Sean Payton says he’ll be coaching again “sooner than later”

New Orleans Saints v New England Patriots
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Two teams currently have head-coaching vacancies. In fewer than five weeks, other teams will be joining them.

Someone presumably will explore the possibility of hiring Super Bowl-winning coach Sean Payton.

Appearing on Tom Brady‘s Let’s Go! podcast, Payton reiterated that he’ll be back.

“I think sooner than later,” Payton said. “I really enjoy the current job I have. . . . But I think relative to coaching, though, I know that I want to coach again and it’s not really been a secret. But I wanna find the right spot. And as Tom alluded to, you know, it’s still about the people. Because when it’s all done and it’s quiet, I don’t think it’s the money or the crowd cheers or the trophies or any of that other stuff. I think it’s about the journey with the people that you really enjoy. . . . So we’ll kind of see what happens. But sooner than later though, in fairness to that question. I think that, you know, if not this year, hopefully next year.”

The key for Payton will be finding the right fit. He’ll want to be in a position to help a team win. He’ll want to have influence over personnel. He’ll want to have a great quarterback or a clear path to one.

Earlier this year, the Dolphins wanted to pair Payton with Brady. It will be interesting to see whether that possibility resurfaces in 2023. Brady is due to be a free agent; he can join any team he chooses, including the team that Payton may be coaching, sooner than later.

14 responses to “Sean Payton says he’ll be coaching again “sooner than later”

  1. No one cares. And, you shouldn’t be allowed to coach again under suspension for your tampering relationship with Stephen Ross.

  2. Not going to be Bronco because Payton know that Russell Wilson does not listen coaches and have his own office. LOL!

  3. Go to the Broncos:
    1. You can demonstrate that you are a quarterback whisperer, and turn a severely underperforming QB into something solid. Proof you are awesome!
    2. You can take a team that fell apart under a bad coach, and turn them around to a better team in just one year because you are a good coach. This will prove you are excellent at what you do.
    3 The fans are desperate to support a competent coach. They will snow plow your driveway for free.
    4. You can hire whoever you want.
    5. You’ll have a say in every player signed in free agency and the draft.
    6. Everyone would be more than happy for you to take over and take charge.A crotchety mean bossy coach is just is what we need!
    7. I can’t think of more reasons right now, but I’m sure there are many!
    8. Snow bunnies are cute.
    8. We are desperate. Save us!

  4. Who cares he left the Saints high and dry after exhausting all the cap possible. He didn’t even give TAYSOM HILL a fair shot which has translated to Dennis not doing it as well and the team is losing because of that.

  5. Needs a franchise QB (Drew Brees) but teams that need a coach generally do not have one that is why they are looking.

  6. He smells blood and will be on his way to LA to coach Herbert after the Chargers miss the playoffs and Staley is canned.

    Broncos are the worst job in football so that’s not happening. Cardinals maybe but I doubt (a) both Keim and Kliff get fired and (b) he wants to coach Murray.

  7. Mediocre coach at best! I’m a Saints fan and thankful for wht he did with our Saints. But he’s one dimensional and needs a QB like Brees to do anything, then he’ll just out coach himself over and over and over again. Good luck!

  8. Please submit your resume to:

    Russell Wilson
    First Ballot HOF QB
    Office #1
    c/o Denver Broncos
    13655 Broncos Parkway
    Englewood, CO 80112

  9. I think that HOF QB Wilson would probably take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to look over Mr. Payton’s Resume.

  10. Broncos don’t have the draft capital to use… it’s going to take a 1st at a min to give saints.

  11. They should be considering the Seahawks’ Offensive Coordinator. He sure made the HOF QB look like he should when he was in Seattle….

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