Frank Reich hopes to be coaching next season

Indianapolis Colts (3) Vs. New England Patriots (26) At Gillette Stadium
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A month after he was fired by the Colts, Frank Reich said today that he wants to coach again next season.

“I really want to continue,” Reich told WISH-TV. “I love the game, I love being around it, I love being around the players. I’m not presuming anything at this point. I’m optimistic. I know this: I love the game, I feel like I’m prepared to keep giving to the game, and giving to players and coaches, and we’ll see what that looks like.”

Reich said he’s been taking notes and trying to think through what he’s learned from his tenure as the Colts’ head coach, and that he continues to root for his old players.

“Still pulling hard for the guys, love the guys, love the team, want all the best and wish nothing but the best,” Reich said.

Given how his time in Indianapolis ended, it seems like a long shot that Reich would get a head-coaching job in 2023. But Reich was a well-regarded offensive coordinator before he became a head coach and will likely have offers to work as an offensive coordinator in 2023. It sounds like he’ll be interested.

17 responses to “Frank Reich hopes to be coaching next season

  1. I didn’t follow them very much. What was the man’s shortcomings?

    Couldn’t be worse than Denver’s coach.

  2. Quality guy. Holds the records for greatest comebacks in both college (Maryland) and NFL(Bills). Get him a quality quarterback and he can turn things around. Everyone deserves a second chance. Ask Belichick.

  3. To the people saying he needed a quality quarterback. He had several. He chose them all. He never adjusted ANYTHING!! All the same game plan. Terrible coaching. Poor clock management. Zero accountability or emotion. Just the same blank stare.

  4. He’ll get another head coaching gig, and deservedly so. His coaching wasn’t the issue at Indy, the issue was that he might still win a few games whereas ownership is actively trying to prevent that.

  5. Pipe dream, Reich to New England. It’s time for Bill to retire. Hand the keys to Sean Payton, working with Reich as his OC, Flores as DC. Bill using cronies Patricia, Judge, Steve Belichick have killed what was once a great winning culture.

  6. His days as a HC might be over. Or maybe he can land an OC job somewhere and work his way back up.

  7. Why Belichick isnt already on the phone with him is a mystery. He may not be a great HC, or he may have just been in a bad situation, but one thing we know he can do is coach offense, particularly with regard to QB play. Clearly Matty P isnt it as far as an OC is concerned

  8. He’s a great person, but his play calling was been beyond putrid. After his 15 scripted plays he is absolutely lost. Good luck to you Frank

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