Kyler Murray answers Patrick Peterson’s criticism: It doesn’t affect me

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Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was “super shocked” by former teammate Patrick Peterson‘s claim that “Kyler Murray don’t care about nobody but Kyler Murray.” After his criticism of Murray caused a stir, the Vikings cornerback said he got Murray’s phone number from a teammate and texted him but Murray didn’t respond.

Murray acknowledged he received the text but noted it was only after Peterson made his public comments.

“Hell,” Murray said about not responding to the text “what is that gonna do?”

The Cardinals are 4-8, and Murray ranks 23rd in the NFL with an 87.1 passer rating. He has 14 touchdowns and seven interceptions. It has made Murray a lightning rod for criticism this season.

“Our season hasn’t gone the way we’ve wanted it to, so it comes a little heavier,” Murray said, via Darren Urban of the team website.

But Murray said it’s nothing new, with his size making him a target his entire career, and his contract situation during the offseason opened a different debate. Was he worth the five-year, $230.5 million contract?

Murray insists he doesn’t hear the noise.

“You understand the position that you are in, what comes with it, what you have to face,” Murray said. “I’m not really new to it. Something I’ve been dealing with, not my whole life but for the most part of my life having to deal with stuff like that. It doesn’t affect me.”

29 responses to “Kyler Murray answers Patrick Peterson’s criticism: It doesn’t affect me

  1. He’s right, it won’t affect him at all. He won’t change one bit. Same yelling at teammates. Same pointing fingers everywhere except himself. Same Call of Duty over film study. Kyler is what Kyler is and at this point he might be better off jumping ship to the Oakland A’s and playing shortstop. Baseball’s a lot easier to be an individual. Football is pure team sport.

  2. Murray seems like the kind of guy that needs more than a slap in the face. He has an attitude problem.

  3. I mean I completely understand why he didn’t reply and he responded correctly in this situation. How are you going to criticize somebody publicly, then ask for their number to try to talk to them?! They were only teammates for two years and clearly didn’t have any type of relationship as Patrick Peterson had to ask for his mumber. So at that point there is honestly nothing to talk about.

  4. If it didn’t effect you then why did you take to social media, and why are you even addressing it now? Try winning something, and then you can tell the world to kiss your backside, but until then stay down

  5. So dumb to give that money to someone who hasn’t done anything in this league. DeShaun Watson is gonna be an even worse decision.

  6. Short man with a Napoleon complex. Doesn’t read or study film. By all accounts a bad teammate. Yet he is handed a large contract. Cardinals won’t win anything for the foreseeable future with this shorty at the helm.

  7. Crazy that Baker Mayfield, who has the the worst Quarterback in the NFL this year, has so much support but Kyler Murray gets nothing but hate.

  8. Murray is a good player. He needs a bit of an attitude adjustment. If he doesn’t take the criticism personally and grows from it, then he can be a better NFL QB.

  9. Everything you needed to know about Murray happened during his very first interview with Dan Patrick. He and his dad on a radio interview were silent and refused to answer questions. Made themselves look like arrogant buffoons. Years later, here we are

  10. Murray may be a very small quarterback, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a huge bust.

  11. 46 million a year for that player.

    Chiefs starting to look rather sharp inking Mahomes to that long contract a few years ago.

  12. You’d think more pro athletes would watch how players like Michael Jordan or Derek Jeter handled media questions while they were playing. Or just watch the movie Bull Durham. How hard is it to avoid getting sucked into needless verbal fights by repeating things like “I’m focused on our next game. I’m focused on working with the other players on our team.” or “I’m glad I’ve had some good games but I’ve been lucky too so I’ve got to keep working hard.” or “I’ve got some great hard working teammates who really come through on the clutch and give us all a life.”

  13. I’m an Alabama fan so the first time I ever really saw Murray play was in the Bama Oklahoma semifinal and I remember thinking what an arrogant punk he was. Couldn’t believe all the hype he was getting.

  14. Crazy that Baker Mayfield, who has the the worst Quarterback in the NFL this year, has so much support but Kyler Murray gets nothing but hate.

    Are we talking about the same Baker Mayfield that got released and only had one team interested in him on waivers? You have a strange idea of what constitutes “support.”

  15. Look for him to just get more bitter with time. He sees himself as stuck where he doesn’t want to work to really excel at football but he no longer has the baseball option because he’s making way more from the Cards than any baseball team would pay him as a prospect. So, he’s just going to sit back as long as he can pretending he doesn’t care about the criticism.

  16. A very conceited immature kid that looks like he is going to throw a tantrum every time a play doesn’t work (and most of those are because he can’t see the middle of field) what is not to like. It is going to be hard to keep a roster from becoming guys just looking for the highest pay check to cash and don’t care about winning with Kyler basically being treated like a little kid (kind of like Seattle had to do with Russ and Denver is doing now) while basically disenfranchising all the other players who will all start to want out or will need a large premium to sign as a FA.

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