Sean Payton jokes about he and Tom Brady getting “another team in trouble”


Earlier this year, after Sean Payton left the Saints and Tom Brady “retired” from the Buccaneers, we reported that the Dolphins wanted to bring both of them to Miami.

The plan was delayed by the lawsuit filed by former Dolphins coach Brian Flores against the NFL, Miami, and other teams.

The Dolphins eventually were hammered by the league for tampering both with Payton and Brady. Owner Stephen Ross was suspended as a result of the violation.

Payton appeared Monday on Brady’s Let’s Go! podcast. Payton said he’ll return to coaching “sooner than later.”

During the podcast, co-host Jim Gray eventually made this obsevation to Payton, who currently works for Fox: “Your hope and possibly one of your dreams as to be a teammate with Tom. And Tom’s coming to Fox at some point, and you’re leaving. I guess that’s a dream not only delayed but gonna be denied.”

“Who says Tommy’s coming to Fox right away?” Payton eventually said. “Clearly, we don’t want to get another team in trouble.”

“You never know what happens in the NFL,” Brady said, somewhat nervously. “So, who knows? I thought I was retired, I wasn’t. Who knows? You never know what the future looks like.”

Could Payton and Brady team up in 2023? It would have to be a team that has all the pieces except a quarterback and a coach. The Colts would be a possibility. Who else? That may be it.

And who knows? Maybe that will be the one.

Unless, of course, the Saints bring back Payton and then go sign Brady.

24 responses to “Sean Payton jokes about he and Tom Brady getting “another team in trouble”

  1. I would not be surprised if Kraft has a very active text string going with Payton right now.

  2. haha. good stuff. couldnt have happened to a more deserving organization, and i use that term loosely

  3. Well, it appears that Tom Brady and Sean Payton are manipulating ideas again for next season. I had thought with the Brian Flores lawsuit and subsequently the Miami Dolphins winning with a healthy quarterback, this would be put to bed. Yet as we can see, anytime Brady has won a game this season, his ego and those egos of his colleagues gets, in a word, inflated. That in turn infuriates the bookies, the players, a good deal of media, and quite a few owners and GMs. Here is what we know: Tom Brady is not staying in Tampa Bay any longer than he can, at least through Sunday’s game against San Francisco. The Buccaneers may very well get a playoff spot, even though they are not one of the 14 best teams so far.

    With that in mind, the Bucs and Brady are not going to survive the wildcard game unless some very obvious chicanery is afoot. It matters not at this point, either in New England or Tampa Bay with manipulating game outcomes. Both, sadly, would not be playoff bound in my book at this point. So, in mere weeks, the options for Tom Brady and Sean Payton are limited. Payton, on his own, might have more options. But if the only options for the both of them are the Indianapolis Colts or the New Orleans Saints; the quizzical backlash would be off the table. Not so much for Payton, but for Tom Brady. And the 2 of them teaming up will cause unnecessary confusion and problems in long term relations with the league and current and past owners and players. Brady really only has a select few options to take: San Francisco 49ers with Kyle Shanahan the coach, the Las Vegas Raiders with Josh Mcdaniels the coach, the New England Patriots reuniting with the Kraft-Belichick nexus, or retirement and guaranteed Fox Sports money starting with Super Bowl weekend in less than 2 months. If there is another oddity option, it would be the Tennessee Titans with Mike Vrabel the coach.

    Given those options, and the Brady and Payton discussions, the decision could be made by neither Tom Brady nor Sean Payton. Like always, extraneous circumstances and people outside the field will determine the outcome. I think the Titans and Raiders are out of the question, due to Mcdaniels and Vrabel wanting to have their own coaching staff and identity. The 49ers will have to make their decision as to who their quarterback for the future will be; but first they plan to defeat Tampa Bay on Sunday. And then, every game forward so as to win it all this season. If anything, the Buccaneers winning against the Saints has made a possible Brady to San Fran scenario more remote. So really, based on what I believe are Tom Brady’s true feelings; it will either be one or two more seasons back in Boston, or the one-day contract to retire a Patriot while experimenting with television. Personally, I would take the TV option over another season with mixed outcomes. Although I would prefer Brady to continue in either a 49ers or Pats uniform: his true homes, while Florida never felt right.

    I will say this: the people that Tom Brady will need to consult with are his children. Marriages can end, but your children are forever. If they want their dad to be with them, then he hangs up his cleats. I am sure both Payton and Brady will make their best decisions: it just will not be the player-coach dynamic they want.


  4. Me as an owner, if I was an owner, I ain’t really looking to overpay these has beens.

  5. I know Coach Payton is the fair-haired lad of all the media wonks and pundints – but in the final analysis, the dude still has only one Super Bowl win.

  6. Still have a hard time seeing them end up somewhere together, as the options seem slim. That said, just to toss another team in there, what about the Commanders? I think they can move on from Wentz after this season. They’d have to fix up some areas, but a good young RB, decent receiving corps, solid defensive core in place is an interesting starting point. Would they cut bait on Rivera, who has made them respectable? Don’t know.

    Actually, there’s another team where there could be a QB/HC opening to fit these two – Tampa Bay. Todd Bowles isn’t a bad guy, but he doesn’t feel like the coach that can puts you over the edge. They’ll need to figure out that run game, reinvest in the trenches, but that might be the most logical fit if trying to get these two guys together.

    I really don’t see it, but that’s primarily because I really don’t know what to think on Brady’s future. Their struggles this year aren’t solely on him, but there’s been clear signs of some regression. Is he too proud to go off on a bad year? Gut says he plays at least one more year, and if Tampa does enough to bring him back, he might not want to travel and learn a whole new city.

  7. Ha! Oh, man!
    As if Tom hadn’t destroyed his own legacy in New England already, watch what happens if he goes to the Colts!
    I’d say that there was no possible way he’d go to the team that instigated the Big Lie of Deflategate, but Brady has now proven that he has no loyalty or scruples. Tom Brady lives to glorify Tom Brady. Period.

  8. dstegesaurus says:
    December 7, 2022 at 1:06 am
    Tom and Sean are two very unlikable guys
    I like Sean.

  9. Todd Bowles Isn’t a lock so Tampa firing him for Payton not crazy. Brady to Niners checks most boxes. Brady to Titans unlikely but not crazy if they can clean cap and get WR. Texans/Panthers supers longshot. Jets maybe. Raiders maybe. I don’t see Colts. Best case is he ends up in San Fran. Trade Lance. Try to help Oline. Win and everyone forgets the Lance bust.

  10. Having said above about mostly Brady. Don’t quite no what Saints can allow Payton to do, but Payton should target the Chargers job. Stay away from Colts, Broncos, Panthers no matter what.

    Dark horse idea for Brady/Payton. Washington has new owner in a month and they both end up there.

  11. The Dolphins dodged a bullet. They’re better off with McDaniel and Tua than they would have been with Payton and Brady. Better off, and a brighter future. An up and coming coach in his 30s and an ascending 24 year old QB vs a retread coach in his 50s and a 45 year old QB on his last legs.

  12. All this talk about Brady and NEXT year is laughable, the dude is almost 100 and everyone including the media are talking like every team would drop their starter for him for one season. He first has to make it through this season folks. He should of walked away after the Tampa SB victory. Go out on top, not when you are barely making the top 15 QB list

  13. I’m a Patriots fan and a Tom Brady fan, and I’m not wasting a single second thinking he’ll return to New England. He’s already on a team with a weak offensive line, so why should he trade that for the same–plus fewer good receiving targets and a screwed-up offensive coaching situation? He also said he’d never live in a cold weather climate again.

    Payton and Brady together in New Orleans is a possibility, especially since it’s not too far away for seeing his kids. There is no other scenario where they could likely be a pair in 2023, so forget it. Brady to the 49ers is a possibility. It’s far from his kids, but since his parents live there, at least the kids could come out fairly often and stay with their grandparents as well as their dad. I could also see him possibly going to the Raiders. Otherwise, not a lot of realistic options out there when you take into account his requirements in a team and his obligations as a father.

  14. remizak says:
    December 7, 2022 at 9:10 am
    I’m a Patriots fan and a Tom Brady fan, and I’m not wasting a single second thinking he’ll return to New England.

    I will loudly and obnoxiously cheer against them if that happens so I’m not even pondering the idea.

  15. December 7, 2022 at 1:06 am
    Tom and Sean are two very unlikable guys

    Cheatin Tom is very easy to despise both on and off the field.

    No opinion on Payton.

  16. Brady knew what he was doing.

    Any Pats fan defending this despicable, Millennial selfishness is a loser. It’s literally what is wrong with this country right now. It was always a problem 15 years ago but the genie can’t go back in the bottle now.

    Who would have thunk that what made Tom Brady (great team play and being a great teammaate) would be the thing to ruin his legacy in the end?

    No one really respects MeBron James for his selfish/user antics for ego, just like people won’t with Brady.

    Who is ever giving them advice is the wrong advice.

    Even the Bruins’ Patrice Bergeron will be more well thought of than Tom Brady in Boston when this is all said and done.

  17. Looks to me like the jokes on them! Miami is in far better shape than Tampa Bay and no one thinks they could beat the Dolphins. And Peyton is waiting for an opportunity that will likely come with a bad team!

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