Odell Beckham should be upset that Cowboys leaked information about his knee

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The Cowboys have a plan. They always do. As it relates to free-agent receiver Odell Beckham Jr., that plan currently isn’t doing Beckham any favors.

He visited the Giants and the Bills. There were no leaks about their medical examination of Beckham, who suffered a torn ACL in February. Then came the Cowboys. Then came the leaks.

Consider this from ESPN’s Ed Werder, who has covered the Cowboys for years: “The Cowboys have concerns after Odell Beckham Jr.’s physical that his recovery from torn left ACL in Super Bowl has not progressed enough to ensure he would play before mid-January and possibility exists signing him would have no benefit until 2023 season.”

So who did this come from? Beckham’s camp? No way. It only came from the Cowboys. And it’s obvious that the Cowboys wanted it out there.

At one point, it appeared that the Cowboys possibly were going through the motions with Beckham in order to get the Giants to pay more. Now, it looks as if the Cowboys are trying to get Beckham to take less — or, more specifically, to not insist on a contract that extends beyond 2022. They also may be trying, as one league source has opined, to placate players and fans who had been clamoring for the Cowboys to sign Beckham.

The source called the team’s decision to leak negative information about Beckham’s knee “astounding.” There was even a suggestion that Beckham, who recently sued Nike for breach of contract, should sue the Cowboys for violating his medical privacy rights.

“How could he even consider signing there now?” the source asked.

And while this indeed will help get the players to accept a decision not to sign Beckham, the players should realize that this is how the game gets played. And at some point any of them may be on the wrong side of said game.

If they’re leaking information about Beckham to the media, what are they leaking about others, from Dak Prescott to Randy Gregory to Ezekiel Elliott to whoever, whenever, however?

So, yes, it’s a bad look for the Cowboys. And, no, Beckham shouldn’t sign there.

It should motivate him to take what he can get with another team for the balance of 2022, and then to become a free agent in 2023 and hit the open market and get paid.

100 responses to “Odell Beckham should be upset that Cowboys leaked information about his knee

  1. So are you saying his strategy should just to sign somewhere and then tell them he can’t play?

    Its too quick of a recovery time anyway and everyone knows it.

  2. Who is this source? This might be “sources” who compete with Dallas. Come on- do better – one sourced stories are not credible

  3. Please. What’s there to “leak”? Everyone knows he’s not healthy, physically or emotionally.

  4. NFL teams always love to push out information for the sake of winning public opinion.

  5. There is no proof the Dallas Cowboys leaked anything. It’s just the latest in countless stories that simply nobody can believe as truth. There literally is no professional journalism anymore.

  6. So stating the obvious is wrong? He is not going to hired for his mental capacity. He needs to be healthy and the fact that he doesn’t want to work out is a red flag. He chose the visit Dallas last because he wants Dallas to think its a bidding war. The other teams have his medical record as well.

  7. So Jerrah refused to answer a question about whether OBJ could play this year yet volunteered that his knee wasn’t fully healed? I don’t buy it. I think the source inferred that the knee isn’t ready when Jerrah refused to comment.

  8. The Cowboys put out a negative leak,to sign him by mid week to a contract for this season. Super Bowl bound!

  9. How is this any different then a team reporting they aren’t signing X player because he failed his physical? Is that too considered leaking information?

  10. Cowboys ain’t leaking nothing ,if the man is not gonna workout for any team pretty much tells you how shady this is !

  11. Not sure the drama came from the Cowboys. As others have said, if Beckham insinuated that he’d be ready to play this year he’s brought all this on himself. And if he didn’t say he’d be ready to go this year then why go through this whole bidding exercise right now?
    The Cowboys, Bills and Giants have a right to be upset, not Beckham.

  12. Sorry, you are not correct. At 10 months from surgery, you are recovered from the reconstruction. Medically, you are done. Fitness wise, you are still worrking to improve strength and agility. That is a strength and fitness thing; not medical.

  13. Oh Please! Nobody is going to sign an injured player without a thorough examination, and there are no secrets in the medical community. It’s in the player’s best interest. Besides, there aren’t any dishonest agents out there who would withhold important medical information. Right?

  14. Hildave15 says:
    December 6, 2022 at 8:56 pm
    Does anyone really think OBJ can help a team a team this season?


    have you seen our roster?

  15. “ And, no, Beckham shouldn’t sign there.” This cowboys fan agrees with you, Florio. Even if we have different reasons, the net result is the same that we hope he doesn’t sign with Dallas. Though I’m not sure who you are to decide what OBJ should or shouldn’t do with his life.

  16. What NONSENSE. It’s not like other teams won’t do their due diligence. What, only Dallas has doctors??

  17. Please don’t make something out of nothing. It’s obvious OBJ doesn’t want to work out for teams. He’s expecting a contract without proof he’s fully healed.

  18. So, this is what OBJ’s people came up with after the Cowboys said they wouldn’t sign him without a workout?

    This is pretty common protocol with NFL teams. I’m guessing OBJ is trying to rush back too fast, and is bitter that he can’t dictate the terms

  19. The leak will probably cause OBJ to sign with the Giants. He is going to want revenge on the Cowboys.

  20. How is anyone surprised that he won’t be ready physically? He tore his ACL in the Super Bowl. He is 30. He might not even be ready for training camp. He probably will be a shell of his former self even then.

  21. The post neglects to mention what anyone with a brain can infer to begin with; OBJ is not an impact player due to high mileage, multiple ACL tears and a corrosive personality when things don’t break his way. Hard pass.

  22. When he decided he wasn’t going to work out, who expects him to be able to play any time soon?

  23. So there seems to be people here that think it’s perfectly OK for OBJ to hide this info from potential teams that want to pay and sign him to play this season, WHY exactly?

    A team telling the truth and about something OBJ shouldn’t be allowed to keep a secret, how horrible!

    Sure look’s to me like OBJ is being dishonest trying to get a payday and hoping to jump onto a potential SB team at the same time by not being totally truthful!

    BTW don’t forget this is OBJ’s 2nd ACL surgery in 2yrs on the same knee, that fact alone should be enough to make any team leary of signing him! Then there’s the fact that he’s 30YO, you know the age when most football fans think a RB or WB should just go off somewhere and die.

  24. The dude refused to put his seatbelt on while on the flight. I would have just cancelled the visit.

  25. The Cowboys have actually taken the smart approach by doing this. I mean OBJ is doing this interview tour to raise his value and protect himself by getting a good contract right? What’s wrong with the Cowboys doing the same? If the Giants weren’t in the running I’m sure nothing would be said, but their a rival so why would you do them favors? Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not but the Cowboys do hold the chips in this salsa dance. Usually they’re dragged for doing the opposite of smart, but now their getting dragged for being smart. What gives?

  26. Teams should be upset the he wasn’t ready to play, practice or act like an adult when going on his “give me money” tour.

  27. If I were a franchise looking at signing him I’d be more concerned about his demons than his knee

  28. theoriginalsurferbob says:
    December 6, 2022 at 8:56 pm
    There is no proof the Dallas Cowboys leaked anything. It’s just the latest in countless stories that simply nobody can believe as truth. There literally is no professional journalism anymore.
    So happy you made that point.

  29. Eckham knew he couldn’t play until 2023 but wanted to steal a few million this year at the expense of the team and their fans.

  30. Heh heh. The Cowboys aren’t a healthcare provider to OBJ, nor are they a health insurance company covering OBJ, so there is no “medical privacy” issue with the Cowboys talking about his knee.

    Didn’t Jerry Jones pretty much say all this in an interview first thing this morning? That’s hardly a “leak.”

  31. There’s always drama when it comes to the cowboys. Lousy franchise …


    I think you mean lousy media…

  32. The Cowboys don’t need OBJ!!!!!. All the intentions about signing OBJ, is a waste of time and over-reacting to everything. OBJ, has not done any work outs or any physical training to be considered for any signing or prospects for any team. He needs to show teams that he’s physically and mentally ready to contribute to play. He will not be a factor or a good signing for any team, unless he is both physically and mentally ready. Even if he does sign with any team, he will not be ready. There’s only 5 regular season games left, and by the time he signs, he will not be a factor. Should wait until next year to sign with any team, providing that he’s ready for a long term contract. Its a bad timing to get signed with so many obstacles and protocols to meet.

  33. OBJ got a Super Bowl Ring last year and he earned it. You could argue the Rams lose to Cincinnati without OBJ even though it was only 1st half, he was critical to their victory. That said Beckham should polish that ring off, set it next to his TV and enjoy the NFL Playoffs and let his body get fricken healed properly! Start the year fresh at 100% be patient and sign only to a franchise that has natural grass. Signing now gets very little extra cash and puts the rest of your career in jeopardy.

  34. The fact that “some” people immediately jump to the defense of the billionaire is proof that the money hoarders control the narrative. Serfs defending billionaires is sheer madness.

  35. Did Beckham submit to an examination from the Cowboys team doctor? From any of the teams he’s visited so far?

    Or are they just voicing reasonable concerns about a guy coming off an injury who won’t work out for any team?

  36. I’m not sure how if you are Dallas this doesn’t get leaked eventually anyway. There would have to be a reason why you didn’t sign him. Also OBJ basically leaked this himself when he said earlier in the week he wasn’t practicing for any of the teams. If he was fully healthy there’s no need to say that.

  37. This video is so annoying. Look at me! Don’t look at me. Ok, look at me! ODB will be the next AB.

  38. Mr. Mountain meet Junior Mole Hill. It’s a shockingly lack of respect towards the Bill’s, the Giants and whomever to think that Dallas is thr only team to be saying this during and after any OBJ visit. This very same conversation occurred in every coach/GM’s office who even floated a fart of an idea about signing him.
    When exactly we did we get to the point that someone can sue for stating a fact?

  39. OBJ is just a name now. He’s washed. I love how all these players are still infatuated with him LOL

  40. What lousy journalism this is. The cowboys leaked nothing.after the bills meeting my Buffalo friends sent me articles about how he may not be ready to play this year. But how that after the cowboys meeting happened and it gets more light on it. They are the ones that leaked his information? If the “source” really said how would he sign there now and he should sue them then he isn’t in the know like he or she thinks they are. And if nobody said it this is even worse journalism than it already is. Got to love trying to blame the cowboys for reports about his knee that already have come out before his meeting with Dallas.

  41. I’m not sure this is a big deal, regardless of who leaked it. The people bidding on OBJ’s services all have this info. It’s not like it has affected his value at all. Frankly, I hope Dallas doesn’t sign him. Yes, he would improve the team if he’s healthy but wouldn’t Dallas be smarter to use that salary cap money to re-sign Pollard? I would argue yes. Jerry’s worried about winning another SuperBowl before he dies. It’s making him myopic.

  42. This is absurd. They did not leak any of his medical information. You or I know nothing specific about the condition of his knee. The world knows he was injured and he has not currently played a single game since the day of that injury. Whether or not he will play sooner or later is a speculative opinion, it’s not private protected medical information.

  43. OBJ you have a Ring. You earned it. Relax and heal up 100%. Sign with a team that plays on natural grass in 2023. Be patient and let the body heal for an extended career in the NFL. Play now and you will never be 100% and career will be over.

  44. I know people hate OBJ but the Cowboys are wrong for this. A. Why take a dollar out of this man’s pocket if it makes no difference to you and B. It helps you if he signs with say the giants and can’t play or is not effective. This is the second worst thing that we found out about Jerry Jones this month

  45. So you’re telling me that a guy that’s been injured since 2019 ins’t ready for primetime and is just looking for a paycheck? Thanks for the intel.

  46. Some team probably leaked this to scare other teams off so they can get him at a huge discount.

  47. How about Odell making up his own mind who to be upset with or not, rather than you telling him how he should think?

  48. So his attempt to defraud another team into paying him thinking he could play was thwarted by the evil Cowboys? Not sure who’s the bad guy here.

  49. Giants, Bills and Cowboys should be upset that he played them by setting all of this up and wasting their time with his reports that he was cleared to play and ready when in reality he is not and will not even work out. He did not tell them he would not work out until he all of these meetings set up. Common sense says you do not sign a guy to a 20 Mil. per year contract and let him not play for half the season then hope he is good next year. OBJ knows this and was not honest with his recovery. Why in hell should he be upset?

  50. No one leaked any information about OBJ’s knee.
    The information that was leaked was about the Cowboy’s concerns about OBJ’s knee, not about the knee itself.
    Truth matters., even in sports articles.

  51. I loved what Cowher said last great about if he were to consider him. Would you prefer 10 catches for 125 yards and we lose or 3 catches for 65 yards and a win? If he hesitates all you don’t sign him. The dude would definitely hesitate. He’s not a team player, divas never are.

  52. It’s also possible that the Cowboys discovered that he was trying to deceive teams potentially interested in him, and put up the red flag to warn others. Who knows. Refusing to work out but seeking a deal doesn’t suggest good faith.

  53. Giants’ reporter Ralph Vacciano was saying this on Sunday, BEFORE Beckham even VISITED Dallas. But sure, blame the Cowboys…

  54. Beckham’s knee may heal, but he will always be a head case with an attitude that keeps him from achieving anything significant.

  55. he is refusing to work out for anyteam that may want him, what does he expect, no team in their right mind would sign a player without seeing him work out after an injury…

  56. Does there really even need to be a leak in regards to ACL recovery? Everyone knows that it takes significant time to recover and in a lot of cases (not all), the player is never the same again. Sure, you’ve had guys like Adrian Peterson and Jamal Lewis, but they were the exceptions, not the norm. And neither of them were 30 years old! I sincerely wish OBJ all the best. But for any team or fan base to expect him to be a significant contributor “this season”, that’s just not realistic.

  57. I saw this in the NPSE network and said the same thing. He visited BUF and NYG and nothing, then the Cowboys, and this comes out while hes still there. Jerruh’s playin dirty.

  58. Beckham will interview with teams but won’t participate in a workout. That tells you all you need to know. Jerry Jones is just stating the obvious.
    You have to test drive the car to see if it shimmys.

  59. you got to love a leaker story, it take two to leak someone telling someone something and another person to listen and then tell everyone else. Like a saying my father had. I can keep a secret just the people I tell can’t. The real issue is if there was a leak was it done on purpose or do you have a mole in the organization with a more than willing reporter to use that mole. Two different stories.

  60. More disillusioned cowgirl fans. Who do you think it came from? When you concede your owner is worse than the worst owner in the league you will start a revolution. When the Bills didn’t sign him something was up, the. The Giants who need anything they can get also let him leave. Neither said anything, they just didn’t offer him a contract.

    I hope Roseman from the Eagles signs him know he can’t play til mid January, and he torches the cowboys for 200 yards. Diggs has lost his ability to cover one on one for an entire game against elite receivers. This would give the eagles 2 elite receivers, a top 5 tight end, and then a guy running go routes if nothing else just to take a guy away from your secondary. Well played Jerry, well played.

  61. Odell isn’t healthy but he wants to paid like he is. All the teams are on to you now . Back to the plane now

  62. His unwillingness to workout already signaled he was nowhere close to being ready to play. But it’s rather hilarious that the assumption of this article is that nobody around the NFL talks to each other. Anything that was shared with the Cowboys would have already been known by many connected to OBJ, who would have told other people, right down the line. Quite possibly whatever he told the Cowboys was info they’d already heard through the grapevine.

  63. I’m no Cowboys fan but please stop smearing NFL organizations. If we wanted Op-ed pieces we’d read CNN or Fox.

  64. stonedwhitetrash says:
    December 7, 2022 at 10:10 am
    If Jerry needs a great wideout Antonio Brown???

    Aren’t the cops still waiting outside of AB”s house to arrest him? I think he’s burned all of his bridges, anyway.

  65. Wrong like always done as can be Jerruh isnt a moron and he said nothing that wasnt true. He’s toast NOBODY is gonna give him what he wants as far as a long term deal

  66. Putting aside all this leak talk and interview tours, if he’ll take a deal for the rest of the season only with a ‘wink-nod’ they won’t rush him back, every team with cap space they can afford to spend would be shrewd to sign him. They could gauge his progress. Work on his rehab. Kick the tires on him. If he’s healthy, they’ll have a jump on signing him longer term. If not, they let him walk and get the 3rd-4th comp pick Belichick style. It’s worth it for that alone.

  67. As an employer I’d be upset with an employee who lied to me about their ability to do the job.

    That door swings both ways Mike.

  68. Typical , how dare you release medical information on my client .. now he won’t be able to sneak his way onto a team and get paid and screw whoever has to pay that contract … lawyer equal trained manipulator.

  69. Cowboys are pivoting back to Herschel Walker now that he’s 100% available.

    Unleash the Werewolf, Jerry !

  70. OBJ knows other teams have doctors that are going to look at his repaired knee. Why get upset at Dallas.

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