Jeff Saturday: Matt Ryan knows he didn’t play well, but I didn’t consider benching him

Indianapolis Colts v Dallas Cowboys
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Colts coach Jeff Saturday said there was no thought to benching quarterback Matt Ryan on Sunday night, no matter how ugly the 54-19 loss to the Cowboys got.

Asked if he considered going to backup quarterback Nick Foles, Saturday answered, “No, no.”

“From a quarterback perspective, you dig yourself a hole, you’ve got to get out,” Saturday continued. “He knows he didn’t play good. It didn’t take us to tell him. But no, you don’t yank him. You work your way out no different than any other player. You find a way to fix it and get better.”

Saturday didn’t completely slam the door on starting Foles or Sam Ehlinger later this season.

“We’re heading into the bye week,” Saturday said. “It’s five minutes after a beating. I’m disappointed, they’re disappointed, no decision I’m going to make right now is going to be a good decision. We’ve got weeks to go about this. A four-game season. We need to get better. As a team we need to get better in a lot of different areas.”

Ryan threw three interceptions and lost a fumble on Sunday night, but he still played better than Ehlinger did in his brief stint as the Colts’ starter. It’s possible that Foles gives the Colts their best chance to win, but it’s also possible at this point that the Colts simply don’t have a quarterback they can win with on the roster.

6 responses to “Jeff Saturday: Matt Ryan knows he didn’t play well, but I didn’t consider benching him

  1. Ryan has a rag arm at this point, he has no zip or accuracy and the Cowboys were sitting on the short routes. He shouldn’t start another game in the NFL.

    Not challenging the potential INT in the second half before the rout started was stupid as well. Nothing to lose challenging that and it would’ve been a big momentum swing.

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