Trevor Lawrence: Sunday’s loss was embarrassing

NFL: DEC 04 Jaguars at Lions
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The Jaguars pulled off a last-second win over the Ravens in Week 12, but they didn’t ride that momentum into Sunday’s game against the Lions.

Running back Travis Etienne lost a fumble on the first drive of the game, the Lions scored a touchdown a few minutes later, and then went on to score on their next seven possessions in a 40-14 rout.

After the game, right tackle Jawaan Taylor and edge rusher Josh Allen bot said the team was lacking the same energy they had against Baltimore. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence also had a stinging evaluation of the team’s effort level.

“I mean, that’s the word to describe it, it’s embarrassing,” Lawrence said, via Demetrius Harvey of the Florida Times-Union. “Everybody in that locker room feels that way too, just to – I mean, this is a playoff game for us and we go out there and laid down. Credit to them, those guys, those guys whooped us. . . . We’ve lost eight games this year, and never have I felt like we got embarrassed like we did today. That can’t happen. We’ve got more pride and work too hard to do that.”

Lawrence hurt his leg late in the first half, but didn’t miss any snaps and avoided adding serious injury to a performance that he and the Jags will have to flush before taking on the Titans next weekend.

11 responses to “Trevor Lawrence: Sunday’s loss was embarrassing

  1. That was the best game the Lions have played in many years. They simply played a lot better than the Jags and the credit goes to the Lions who are finally mostly healthy. Jags didn’t lay down.

  2. I’m not sure we’ll ever get a true read on if this guy is a good qb or not while he’s playing for Jacksonville

  3. Let’s fast forward to Lawrence getting traded to a good organization? The Jaguars are an absolute joke.

  4. Great game lions. For the jags part, I have seen greatness from Trevor Lawrence, but there is something missing and I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  5. Yes it was you guys are a terrible team it doesnt matter who coaches. The stink has been real for as long as ever.

  6. People keep saying we will never get a true read on on Trevor or that every time we are told he’s turned a corner he takes a step back To some degree they are right, however lately, he has taken steps toward being the guy, it’s just when he does the whole rest of the team goes down the toilet. Yesterday’s game is a perfect example… receivers dropped passes, running backs fumbled, the defense played like they were asleep and I think Trevor owes the offensive line money or something because they they were trying to get him crushed. When you stop and think about it, it’s remarkable that Trevor can have any success amid this mess especially after last year.

  7. You can’t control who drafts you, but you don’t have to sign a second contract with them. Trevor Lawrence could become the best QB in the NFL, but he won’t do anything as long as he’s in Jacksonville. I remember guys like Steve Young when he was in Tampa Bay and Jim Plunkett when he was with the Patriots. They didn’t become winners until they got separation from those horrible franchises that drafted them.

  8. Sorry, but I’ve seen it for 25 years now. Draft a first round quarterback, trumpet how great his potential is, blame everything else around him, then cut bait after year 4 and say ‘we knew all along’ that he stinks. Byron Leftwich, Blaine Gabbert, Blake Bortles…..and where did those guys go on to have great success? Bzzzzt! Nowhere. Ownership and GM’s have killed that team. Name a number one draft pick (beside Boselli) that panned out? Not one.

  9. To Jags fans, don’t give up on Lawrence. Kid has talent. And obviously ligaments made of rubber, to survive that sack. Man, that looked ugly. And the Lions are improving. They took the Bills to the edge on Thanksgiving. The best team in the NFL. Not a shame to lose to the Lions, nowadays. They are NOT the Lions of old. Dan Campbell has them playing hard and the young talent is maturing.

  10. young teams are consistently inconsistent. I think Lawrence needs to find a receiver he can trust while his game is developing. Goff is a good QB with St. Brown and a bad QB without St. Brown.

  11. He got a pass for last season but he is terribly inconsistent this year…he should have made more progress under Pederson. Next year is the real test

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