels good. That was as a complete team win as I’ve been a part of, and it was really, really well done, and proud of our guys.”

Goff played one of his best games since joining the Lions, finishing 31-of-41 for 340 yards with a pair of touchdowns. The Lions are currently No. 9 in the conference at 5-7 with the Vikings, Jets, Panthers, Bears, and Packers remaining on their schedule.

But if the club continues on its current trajectory, there’s a chance Detroit could sneak into the postseason with the No. 7 seed.

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  1. Out of the Vikings, Jets, Panthers, Bears, and Packers, if they can steal a win against either the Vikes or Jets, they could realistically end the season at 9-8 with an outside shot at qualifying for the postseason.

    Not a Lions fan, but that would be really fun to see. That fan base has been suffering for a long time, and this current squad is fun to watch.

  2. Congrats Detroit fans. As a fellow rust belter with a previously awful team, I am happy you guys can see some light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Still a rebuilding year. Don’t want to finish too strong, so let’s temper the playoff talk.

    They are improving. Patricia could NEVER claim that.

  4. Jared Goff is the quarterback the Detroit Lions needed; professional and unassuming, yet talented with a chip on his shoulder.

    He’s literally making all of the talking heads who are calling him a bum look stupid, while they are calling him a bum. It’s awesome.

  5. That would be awesome if they can finish with a winning record. Even better, thanks to the rams, they’re still getting a top 5 pick in the draft to bolster that team even further. Good for you Lions fans

  6. Brad Holmes’ plan is unfolding like clockwork. Last year they stripped it to the foundation to build the identity from scratch. They have been good to excellent in the last 2 drafts, hitting on most of their top picks (Hutch/Sewell) and several of their deeper selections (ARSB, Rodriguez). They have been modest in free agency bringing in guys on prove-it deals. They hit on some (Jamaal) and whiffed on a few, but none have been franchise-limiting. They’ve been nimble with trades building up draft capital while freeing up cap room by making the tough decisions on guys like Collins and Flowers (and next year Brockers). They’ve gotten MUCH younger. And, most importantly, they’ve put together a coaching staff who have been consistent in expectations, but not stubborn in their schemes. They’ve given Goff weapons and a plan he can execute effectively.

    This team’s offense is Top 10 and that’s WITH all of the WRs missing some time, Swift missing time, several of the OL being dinged and missing time. And, of course, Jamo hasn’t even caught a pass, yet. The offense is mostly set. Let Goff cook, use that draft capital on elite D prospects – maybe a little deeper dip into the FA pool – and the Lions could be a real problem for the next 5 years.

  7. I thought they were done and packing it in after trading Hockenson to a division rival. Planning for future was my assumption. But then they start winning games. I’m curious as to what happened behind closed doors.

  8. I have a whole lot of respect for Goff. He has never complained about his situation, and never publicly said what he thinks about the guy in LA with short man syndrome.

  9. KnowsMoreThanYou says:
    December 5, 2022 at 12:27 pm
    They’ve beaten two teams with winning records.

    Let’s look at the inverse of that thought: The Lions have only lost to ZERO teams with a losing record. Strength of schedule comes into play here, as much as a young team, Ben Johnson learning from 2 bad offensive game plans without ARSB and Swift, and Dan Campbell’s growth as a coach.

    But sure, let’s talk about how they have only beaten 2 winning teams… and ignore what the team has done since the Defense started playing better and the playmakers on offense got healthy.

  10. Watching the Lions on Thanksgiving I was impressed by how Goff has matured. He was crisp, accurate, and unflappable. All the stuff he’s gone through seems have to educated him and toughened him. I’m not a Lions fan, but they’re fun to watch and might just be going somewhere.

  11. NFC North teams play the AFC and NFC East teams. NOT ONE of those 8 teams have a losing record going into week 14.

  12. This is the Lions team I expected to see this year. They had a ton of razor thin losses in the first half of the season along with defensive issues and it looked like they were going to sink under the weight of those often brutal defeats.

    But the talent is finally shining through. I know Campbell’s act wears thin on a lot of people, but it’s never bothered me as I get the impression it’s mostly sincere and not much of an act at all. He’s also hired some very talented coaches for the most part.

    And that roster on paper is young and very talented. I expect the Lions to be a serious PITA for the teams playing them the rest of the season.

  13. They shouldn’t have given that Te for almost free, he could had helped them down the stretch.

  14. If the Vikings play D this Sun like they played last Sun, the Lions will win 5 of their last 6 games.

  15. a lot of Lion fans rooted for the Rams and Stafford last year…As a Ram fan, I’m rooting for the Lions to bring it home…always liked Holmes, Goff and Brockers…future is bright in MoTown.

  16. Their game against the Packers could be win and in for either team with a trip to Minnesota the next weekend.

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