Micah Parsons: Odell Beckham expects to play in five weeks

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Odell Beckham’s visit to Dallas was followed by reports the Cowboys have concerns the receiver’s ACL recovery has not progressed enough to ensure he would play before mid-January. Beckham, though, told Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons he expects to play in five weeks.

The regular season ends Jan. 8, which is a little over five weeks, with the postseason beginning the following week.

“He told me five weeks. Five weeks,” Parsons said, via David Moore of the Dallas Morning News. “No trainer, no doctor, no anybody can tell a player who he feels. It’s your body. That’s for anything. Any part of your body [that’s] hurt. No one can tell you how your body is going to feel except for you. If that’s what he says, I always believe it. If they say no, my body hurts, I can’t go. You have to respect that.”

The Cowboys have recruited Beckham like no other team. Players publicly have campaigned for him, and Dallas Mavericks fans showed him the love Monday night by chanting his name with Beckham sitting courtside alongside Parsons and Trevon Diggs.

“Obviously, he knew we wanted him,” Parsons said. “We just wanted to make him feel at home. There’s only so much you can say to a guy that he doesn’t know. This ain’t college. I’m not going to feed him, ‘You’re going to get the best education.’ I’m pretty sure he knows who he’s got here. It’s more we wanted to make him feel at home. The Dallas fans made him do that.”

Parsons said he got the impression that Beckham wants to play in Dallas after the free agent tour first took Beckham to the Giants and Bills. But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones curbed the enthusiasm for Beckham in Dallas, allowing that he’s “not confident at all” with signing Beckham without seeing him workout.

37 responses to “Micah Parsons: Odell Beckham expects to play in five weeks

  1. Didn’t we come to the conclusion that we’re fed up hearing about OBJ since he won’t be making an impact this year? Wake up bud,the plane ride’s over.

  2. The Cowboys are a team of divas. They’ll beat the Eagles on Christmas Eve, think they’re the best team, but still be the #5 seed and lose to Tom’s Tampa Bay Bucs, who know a thing or two about being the best at the right time of the season.

  3. I’m a Penn State grad, but can’t stand Parsons. Self-inflated blowhard who will wind up like Javon Kearse. OBJ is even worse. One good catch in NY and this diva gets an everlasting pass

  4. No workout no deal,then again if Beckhams agent catches Jerry when he’s all drunk who knows what can happen.

  5. AKA OBJ isn’t playing this season. Dude isn’t healthy. That knee will never be 100% again.

  6. Doctor Beckham!

    I appreciate an athlete who says, “I’ll be back by _____” but something tells me OBJ wouldn’t bet $1M on that.

    If he signs for pro-rated vet minimum, agrees to a per game bonus at whatever full production value that team/player agrees upon & had to play in 50% of the offensive snaps or face a lower per game bonus….I’ll believe him.

    It’s not like athlete’s have never signed a big deal & the underperformed before.

  7. Jerry is throwing out negative information for a reason. There is a reason they call Jerry “PT Barnum.”

  8. Five weeks is still an eternity.

    It’s an arbitrary number. He isn’t getting a contract this year, nor should be be bisiting teams this season.

    Stick with rehabbing, take the spring and summer off… and quit this charade…

    Oh.. and behave on airplanes.

  9. So Beckham expects to go through this courtship again in 5 weeks when he can workout for teams?

    That’s double dipping.

  10. Not even signed yet and no one knows if he’ll even be able to play this year…..and already a distraction for several teams.

  11. Jerruh is worried that in 5 weeks the Cowboys will be in the playoffs but in 6 weeks they’ll be out.

  12. Can’t wait until this guy doesn’t end up signing with any team this season and this was all just a gigantic waste of everyone’s time.

  13. I get why any team would have been interested in the OBJ of 2014-2016. He was a great player then. But that was 6 years ago, befor 2 torn ACLs, a broken ankle, and sports hernia surgery. He’s young by real life standards (30 years old) but not by pro athlete standard. And this is before even considering that he’s done a lot since then that could be considered off the field distractions for a team.

  14. It is a transition that is painful to watch: From “legend in his time” to “legend in his own mind.”

  15. I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today.” —Winpy

    Why would any team sign you and pay you now knowing you can’t play for five weeks?

  16. Baker Mayfield said he was good to go last season, and no doctor, no coach, could tell him otherwise. People said that he wasn’t healthy enough to play, but he had the last laugh because it was Baker’s grit and determination that carried them to victory in the Superbowl.

  17. Another doctor. Who said a doctor can’t tell you when you are ready to play. They sure as heck can and are usually right. Nobody is afraid of OBJ at this point. He hasn’t played football in almost a year. It will take him at least two weeks to get into anywhere near football shape, and we know the cowboys are one and done in the playoffs so why bother. My best guess is nobody signs him. Buffalo and the Giants need him way more than the Cowboys and neither offered him anything. That tells you all you need to know. And come on Parsons you should know if a guy won’t work out he’s hiding something.

  18. I also expect to be playing for the Cowboys in five weeks. Now if they would just loosen the straps on this straitjacket…

  19. Guys are normally back practicing for a while before actually playing. That would suggest he should be capable of at least some form of workouts now. Nobody is going to hand him a big check based just on his word.

  20. Von Miller said he’d play this week…… and suddenly he was out for the year. Yeah, players know their bodies

  21. If this is how it worked we’d all be rich on NFL contracts. “Aren’t you old and slow?” “Nope, young and really fast. Just sign right here to find out.”

  22. mascadcar says:
    December 7, 2022 at 11:12 pm
    No need for him on my fantasy roster anymore.

    Why is he on there anywhay? Chance are your team isn’t very good if you reached for a guy who hasn’t been in the NFL all season. Did you pick Andrew Luck too?

  23. OBJ = Not relevant to any teams playoff push or chances to secure seeding..let it go. Its almost a non-story. Great talent, but too late in the season to make much of a difference except for a distraction or a decoy for an offense to use sparingly. Seems like the kind of situation where the Raiders would get involved, based on its ridiculous nature. LOL

  24. If he could still play at an elite level (currently), then the first team he visited wouldn’t have let him leave the building without a contract.

  25. OBJ—causing a distraction to a team for which he doesn’t even play. As an Eagles fan, all I can hope is that the decision not to sign him (wise) polarizes the Cowboys locker room.

  26. If this is how things worked we’d all be rich from NFL contracts: “Aren’t you old and slow?” “Nope, young and fast. Just sign here on the line to see if I’m telling you the truth.”

  27. Told you this clown would try to get out of the regular season games so he would only have to play a few. With Dallas, that would be exactly one game.

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