Mike McDaniel: We’re equipped to take this piece of adversity and get better from it

Miami Dolphins v San Francisco 49ers
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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa had one of his worst performances of the season in Sunday’s loss to the 49ers, throwing an interception for the first time since September.

While Tagovailoa tossed a 75-yard touchdown on the first play, the 49ers’ vaunted defense tightened up for much of the rest of the contest. Tagovailoa completed a season-low 55 percent of his passes. He had multiple interceptions for only the second time in 2022 — the other game being his six-touchdown performance in the week Two victory over Baltimore. And Tagovailoa had a lost fumble for the first time this season.

Tagovailoa missed receivers throughout the contest with off-target passes. After the game, head coach Mike McDaniel noted it was an uncharacteristic day for Miami’s quarterback.

“We’re pretty used to Tua being extremely accurate,” McDaniel said in his press conference. “I know there was a couple times that he’s going to be pretty hard on himself, but at the same time, you should be able to not be pinpoint accurate on one or two throws and still be able to execute and operate.

“I think that the guys were a little off just in general collectively, but I know one thing, it wasn’t because of preparation. It wasn’t because of lack of detail. It was one of those things that you have to go through.”

McDaniel added that he wanted the Dolphins to feel a playoff-type atmosphere from the 49ers and thinks his club should be better from it.

“[A]t some point in time, you have to have everything on the line and you have to be able to execute,” McDaniel said. “So players, myself, the whole team really, the idea is to lay it all out on the line for each other and then deal with the consequences. So as frustrating as it was, I think that we are well-equipped and we have the guys in the locker room that collectively will take this piece of adversity and get better from it, and that’s the objective.”

The Dolphins will stay on the West Coast before taking on the Chargers in Los Angeles for Sunday Night Football in Week 14. Tagovailoa and the offense could look a lot different against an L.A. team that is 26th in yards allowed and 30th in points allowed.

20 responses to “Mike McDaniel: We’re equipped to take this piece of adversity and get better from it

  1. Adversity has nothing to do with you not playing a cupcake team for once and your D being awful.

    You’re not going anywhere. Honeymoon is over.

  2. Tua’s performance was “Plenty of Fish” ugly yesterday!
    Will bounce back next Sunday night!

  3. The Dolphins looked bad because the Niners defense made them look that way. It’s that simple. The Niners D is the best D that Miami has faced all season.

  4. Putting an amber alert or silver alert out on MortimerinMiami. Haven’t heard from him since the beat down the 49ers gave Miami. Has anybody seen him?

  5. You’ve got to late the Patriot troll hate. It gets stronger every week, as everyone in the division waves at them in the basement. Get used to being there, you’re good at it!

  6. You’re not going anywhere. Honeymoon is over.
    You were in tears when they beat you in Week One. You were so hysterical you were threatening people.

  7. The 49er brass is relieved that they don’t have to defend drafting Lance as protection against an oft-injured JimmyG.

  8. I figured before the season started Miami would have a decent season only IF Tua stayed healthy – the Dolphins are good but could be much better if during the off-season they make a commitment to getting better than average O Linemen & Linebackers This current OL is garbage & the Defense is average at best! To compete with my Bills next year they’ll need to better on BOTH sides of the ball!

  9. Hats off to the Dolphins.McDaniel is a talented coach with huge iron balls. He’s gotten more out of Tua than any other Dolphins coach. I love how he had enough confidence in his team to mash the pedal down. Tua faced an incredible defense and his weaknesses were exposed. I think they’re coachable. The niners showed their love for McDaniel by playing as well as they did and are now better for it. Steel sharpens steel

  10. It’s nice to see touchback6 chirping about a Miami loss & having a noodle armed QB for your team. He must suffer from amnesia because his Patsy’s are in the basement & have already lost to BOTH Miami & Buffalo and will be lucky if they even finish 8-9!

  11. Both starting tackles were out for Miami against arguably the best defensive team in the league.
    And people were surprised that they lost?

  12. For those who didn’t watch the game, it wasn’t a blowout until the end. Dolphins were on a 54 yard drive before missing on 4th and 2, down by 6 with 6 minutes left. If Gesicki catches the pass (underthrown) Dolphins could possibly go up by 1 late in Q4. Niners don’t go up by 9 until 2 minutes left in the game. That’s when it all goes to hell for the Dolphins after they try to put 2 scores on the board. Would the 2 missing tackles made a difference, who knows.

    Tua had issues with accuracy most of the game but it wasn’t because of defensive pressure. He just consistently missed open guys all game with no pressure on him. Not sure what was going on. Obviously Bosa was all over him on the plays he was pressured.

    SF showed they are a better team. Miami is a work in progress. The road to the division and probably the conference goes through Buffalo. As a Dolphins fan that is pretty obvious.

  13. ==================================
    patsfan4lifedynasty says:
    December 5, 2022 at 12:42 pm

    They have a good team but QB has a noodle arm.

    And….. BB & The New England Patriots have NEVER beat him!

  14. If Miami is going to lay an egg, it’s best to do it on the road against a NFC team. The Phins will be fine. Miami still has a realistic shot at winning the AFC East, and possibly even the AFC.

  15. He’s says the team is equipped to get better from this loss! Well is he? Everyone knew going into this game Miami was going to have a problem stopping their pass rush without our two tackles,everyone! So he waits until after we lose to get a tackle? I disagree with the people that say our defense was a problem in this game. Protect the QB and and he doesn’t throw picks or fumble. Especially this accurate QB. With 2 turnovers the defense still had Miami in the game until the offense failed again in the fourth Qtr., our offense kept handing them time of possession. Not our defense.

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