Rumors fly of Baker Mayfield to the Rams

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
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Later today, we’ll know whether former Panthers quarterback Baker Mayfield is claimed on waivers and, if so, where he’ll go.

We looked at a bunch of possibilities earlier today.

Currently, the rumor making the rounds in league circles is that Mayfield will end up with the Rams.

Thanks to a 3-9 record, the Rams are currently third in the waiver priority, with only the Texans and Bears having greater dibs.

The Rams have lost starter Matthew Stafford, likely for the rest of the season. Backup John Wolford has been injured. Third-string rookie Bryce Perkins is still untested.

Also, the Rams have three straight nationally-televised games — four if the Week 17 game between the Rams and Chargers somehow isn’t flexed out of Sunday night. If Mayfield is on the team, there’s at least a reason to be mildly interested in watching the games.

Finally, claiming Mayfield ensures that the 49ers won’t get him. And there’s a very real rivalry between Rams coach Sean McVay and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan. While it may not be the primary reason for claiming Mayfield, it doesn’t hurt.

13 responses to “Rumors fly of Baker Mayfield to the Rams

  1. They would only do it to stop the 49ers. Season is over and Stafford will be starting when healthy.

  2. Would Mayfield even show up if the Rams claimed him?
    It’s a bad situation with their O-line in shambles, so why would he want to risk injury or want to play for a losing team? He’s asked and received his release from the Panthers, and that was arguably a better spot to be than LA right now.

  3. Mayfield can definitely get the Rams to 3-14 landing the Lions a franchise QB at #4 overall next April. Pull the trigger Les

  4. I feel back channel discussions having been set in place so that the stand alone games are at least semi-presentable..

  5. One aspect you failed to mention on the program regarding this, is the option a team that thinks they’ll have more players walk than sign in FA would claim him now. Then, whatever value he gets in FA next spring will only add to the teams side of the equation in value.

    The Rams, hey it’s a cheap way to finish the season and not have to hold open auditions in the parking lot.

  6. If your Baker do you want any of these terrible teams to claim you and lead you to the slaughter thereby further ruining your reputation? The best thing for Baker is to get picked up by a contender with a desire to have a viable QB2 on the roster that can sit back and learn the system and play when ready.

  7. Despite being rather unlikeable, Mayfield was done dirty by the Brownies. Hate to be obvious, but they’re incompetently run.

  8. Signing Mayfield makes sense for the Rams for many reasons, so they probably won’t do it.

  9. I love the gamesmanship and the Rams have neglected the backup QB for years. Also, anything to stick it to the San Francisco 49er’s of Santa Clara is a bonus.

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